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[PMB] Bard PVP/atiheal build

My name is Bandera, im bard from Monsres Inc.

In this post i would like to introduce my build and to give few usefull tips how to pvp with bard vs other classes.
I wont give u eplenations about talents and rubies description beacuse u can read them in any PMB posts ( except Oshi's) :D or just read ingame.
So lets start !
Here is my PVP build :

Now changes taht this patch brought to bards :
1) Stat rubies - perfect ear - adss brutality, virtuoso - determination, bully - vigor, trickster - vitality, requiem for enemies - rage
2) Requiem for enemies- when requiem is on enemies dont get - willpower anymore , and that bad :(

For mass pvp an vs healing classes use requiem and balade.
If pvping non healing classes ( war, psi, scout, mage, pala) use balade + cantanta for dmg.

Basic rotation for pvp is : Muse > (Serenade if enemy far) > Overture( slowed down enemies get more dmg) > dps/cc untill dead :P

Now i will tell you how to pvp different classes if u are bard.

1) To kill healer u need 2 bursts, 1 to get hem into buble , 2nd to kill after . So 1st Muse goes for 1st burst and Encore + Muse 2 to maek 2nd burst
2) Also keep healer always slowed down so he cant run from u as he has 55 yards range and can run from u and serenade if he try
3) Try to use ur cc abilities ( Fuga in A minor or New ideas) when healer is 20-30% of his HP so he cant heal up .

1) Kiling summoner is pretty much the same as healer need 2 bursts
2) Always before starting dmg dispel blood shields summoner has
3) If summoner doesnt hit hard try to kill his pet 1st this will weaken summy

1) Always try to stand close to shamean so ur disharmony hits him not pet
2) U will need to use cc all the time : at begining to not let shaman hit u hard and end to prevent him from using healing Balm

This 3 classes are most healing ones so use balade + requiem if u fight with them.

1) When fighting scout u must always keep him near u so he dont run from u and just kite u ( ha has more range + slwdown )
2) When scout uses his invis cloud u use invis (dancing shadows)
3) Wend fighting scout use algro as 3rd song this will dispel all slowdowns

1) Main idead is to survive few first hit and time adrenaline is on
2) So when war charges u use cc on him fast ( race ability is best)
3) When u see war uses adrenaline go invis or use slow down on him and run from him
4) After jsut dps/cc him untill dead

1) If paladinn is melee- same tactics as with war
2) If holy pala - use all ur damge skill fat then jsut cc him so pala cant manage bariers and die fast

One of the hardest to pvp
1) Main idea is to rush to psi before he puts twin on u and kill fast
2) If twin is on try to run 40 yards from it or use invis so psi cant dmage u

1) Always 1st off all dispel mages barriers
2) When mage puts illusions on use invis
3) And dont let him run from u so he cant kite u

When fighting same geared bard , wins the one who cc faster and manages healin better ( patron , vodka , etc)

Havent seen much of them pvping , but looks not hard to pvp.

Thats pretty much all i wanted to write .
Sorry for mistakes in writing :whistling:
Hope u liked it !

Have fun ! :thumbsup:

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Just wanted to wish you Good Luck in the contest!

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