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Thursday, May 8th 2014, 1:09am

[PMB] Cinq's Guide to Tanking

A quick Introduction
Hey guys! My name is Cinquleur, but you can call me Cinq for short. I am in the league guild Warsong. I've been playing my warrior since the the 51 cap on Allods. There's nothing more satisfying than charging straight into your enemy and wrecking them straight into purgatory. As you might guess, my biggest role is being a tank for my guild (whether it be for astral, maze, or raiding). I enjoy Tanking simply for the fact that I get to dive into a Boss or large group of mobs and not die (hopefully :D). The essence of running into danger with brute force and power is why i love the class. With this build, I will help you on your way to achieving the joys of being a Tank.

First off, a question many newcomers ask is "what is the difference between a Warrior Tank and a Paladin Tank?".

Simply put, the main difference between the classes are the way we mitigate incoming damage. The paladins uses a system of barriers that absorb damage followed by using skills that lower the amount in the barriers. The warrior uses raw stats, resistances, and the passives from rubies to mitigate damage combined with the help of our stony resilience barrier. This barrier located above your health bar equals to 20% of your maximum hit points. Knowing this, Paladins have the advantage when tanking large,slow bursts of damage (such as Boss fights). This gives them time to roll through their barriers and shrink the amount of damage within them. Warriors have the advantage of tanking large amount of mobs at a time due to our high block and parry chance. This does not necessarily mean that we are bad at boss fights and pallies are bad with aoe pulls. These differences are what separates the two types and gives us different play styles. My only issue with the warrior tank is that in PvP, Warrior tanks are not seen so much as a threat but more of a tanky nuisance. Whereas Paladins, can dish out some good holy damage while being the tankiest class on the battlefield. I believe it is more viable to go with a 2H to eliminate key targets. I may be wrong because most of my pvp experiences and success has always been with a two-handed weapon. With that aside, this guide is primarily for PvE Tanking.

For the players coming back to Allods, The Heart of the world patch brings many changes to the game that may feel a bit overwhelming. Have no worries, my comrades! You will be tanking and spanking in no time. The biggest change that you will need to learn and adjust to as a warrior is the new and improved stats system in Allods. In the stats section i will break down what I believe are the beneficial stats to have and the stats you do not need for tanking. Many of the changes to the warrior talents/rubies are simply changes to accommodate the new stat system introduced.

Here are all of the changes made to warriors in the 5.0 Patch:
  • The Rubies “Master of Defense” are now 3 ranks and now increase block chance by 5/10/15%.
  • Rubies “Fencing Master” are now 3 ranks. Warrior's are now able to parry attacks using one handed weapons with a chance of 5/10/15%. (Before, parrying was only when 2h were equipped)
  • “Stony Resilience” now resets if the Warrior receives no damage for 10 seconds.
  • Damage dealt by “Whirlwind” and “Vicious Spin” does not depend on the damage of the equipped weapon, but on the damage per second listed of these weapons.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't properly take into account equipment when calculating the damage absorbed by “Hexed”.
  • “Slaughter” increases critical strike chance of its listed abilities by 5/10/15%.
  • “Lucky” increases the critical strike chance of its listed abilities by 5/10/15%.
  • “Musclehead” increases the critical strike chance of its listed abilities by 5/10/15%.
  • “Agile Maneuvers” increases Vitality by a flat amount of 5/10/15
  • “Daredevil” increases Determination by a flat amount of 3/6/9
  • “Lethal Blows” increase Proficiency by a flat amount of 3/6/9
  • “Ruthlessness” increases Anger by a flat amount of 4/8/12.
  • “Rampaging Menace” increases Vigor by 3/6/9%.
  • "Rugged Fighter” increases Stamina by 5/10/15%.
  • The Ruby “Black Belt” has been removed.

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Thursday, May 8th 2014, 1:10am

Here is where most of the changes not only affect the warrior, but all the other classes in the game. For returning players coming back, you will notice there is no more STR/FIN/EXP/LUCK anymore. States are now more simplified and made universal for all classes. They can be separated by primary stats and secondary stats.
There are two primary stats in the game:

Vigor : The Base modifier of your attack power and healing done. Simply put, more vigor means more damage!
Stamina: This Base modifier affects how much health points you have. more stamina equals more health.

note:All the gear you come by will have Vigor and Stamina.

Secondary stats:
This is where pieces of gear differentiate from each other. Especially the gear obtained in astral.

