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Dear Developers. Hear me out.

Hello everyone, My name Akeso. most of you dont know me. Maybe a few of you know me from this old school video

Do you recognize the version of this Allods?

Well, back then. 7 Years ago. Allods was different, Developers were less greedy.
and the community was highly active.

Update after update, the game was starting to change. The players did not welcome the new changes that were happening
and so began the fall, of the beloved game "Allods online".
Most of you will not agree with me, Most of you dont even know what im talking about.
but trust me, Allods had a bright future before all that.

So why am i here? im here to make a suggestion, Maybe the developers will listen to an old seasoned player like myself.
We all know allods had Pay2win problem, So the developers made P2P Server. Reasonable enough, yet. Not perfect.

Dear developers, bring back the community that once was. Open Classic Allods, Pre-Gipat (CAP Lv40).


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Good idea, but looking on it you have 3 typs of players in allods

1. dead f2p, who play innaf long, to dead on 3 hits instad of 1

2. playres who donate 20-50 euro per month

3. p2w players who pay over 250-1k per month

Now lets say 100 ppl with 1 and 2 group are angry and voting with thay wallet "this game is p2w, i will not pay anymore or somethink" (f2p player have 0 vote pover)

while 1 p2w player will have more vote pover then them all, and will still pay even more for new armor or thinks who will come

Now i hope you understand why we have lootbox or somethink like it in most of games

ofc you can have fun with friends not even pay 1$, but in pvp you will fell dispointent, why somone who have more hp, more stats, more rubys, more runes, better gear will one shot you, ofc if you not care you can go bg where you have some chance that typ of player will "Carrry" your team but when you want come domi, and see 3ppl kill all your 12ppl party it's somethink wrong

thay need only like 50-100 p2w players to pop bg or arena, and need only care of balace this 100 players

as f2p plyer you can farm 100 cristals per day if you know how but still, when someone can just pay 1 euro for what you did for all day :P

Thay did good decresting price of cristals to 3-4k gold and making new events like 60% less for making runes, so new ppl can have better start, but one step is needed yet, decresting all thinks in boutic like be 60-70%, and decrest/increst price despend of gold->cristl echanger

I not tell to monitor it 24/h and stole most ppl trading job, but like 1 change per 1-2 weekends will be fine to "balance" all

Now about p2p, ofc you can pay 10$ per month or 21$ for 3months, but i personaly prefer buy for 10-21euro another game for exemple Dead in vinland, and don't like system when you pay for playing infinity times, if it will be like b2p when you paid 20-50euro once, and have fun i culd say hello to p2p

I mean, if you pay you want that think, not only for month, and than have felling i paid, and now after month have nothink

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