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Tuesday, October 2nd 2018, 1:55am

Bards vs Machinists

Ive heard Bards are a better support class than Mechanics in general, is that true and in what ways?


Wednesday, October 3rd 2018, 8:21am

Engineer is better support then Bard (pve+pvp), but harder to play and more situational


Enginner have x2 puri, team 30% dmg reduction, x2 team 35% dmg reduction, Acid tide (+10-15% dmg for 9s), x2 mass cc for 4s, x1 mass fear cc to x3 targets, also burst healing, and ultimate vvho heal alot one target vvith lovv nr of hp, also can teleport his team fast to another location and mass dispell
And instant 30s cc vvhat is much help in Heroic islands

In Short Enginner bring alot survability to team in pve, in pvp also it's harder to kill him, cuz all healing, and enginner can go for invasibility for 4s, to stop burst on him, or to fast heal up


His spells have short range, so need better positioning then Bard

Can reduct more dmg then bard up to 55-65% for 6s, making boss aoe just little fart, but then team is uncovver for next 5-6s, thats vvhy to use full potential you need have boss knovvlage or rotate Iron Curtain -> Povver field -> Iron Curtain (but still sometimes your team vvill be uncovver even vvith hight svvifness)

vvhile Bard is ezier to play and more passive + bring more dmg to team

Bard can spam vvith barrier all time (reflect 30% dmg all the time = more dmg)

Bard can cover Tank/Healer vvith Ghost Shield 35% (so vvith Barrier it-s 55-65%)

Bard can puri movment debbuf (fight vvith Thanos) Enginner can't do it

Bard got alternative to Engineer Acid Tide : Nocrtune

Also Bard can boost ego of 1 dps by 45% for some time by "Art of VVar", Enginner don't have Alternative to it (Like rly vvhy crictical mas 25% dmg for 11-18s is not team spell or Povver Barrier vvtf :thumbdown: )

Got also mass cc like engi but vvith longer cd

Thats vvhy ppl chose Bard insted of Enginner, cuz thay protect all time, isted of sometimes by highter ammount, vvhat make less posibility to do mistake, and cuz more dmg boost

Also Bard in dps spec is broken novv vvith aoe in pve

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Wednesday, October 3rd 2018, 9:34am




Friday, November 23rd 2018, 7:17am

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