Proficiency: Similar to Vigor, this stat is a modifier of your attack power. This is a recommended stat to have not only as a Tank but any Warrior. The amount Aggro you have on the mobs is based off the amount of damage you deal amplified by 300% with the affect of cruelty being toggled on.

Vitality: The defensive counterpart of Proficiency. It is a modifier to your health points just like Stamina. This is one of the two important defensive stats you will need to have as a Tank. A Larger heath pool means surviving high burst damage! Remember that, as it will save your life in the future.

Determination: Under your energy bar, you will notice another thin bar that says 0%. When you take damage in combat, you build up determination in percentages. The amount of determination you receive is based off how much damage your are receiving and also how frequently you are receiving it. Damage is increased by x% for every 1% of determination you have. As a tank, this is quite a useful stat to have. It's literally a free damage multiplier for doing your job. As a tank you will always have 50-100% determination (most of the time, it's capped at 100% for boss fights). The amount of determination you wish to have is up to you. Like most stats in this game, I would not overdo this one. I still believe proficiency is more important of a stat. Because many tanks have greatness and enjoy having two builds, I recommend having your 1h weapon be a weapon of determination.It is entirely possible to be a tank with little to no determination because vigor,proficiency, and brutality make up a bigger portion of the damage you dish out. Determination has its uses in PvP as well because let's be honest, you're going to get hit in the face with an icy comet sooner or later. As for a PvE dps Warrior, this is a less important stat even if you are bound to take damage being close. Proficiency and Brutality are more important for your dps.

Willpower: For every second you remain under a cc, willpower will grant you immunity to cc affects for .x seconds. x depending on how much willpower you have. This is a primarily a PvP stat. For PvE Tanking, you do not need to stack willpower and can properly tank with 0 willpower.

Brutality: Another Damage Modifier like Proficiency and Determination. The way brutality works, is your damage/healing is increased by x amount (depending on how much brutality you have) for every 1% missing health of your target. The more Brutality you have the easier it is to execute/heal a target at low health. This stat is very important for Healers. For DPS it is important to have for long fights. As for Tanks, it's not that important of a stat to go crazy on . Since most warriors have multiple builds, I would definitely recommend having a fair amount of brutality. My preference would be brutality being equal to 40% of my proficiency.

Bloodlust: Heals you for x amount of damage dealt based on how much bloodlust you have. This is pretty much a life steal affect added into the game. Not important for tanking compared to Vitality and Tenacity.

Anger: This stat is similar to the old rage stat which applied wound complexity (antihealing debuff) to your target. Would complexity got reworked and is now a much more potent thing to deal with as a Tank and Healer. On the other hand, it requires an excessive amount of anger to apply wound complexity to a target. You do not need to worry about Anger at all for Tanking. It could be 0 and you would be fine.

Tenacity: This stat decreases your wound complexity rate. This stat is arguably the most important stat for Tanking. Vitality is important for having a large health pool, but things like fortitude and fervor will make your job easier. Having low tenacity will make your Healers hate you and cry every time they try to heal you. Some may even forsaken you as dead once you reach enough stacks of wound complexity. You will feel very squishy.I recommend having around 20-25 Tenacity for green sectors of astral and 35-45 for blue sectors and raiding. Around 50-60 would be the best amount of tenacity you would need for s13 and farming leggy/crown mobs in forlorn thicket. The more tenacity you have, the more healers will love you ;D.

Luck: In this patch, Luck by default is at 5% for everyone. Some classes like bards, mages, and scouts can increase their luck through rubies. Warriors still retain their luck rubies that apply to their correlating skills.

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Thursday, May 8th 2014, 1:10am

The Core of the warrior is the Combat Advantage (CA for short) system. This is the sword at the bottom of your screen to the left of your hotkeys.

It is fairly simple to understand. Some abilities give you CA that will fill up your sword and some abilities require CA to execute. After 10 seconds of no attacking or immediately leaving combat, the bar will drain back to 0. Knowing when to fill up and dump your CA will become almost innate to you as you level your warrior. It becomes much more important when tanking later on in the game.

