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[PMB] Paladin (holy tank and dps build) - Chogister

In new patch, with lvl 60 comes new stats, too.

Paladin's damage is not changed very much.
His anathema and interdiction deal 50% less damage. :(

New stats:


-Proficiency: increases your damage - good for PvP and PvE ( tank and dps )
-Brutality: increases your damage when target loses health - good for PvP and PvE ( tank and dps but I dont have it on tank )
-Determination: increases your damage when other enemies deal you damage - good for tank only
-Anger: now wound complexity builds up over time, rather than immediately at the start of combat. - for PvP only


-Vitality: increses your hit points ( health ) - for tank only
-Bloodlust: heal you for xx damage and healing you deal - for PvP, you not need it in PvE if you have good healer
-Willpower: For every second under control effects you receive x% resistance. When that reaches 100% you will receive immunity to control effects for y seconds. - for PvP only
-Tenacity: Reduces the speed that you receive wound complexity. Allows you to receive 10*x% more damage where, x is the amount in the stat, before you receive a drop of wounds. - for tank only





first page

second page



The physical DPS build is fine but there are some stuff that might need some modification IMO and it is as follows:
1-If I were you I'd pick the 3 righteous rage CDR rubies in retribution grid as this skill gives paladins a great surge of energy which enables them to do their max potential of DPS so having it at lower CD is always welcome and kinda necessary.
2-Autodaf is more PVP oriented so for a PVE DPS I wouldn't recommend prioritizing it specially when its about physical DPS PVE paladin.
3-Overcome rank 3 isn't as much useful as rank 1 deliverance +rank 2 tenacity and you can calculate it yourself.The more barrier managing skills the better since physical DPS paladins don't have barrier skills' CDR rubies and take in much damage.
4-Ferocity aura makes you more useful for the party by adding an additional aura assuming you have no warrior in party or that your warrior is your tank.Yes it makes your defense far less but if you're attentive to your barriers and evade most annoying AOE s etc,you should be okay.Don't forget its 15% more damage and damage affects the heal gained from blood lust so if you have good blood lust it will make up well for the loss in the armor from the aura specially if you do energy buff more often+using Alchemy energy pot :D
5-I wouldn't take cannon of light boost rubies as a priority for physical DPS paladin since Physical DPS paladins rely more on energy and specially you didn't take even r1 immobilize though this patch is far more than interdiction +less CD+the slow affects some mobs (which makes it better for boss fights etc)
6- you took a second stamina ruby and yet didn't take deliverance nor r2 tenacity and preferred r3 overcome which has like 10 sec CD and the difference between r2 and r3 isn't worth it specially for physical DPS paladin but anyway its up to you..If I were you I'd take 3rd barrier ruby instead of this stamina ruby though it won't a boost to DPS either and the best choice instead of this stamina ruby would be the brutality ruby( the dark green pot ruby in crusader blow grid)for most DPS outcome.
These are just some logical ideas that might help and good luck!
Hilver level 60 Kanian great skald.


Hello Chogister,

No external links, everything needs to be posted directly on here.
Images are ok (as long as they are posted directly on here), but if you win, you will be asked to provide the text so it can be translated.…d&threadID=2585

I suggest you to post you image in the first message if you can, or after my message if there is too much caracters :).
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