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Friday, May 9th 2014, 11:00pm

[PMB] Utrakam's PvP Build

Hello there lads & gals!

It's Utrakam here along with the little fiery dragon Wintersun
, playing warden since Closed Beta. I'm currently member of international guild RUSH , empire side, and it's about time to introduce you to my PvP Build but shortly after i get into some details related to the class and changes being made in this current patch.


Warden is one of the two pet supportive classes in Allods Online. Nature and Wilderness comes into mind when is all about detailing the origins of this class. Everything surronding them resembles nature and its elements wether being lightning bolts, leaves' shield, storms, and so on.

Warden is available to three races and each of them got its unique name and a special inherited ability:

Orcs are known as SHAMANS
  • Racial Ability is SHAMAN'S FLAME
  • Makes up to 5 potions that do aoe damage , cooldown is 2 minutes. Consumes 20% mana each time you craft.

Gibberlings are known as ANIMISTS
  • Racial Ability is SECRET OF THE ANIMISTS
  • Heals your selected target for some amount. Cooldown 2 minutes consuming mana in the process.

Kanians are known as DRUIDS
  • Racial Ability is PET'S AID
  • Brings your pet back into the fight restoring 30% energy and hp upon using the skill. 2 minute cooldown and it doesn't consume mana.

Besides these racials abilities, every warden got two additional skills completing World Mysteries:
  • Nature Balance: Distributes health pool of a party between its members and consumes 10% of it. All targets gain Stable Balance effect that grants immunity to health redistribution for 90 seconds.

  • Refreshing Potion: Removes all movement impairing effects and increases your movement speed by 25% for 15 seconds.

Warden is Allods Online's "Jack of all trades" class. What does it mean?
Warden can deal damage, provide some certain kind of healing, in a way or another, ( own talents & spells, racial ability, brewing potions ) has vast resources to crowd-control and pet can be used as offtank in specific scenarios .

Warden can deal pretty good damage wether single or multiple aimed targets. What does it mean?
Warden main role is damage dealing and does it quite good. If aiming for a single target, pet plays a major role but melee and caster branches come to strengthen what is already strong enough to put anyone to a test. When it comes to multiple targets, warden proves his versatility being able to perform surprisingly well resourceful wise.

Warden, like any other class around, has its vulnerabilities, its own Achilles' Heel, though they can be mitigated, is something you'd better take care of. PvE oriented are almost unnoticeable but when PvP comes into play, tables do turn.


The main change warden faces is the removal of parry rubies "Blade Turner" who were an awesome aid to surviving a little longer and due to unknown reasons, pet has some kind of "lag / latency" whenever it attempts to strike...quite odd in my opinion.

Here is the detailed list:

  • Superior Balance” now increases Tenacity by 5/10/15% instead of Agility. The reduction in the cooldown of “Bark Shield” remains unchanged.
  • Enhanced Reflexes” gives the Warden and his pet the ability to dodge attacks with a chance of 5/10/15%.
  • Blade Turnerruby has been replaced by the ruby “Werewolf’s Thirst” which increases Bloodlust by 5/10/15%.
  • Heightened Senses” increases armour by 5/10/15%.
  • Primal Inspiration” increases Determination by 3/6/9%.
  • Force of Nature” increases Vigor by 3/6/9%.
  • Feral Instincts” reduces critical damage received by the Warden and his pet by 5/10/15%.
  • Predatory Urge” increases Anger by 4/8/12%.
  • Bestial Synergy” increases Luck by 4% for each stack of the effect.
  • "Aqua Vitae / Healing Balm" now applies to the pet

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Friday, May 9th 2014, 11:08pm


Overall STATS got reworked introducing a new kind of different set.

According to an official statement from developers, here are the main principles which made them rework the entire stats system:

  • Large linearity of stats (an increase of 10% gives an increase of exactly 10% to the character’s power).
  • More additivity (stats increase directly, without the use of various multipliers)
  • Minimisation of competing stats – each working in isolation, without the need to overcome the opponent’s stats.
  • No failures due to miss or dodge. Attacks and healing always produce some kind of result.
  • Easy to learn and understand.

The main stats will be reduced. The attacking potential of the character will be affected by “Vigor” and “Magic Power” / ”Weapon Damage”. For protection there will be “Stamina” and “Armor” / ”Resistance”.

They are splitted between Offensive and Defensive stats.


  • Vigor: The main damage multiplier in an absolute numeric value. So, for example, 1500 points in Vigor will increase damage by 1500 times. This stat can't be modified but through gear, glyphs and Patron bonus.

  • Proficiency: Much the same as Vigor, it will increase your damage/heal.