Note : Having a full bar of CA does not do anything special other than having a cool fiery sword on the bottom of your screen. :P

Let's get this out of the way, you should be tanking a 1H and a shield. Even if you're a godly warrior accompanied by an even godlier Healer, you should not be tanking with 2H weapon. A shield gives you so much damage mitigation that it would be quite foolish to not have one. Before deciding on the stats you want on your weapon, you will need to decide between the four types of 1H weapons: spear, sword, axe, and mace.
The difference between the weapons, are the min-max damages they provide and their weapon speed. Make sure to take note on the gap between the minimum and maximum damage of the weapon . Speed makes up a large factor as well because it affects the cooldown of your most common skills and their energy cost.
I really do not recommend using a 1H spear because not only does it have the lowest minimum output between all four weapons, it's gap between min and max almost's makes it feel like a gamble every time you land a strike. It may be the fastest 1H between all four, but the most important thing you should strive for as a tank is consistency.
I recommend sword/axe/mace on an equal footing as they have a good min/max. The sword may have a lower averaging on damage compared to the other two, but its speed makes up for that. I prefer using a 1H mace mainly because i find the timing and energy cost comfortable and satisfying. I recommend trying all three weapons and testing them out on a dummy to see what feels right to you.

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Thursday, May 8th 2014, 1:11am

Now we're getting to the actual abilities of the warriors. Talents are the day to day skills we use to pummel our foes into the ground and claim dominance! Here are the skills found in the Talent Tree and my opinion of them.

Devastating Blow-Flawless Strike : This is 1 of 2 of your bread and butter skills you will use constantly to tank with and build CA. This skill will give you 15 CA. I recommend this at R3 for any warrior build.

Lunge: This is the butter to your bread and butter skills. You will use this alongside Flawless strike to generate CA. This skill will give you 10 CA. I recommend this at R3 mainly for how much you use it for CA.

Charge : This is your gapcloser/bumrush skill and trademark of being a melee class. It is usually your primary source of initiation and will generate 10 CA. I recommend this at least at R2. Rank 3 is optional for sightly more damage and 5 seconds less of a cooldown.

Agonizing strike/Fatal Blow: This is your first and primary abilities that uses 50 CA. This skill is important for tanking as it is the strongest single target ability the warrior has for PvE and will keep your aggro at the top of the charts for tanking. I recommend this at R3 for every warrior build.

Die Hard: This is our Signature way of cheating death in Allods. when you take a lethal blow you temporarily gain a portion of your health back for 16 seconds. Afterwards that temporary health disappears. I have yet to meet a warrior without at least rank 1 for diehard. I recommend R2 of Diehard mainly because R3 only gives 10% more temporary health and a slightly lower cooldown. I personally do not see that being worth another 3 talent points. It's up to you to decide that.

Shield Slam: Every time you block and parry you can use the ability. It does a certain amount of damage and knocks the target down. In my opinion, this skill is 100% optional for PvE Tanking. You can do fine tanking without it. If you want another skill to use then sure you could pick it up. Most mobs in astral are resistant to cc and the mobs that are not are usually in groups to be AoE'd.

Forceful Kick: Kicks your target and has a 50% chance to knock them down. Generates 10 CA. I have this at R2 as another option to generate CA. It has a fairly long cooldown, especially at R1 and its quite a lackluster skill compared to what it used to be before. you could forgo this skill for something else. I just like kicking things :P

Intimidate: This is your taunt that will pull practically any mob from it's target and stick to you like superglue for the duration of the debuff. If you're a full tank, you must have this at R3! This skill is a lifesaver and the emergency aggro button. I recommend having it R1 for non-tanks to switch aggro for lifesaving situations.

Arcing Blow: Hits like a Truck on knocked down targets when equipping a 2H weapon. You don't need this. Only activates when they are knocked down making it quite situational In PvE I wouldn't recommend it.

Hack: There might be times when you or a member in your party have a sliver of health and are running for your lives against a mob while your healer desperately tries to heal. This kick slows the mob down by 50% for 8+ seconds, giving said target enough time to kite away. I have this at R1 just for that sheer utility. Knee shot in the ruby grids does the same trick too at a range.

Jagged Slice: Consumes 40 CA and bleeds the target for 5 seconds. This is a paired weapon skill as those weapons can continuously apply jagged slice efficiently. The damage is pitiful with a 1h and a shield. Not recommended.

Adrenaline Rush: Every warrior loves this skill. 20 CA every second for 15 seconds. There will be many times when you starving for energy. AR fixes that issue and lets you keep on spanking. This skill is too clutch to not be R3.

Aura of Ferocity: You're a Tank, don't even bother with these. You cannot activate Fero while having a shield on.

Double Blow-Rapid slash: A Cleave attack that hits two enemies in front of you and generates 10 CA for each successful hit (20 CA). I personally do not use this skill at all for Tanking. My problem with it is because i find its energy cost too much, it's animation too slow, and the fact that it only hits 2 targets (sometimes it may only hit 1 target,while the other runs out of the cleave). For AoE Pulls i want to get 65 CA as quick as possible for Whirlwind. I can accomplish it much faster with my bread and butter skills with quick tab-targeting. If you use a fast 1H weapon I would recommend testing it out. I do fine Tanking without these skills.

