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Wednesday, July 4th 2018, 9:37am

new patch or just maintenance?

new patch or just maintenance?


Wednesday, July 4th 2018, 10:05am


nah just minenance because 2h break

9.0.1 is huge path

i bet more 18-07,will be perfect when orange eq come

but if thay will update 9.0.1 in just 2h, it will be fun :thumbup:

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Wednesday, July 4th 2018, 5:43pm


Wednesday, July 4th 2018, 7:11pm



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where can we see the patchnote? will they bring back the gcd to what it was before 7.0?


Wednesday, July 4th 2018, 9:57pm


where can we see the patchnote? will they bring back the gcd to what it was before 7.0?

Dark site knowledge, come see and change your site ~

Spoiler Spoiler

Spoiler Spoiler

Most importent :

1. Guild rubys

+40 stats from rubys now give :

Pagan, Warrior and Bard: the power of critical damage.
Engineer, Scout and Templar: swiftness.
Priest and Sorcerer: double attack.
Necromancer, Mystic and Demonologist: chance of critical damage.

2. Raid

Toys received in raid adventures can now be transferred or sold at auction.


Novograd -> sponosred alot of cristals for Audienus, thx that construction work in the city was completed (in short no long construction, more flovers, one small building close to arena, all towers are complited)

Dion Archipelago
new quests. For the currency you can buy a new pet from Eigala, located next to the Colosseum.

Personal Allod

-> New coins : Embryum, you will can product them on Horns (29-50 per horn if i good remeber) , or get from new daily quests
for that coins you will can buy :

Weapons/armors/etc : 1300 coins
Complite Spkar quest : somethink like coins of fate, you just pres to complate quest
Demonic defenders
New Costumes
Astral Coral or this one you build more rooms
alot more

Ruins of Al-Riat

New big pve arena :

Players can once again find themselves on the ruins of Al-Riat, where they are waiting for daily group opponents, individual caches for each player caches with usefulness, as well as repeated assignments with a reward in the form of Sovereigns, which can be spent on useful products: equipment, potions, food and much more. other. In addition, every 30 minutes in the Ruin area will appear two large chests, for the contents of which you will have to compete even with representatives of your faction!

-> Here, players will be able to quickly get the equipment of the previous stage, as well as get the hero's insignia to improve it. For "Thread of Destiny", merchants will have access to an expanded range


New pvp bg : Tower of Order (name can be change cuz google translator)

Classes :

The landmarks and talents of all the characters have been dropped, and the Drops of the Living and Dead Water have been sent.

->Decrease in GCD: Global skill recovery time is reduced to 1 sec (previous 1.5 seconds).

-> All outgoing damage and healing of players are reduced by 30%.

-> The speed of application of all abilities is increased by 33.3%

-> Time to restore all the abilities of combat and defensive support is now 40 seconds. (before 60 seconds). (mean Engineer no need any longer take swifness stats)

-> Effect "Acceleration" : now is the effect of defensive support and increases the movement speed by 25%. (30.25% with sup aspect = basic speed is 8y, so you will run with speed 10-11y)

-> Effect "Power" : Now also increases the outgoing healing :love: .

-> Fixed the work of the second rank of the Aspis Dragon artifact with the following skills: "Turtle", "Negligible Light", "Defense", "Triumph" and "Adrenaline Rush."

-> The class "Demonologist" became available to the Rebels and Elves:

Homunculus (Rebels): the racial skill "Theft of Life" (Demonologist replenishes vital forces at the expense of his victims, increasing the rate of vampirism by 300 for 10 seconds).

Metamorph (Elves): the racial skill "Astral mutation" (The body of the demonologist partially passes into the astral plane for 10 seconds. As long as this effect works, all melee skills of demonic forms increase their range by 30 m.).

Also 9.1.51 :

Now the recovery time of abilities 2 and 5 of the rank of Aspis Dragon is correctly reset on the rating fights.
"The trikvet of Unity" can no longer be created on an anvil of artifacts.
For the creation and improvement of the Aspis of the Dragon, now expired Dust of Creation is used.
The creature's Dust is converted to the Extinguished Dust of Creation.
On the anvil of artifacts it became possible to create a "Code of Genesis":
1: When the wearer of an artifact gets rid of the effect of control in any way, he gets the "Principle of Birth" effect, healing it by 15% of his maximum health for 5 sec. It works no more than once every 60 seconds.
2: Inflicting periodic damage (not on area) imposes the effect of the "Principle of Suffering" on enemy characters, reducing healing received by 1% (max 15%) by 4 sec. The effect is one and is accumulated together by all carriers of the artifact. Accumulation from one carrier can not occur more often than once in 1 sec.
3: Increases the duration of alchemical potions and tonic effects by 33%.
4: If you receive damage exceeding 30% of your maximum health, the player gains the "Survival Principle" effect, healing it by 30% of its maximum health for 5 sec. It works no more than once in 90 seconds.
5: Damage over the area imposes on the victims the "Principle of Doom" effect, increasing the damage they take on the area from all sources by 1% (up to 25% max) for 4 seconds. The effect is one and is accumulated together by all carriers of the artifact. Accumulation from one carrier can not occur more often than once in 1 sec.

All another are about class rework, what is no point to tell, cuz class get cut/buff with evry path also google translator can mistake names of skills etc

Have fun :thumbup:


Thursday, July 5th 2018, 3:11pm

where can we see the patchnote? will they bring back the gcd to what it was before 7.0?

the issue with the GCD will be gone
i have installed the russian allods for seeing myself and it has indeed been fixed, i can confirm it as i have it experienced myself :)

so while i question why it took THIS long to fix this OBVIOUS error, im happy they recognized it was wrong and fixed it (BIG thumbs up to those who recognize their fault and improve!!)
- out of playing allods over 6 years now this was/is definitely the thing that most affected my gamingexperience in the most negative way, simply because it makes you feel like lagging all the time with almost every action;
some fellow player even told me the only desireable workaround to play "normal" is using macros....

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