Vicious Spin-Whirlwind: Three words: Spin to win. This ability is how you will hold aggro on multiple mobs at the same time. It is a channel that allows you to move around while spinning at a reduced spin. R3 This for maximum damage/aggro.

Headbutt: Pushes the target back a couple yards and then knocks them down. If you have talent points to play around with you could get this at r1. I prefer having r1 Hack over this. Headbutt is a PvP skill at it's best. Situation in PvE, similar to Hack/knee shot.

Dragon Tear skills:

Reasoned Aggression: Generate 10 CA every second for 6/9/10 seconds. Puts you into combat the moment you active this skill. I really love this skill and would recommend it for at least r1 in any build. I use this a lot for double quick back to back whirlwinds in AoE pulls. R1 or R2 is recommended because R3 is pointless. I don't see three talent points worth an extra second of CA. Consumes 3 tears.

Heroic might: When activated, you gain three stacks of heroic might. your abilities forceful kick, Hack, and Flawless strike gain an extra affect. Kick will knock back the target 10 yards, Hack immobilizes the target for 4 seconds, and Flawless trike will apply a bleed for 3 seconds. Damage of these abilities are amplified depending on the quality of the tears. Consumes 3 Tears. This skill is great for PvP and had its uses for extra damage in PvE DPS, but as a Tank, this skill is "meh". Not recommended.

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Thursday, May 8th 2014, 1:43am

Rubies are What really makes warriors stand out from each other. Your play style will affect your build and vice versa. I will be going over the rubies that I recommend and and rubies that are optional for the field of Tanking. Rubies not mentioned are most likely for 2h weapon builds, Paired weapon builds, or PvP combat. They would have little to no impact on your tanking performance.

Fighter Grid
Daredevil: Determination increased by 3/6/9. Stat rubies will always remain relevant in Allods. Determination like i mentioned before, is great on Tanks. I would definitely pick up at least 2 ranks of these to move further into into the grid. I personally use all 3 in my full tank build.

Slaughter: Increases the Crit strike chance of Fatal Blow and Whirlwind. I recommend all buffs that affect your CA dump skills. R3 this!

Agile Maneuvers: Vitality is increased by 5/10/15. Highly recommend picking up all 3 of these rubies. A bigger health pool is always beneficial.

Butcher: These rubies are optional and are only if you decide to pick up Crushing blow in the Lance warrior grid. I don't use this rubies because crushing blow is not a high priority skill for me when it comes to Tanking.

Bodyguard Grid
This is where most of your rubies will be in as a tank.

Lethal Blows: Increase Proficiency by 3/6/9. I would recommend these rubies in every warrior build. more damage= more aggro.

Master of Defense: Increase Block rate by 5/10/15%. One of the main sources of damage mitigations. Many tanks do not realize that the shield's main use is not just the stats, but the ability to block. R3 this.

Pebble Wall: Stony Res. will restore in combat at 15% of your maximum HP. Increases effectiveness of incoming healing by 15%. This is at R3 and should always be R3 for any tank.

Fencing Master: Increase your chance to parry by 5/10/15%. One of the changes in the 5.0 patch allows warriors to parry with 1H weapons. I now recommend having this at R3.

Just a Scratch: With a shield equipped, critical damage is reduced by 7/14/21%. This is huge!! Being able to lower critical damage is a pretty big deal seeing how some crits could instantly put you into diehard. R3 Recommended.

Hexed: If a shield is equipped, incoming damage has a 50% chance to be reduced by XX,XXX amount depending on the quality of the shield. These rubies now properly work in this patch and are one of the reasons warrior tanks shine when it comes to handling DoT's and Consecutive damage from large groups of mobs. R3 Recommended!

Might over magic: Chance to apply block to magic is increased by 33/66/100% of your chance to block physical damage. This is a must have for Raiding when you are introduced to more than just physical damage as a tank. In astral, i am now beginning to recommend it more and more as mobs and bosses are doing more than just physical attacks. AoE circles and special debuffs and DoT's that tend to explode are magical, so if you end up getting caught in some of those nasty spells, these rubies will come in quite in handy. They are more than just situational rubies, so i recommend these at R3.

Desire for Life: Reduced the cooldown of diehard by 20/40%. They are great rubies to pick up and i don't see a reason why I wouldn't have them especially since i like my Die Hard at R2.

Gladiator: At rank 3, it increases damage of 1H by 20%. I recommend these rubies for every Tank. Like i've said before, more damage is more aggro.

Take cover: Activating this skill increases block rate by 50% for 8 seconds at R2. This skill is very clutch and helps you tank through a lot of damage in any situation. I recommend R2 as a full tank. You can do fine without this skill and if you're tight on rubies I would forgo them.

Knee shot: A single shot bow attack that reduces target's slow by 50% for 10. I think this is a one ruby wonder. Every tank should have at least 1 slow in their build, I carry both R1 hack and knee shot. This skill is also a good way to pull mobs from a distance.

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Thursday, May 8th 2014, 2:16am

Lancer Warrior Grid

Rampaging Menace: Increases vigor by 3/6/9%. Not only is this a stat ruby but it's also % meaning it will scale as your gear improves. Must have R3 in any build.

Rugged Fighter: Increases Stamina by 5/10/15%. Same as rampaging menace. Scaling stat rubies are a must have. R3 recommended for Tanking.

Bull's Eye: Increases the damage of Flawless Strike by 5/10/15%. Every warrior should have these rubies.

Natural Born Killer: Increases the damage of your Fatal Blow and Whirlwind by 5/10/15%. Similar to Bull's Eye, these rubies are a must have for every warrior.

Lucky: Increases the crit chance of your most common skill Flawless strike by 5/10/15%. Always pick up these rubies. R3 Recommended.

Combat Training: Damage dealt by thrust (Lunge), charge, shield slam, hack, headbutt, and enticing shot by 5/10/15%, I would pick up these rubies at r3 for the fact that it buffs up Lunge. My philosophy is that lunge is such a common skill used hundreds of times that it deserves rubies of its own. The increase damage to the other abilities that we have are just an added bonus. I am not so adamant to say that these rubies are must haves. You will be able to do just fine without these rubies.It all comes down to preference.

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Thursday, May 8th 2014, 2:50am

Good as New: Every kill reduces charge's cooldown by 10 second. I honestly think is is a useless ruby. Any warrior can correct me on this, I believe you need to have the killing blow on the target to get the cooldown reduction. just be patient and wait for your charge to get off cd between pulls.

Bushido: Restores 1 energy every 2 seconds. I only put this as optional because it's a good way of connecting the Fencing Master rubies to the Pebble Wall rubies if you don't want to get knee shot. Most likely, this would be the only Bushido ruby you get since the other two are located at inconvenient places for a lot of warriors.

Counterattack: When incoming damage is blocked, the warrior receives 10 energy. This ability only works once every 2 seconds (at R3). If you have three rubies to spare and have all the recommended rubies throughout all the grids. I'd pick up all three. You can Tank just fine without these rubies. They are just a good "quality of life" set of rubies to get, making the job of tanking easier.

Stalwart Defense: Grants a group member an affect to generate 25% less threat and protects them against death. If that member takes a lethal blow, the group member uses the ability Die Hard instead of the warrior. This ruby is quite debatable for some warriors. The first aspect of it, is the threat reduction buff. This is useful if you're under geared and your aggro production can not keep up with someone like a high geared mage/bard in your party. If they constantly steal aggro from you, this ruby would have its use. I would honestly ask that person to slow down his or her dps so i could generate more aggro in that time frame. This is a minor problem and is based off your stats and ability to hold aggro. Once you are better geared to hold aggro more comfortably, you won't need this ruby for threat reduction. The 2nd part of this ruby sounds like a pre-battle res. The biggest downside is that if said person takes a lethal hit, you my friend are without a diehard and are susceptible to dying. I believe you also absorb the damage the target could not absorb after hitting 0 hp. Unless that dps is carrying the party so hard, that if you die there is still a good chance the group will not wipe, I would not apply stalwart defense. The tank's life is potentially 6 lives and is more important than just 1 DPS. There are some situations when stalwart defense is amazing, like applying it on your healer if they are about to die. If you do decide to pick up this ruby, be very mindful when using it.

MuscleHead: Increases the crit strike chance of lunge, charge, forceful kick, crushing Blow, knee shot, hack, headbutt, and inciting shot by 5/10/15%. Similar reason to why i would pick up Combat training. These rubies can be considered optional because I've ran with builds without them and done just fine. If you're tight on rubies you can skip these.

Swiftness: Increases your move speed by a total of 30% after hitting a target 3 times. I wouldn't bother getting these rubies themselves without going for Crushing Blow. Increasing mobility is more valued in PvP than PvE.

Crushing blow: An AoE gapcloser that deals a good amount of damage and knocks enemies up in the air. Some tank feel as if you must have this in your build. I've ran several tanks without crushing Blow and never had any problems. Whirlwind will always be your dominant AoE when it comes to aggro. Crushing blow just so happens to be a convenient AoE combined with a gap closer. Rank 1 is a 2 minute cooldown and going for R2 requires you to go through quite a few meaningless rubies. It's a fun skill to have nonetheless and depends on your play style.

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Thursday, May 8th 2014, 3:03am

Rotations are key to holding aggro for a prelonged period of time. Tanking is really no different than playing a Damage dealing warrior.

Step 1: Make sure you have cruelty toggled on.
Forgetting to turn on cruelty is like accidentally setting your car in reverse instead of drive and crashing into the car behind you. You will charge into the mobs, try to spin and take aggro, and then watch them all ignore you for the delectable mage in the back line. So yeah, make sure you have cruelty toggled correctly. You can't imagine how many times i forget to turn it on after switching builds.

Step 2: Knowing the rotations. There's a reason why people say warrior's are an easy to learn class. They're not lying at all.

Single Target Rotation:
Charge -> Flawless Strike> Lunge-> Flawless strike -> Fatal blow Repeat Flawless strike-> Lunge until you have 50 CA and then Fatal Blow.

AoE (2 or more adds) Rotation:

Charge-> Flawless Strike > Lunge-> Flawless strike- > Lunge->Flawless Strike(you will have 75 CA by this point)-> Whirlwind

Make sure to tab-target and switch your hits around the other mobs before spinning. Reasoned Aggression helps as well to do extremely quick spins in succession. Also have your intimidation ready in case you lose a target that gets pulled by the dps or healer. Be careful of adding things like forceful kick in your first rotation. It will slow you down because it has a shared cooldown with lunge.

Here are a few builds I made as examples of preferences. They look quite similar to each other, but with slight variations. These builds may require you to have completed world mysteries, battleground, GT/DC, and aquire the first 3 mage pages along with 1 sacrament scroll. Before making your own build, check to see how many rubies you have so you can properly adjust and sacrifice rubies you wouldn't need.

This build has everything you need to be Tanky. I myself use these rubies as a core for maximum damage mitigation.

This build would accommodate someone who would love to have crushing blow.

This build would be an example of someone that really likes crushing blow in their kit.
Remember that these builds are not concrete to all warriors, and that preference is what matters the most. These builds should serve as examples and encourage you to craft your own Tank build.

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Thursday, May 8th 2014, 4:17am

  • Be mindful of the person healing you, this includes paying attention to chat if they have to brb or rest for mana.
  • If you need time to acquire aggro, don't be afraid to ask the DPS to give you a few seconds to obtain it.
  • Watch your feet, just because you're a tank doesn't mean that AoE can't oneshot you.
  • When Tanking a boss, make sure to prepare your skills for upcoming events. You don't want to have 0 CA or Energy when the Boss spawns 8 adds on the healer that you need to tank immediately.
  • Make sure to communicate with your team for tough pulls. They're not just DPS, they have cc's such as Icy grave and caltrops.
  • Don't forget to toggle on Cruelty!

Well, we have come to an end for this guide.I hope i didn't put you guys to sleep with my walls of text. If you guys have any questions, feel free to reply in this thread or add and contact me on league side. With the proper knowledge of your warrior and enough determination (pun intended), Tanking will be as innate as breathing. There are times i find myself knowing if the boss fight was long enough, i could tab out and watch an episode of Game of Thrones and come back still holding aggro.

A special Thank you
Credit to the author ~K~ from for their translation of the 5.0 patch notes on the warrior.
I also want to give credit to the russian allods wiki and for the warrior skill icons and build creators.

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Thursday, May 8th 2014, 10:19am

I think you should have done some testing yourself instead of copying the patch notes.

Agile Maneuvers, Daredevil, Lethal Blows and Ruthlessness do not increase the appropriate stat by a percentage, it is a flat amount.

Good guide though :)


Thursday, May 8th 2014, 5:48pm

Thank you for helping me notice that. I had noticed that Rampaging menace/Rugged fighter were the only scaling rubies in the grids, but i forgot to check the notes for editing . Adjusted the patch notes to be more accurate. Hopefully, I find more errors to fix before the 9th!

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