  • Determination: This stat makes your damage/heal grow up high when you are recieving damage constantly. It's shown by a red bar under your mana one. If you can maintain a high level of Determination it greatly increases your damage. So the more filled the bar is the more damage/heal you get from this stat;

  • Brutality: it will increase your damage/heal accordingly to your target's health. The less health your enemy has the more damage/heal you will generate.

  • Anger: Its like the old Rage stat and causes Wound Complexity to appear. Dealing some damage on an enemy makes him get a drop of Wound Complexity. It also works for healers whenever they heal a friend whos being healed after getting some damage.

  • Luck: Increase critical strike chance and as Vigor and Stamina can't be modified but with Offensive Luck Elixir.


  • Stamina: it will increase your health points. Like Vigor, this stat can't be modified but through gear, glyphs and Patron bonus.

  • Vitality: It's the same as Stamina and you can increase it with stat points.

  • Willpower: This is the counter stat for Crowd-Control. Everytime you are under Crowd-Control abilities, or you get damage because of it, you will get immunity to control effect for an amount of seconds deppending on your total amount of Willpower.

  • Bloodlust: Heals you for an amount of your damage and your heals done. Despite we got our self heals, amount is almost unnoticeable so its not worthy to raise it.

  • Tenacity: This stat is the counter for Anger. It will increase your resistance on getting Wound Complexity lowering the damage you get before Wound Complexity appears.

  • Faith: It will increase your mana.

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Friday, May 9th 2014, 11:13pm

  • Personally i think every stat plays its own important role when PvP situation demands it, much more than the way it does PvE wise.
  • Regarding my build where you have to both boost your self defense and healing as much as your damage, best option is to keep Proficiency and Brutality almost paired and one step below, Determination and Tenacity. Vitality is also quite important but can be easily boosted with Aura of Life / Fervor and Food
  • Luck depending on how many relics you got and if you prefer using its elixir because, either your Proficiency or Brutality is high enough, allowing you to boost it
  • Willpower and Anger keep them at average level because it doesn't play a major role in pvp so far ( barely saw any Wound Complexity or long inmunity to Crowd-Control )

> 40% - 45% 40% - 45% > Average

Highest you can

> 30% - 35% 30% - 35% 30% - 35% > Average
Highest you can


Let me introduce you to my PvP build.

As most of you may notice at first sight is mostly a semi-caster build with strong emphasis on pet, semi-caster not for the damage specing itself but for the long range aimed at combat and the absence of any melee ruby at all.

I picked every kind of protection from armor increase to crowd-control even heals are maximized in order to be as much protected as possible.

The main goal of this build is to keep oneself safe enough to finish / annoy or made others uncomfortable without getting too much exposed to others, despite we are a tasty candy for mega damage bursters like Warriors Mages and Bards, who look at us like a walking point blank dummy.

Pet is strengthen to the max because is our best way to get rid of foes. You might wonder why luck rubies "Bestial Synergy" are just ranked 1, the answer is quite simple; I do not need luck to kill a foe but my pet and sadly these rubies doesnt affect pet anymore.

This build has almost no mana consumption hence no need for aura because the only spell which is heavy mana demanding, Vortex, is meant to be used only with one "Static Charge" effect and to gain Acute Pain buff.

I presonally feel quite comfortable with this playstyle although it differs like day to night from my PvE one, where you have to go melee, and forces me to be more focused to the enviroment ( finding good spots, taking advantage of terrain or the likes ) and players around.

This build is best suited with an one hander + offhand due to better resistances and armor but in my case im still using a two hander meanwhile i got them ready ( epic crafted ones could do just fine aswell )


Friday, May 9th 2014, 11:23pm


I've grouped all talents and skills within the four nature's core elements naming each of them regarding the four basics of Warden for PvP.


Warden has a widely group of self-healing skills, from instant amount ones to periodical timed ones. In order to maximize your survival as well as your party it is suggested to pick them all even with rubies which improve them.

Healing Balm [ INSTANT ]+ Medley Mastery
  • Healing Balm is the improved version of Aqua Vitae and basically restores 50% of your health points and 50% mana as long as Medley Mastery is taken.
  • Medley Mastery is a MUST for PvP not just for Healing Balms improvement but for every single potion we made up to 45% of its selected value.

Renew [ PERIODICAL ] + Nature's Touch + Electric Therapy
  • Renew heals you, your pet and your party for 10s ticking each 2s, so 5 ticks total.
  • Nature's Touch improves Renew by instant adding an amount of heals and its effectiveness by 45%.
  • Electric Therapy increases the duration of Renew by 60%

Secret of the Animists [ INSTANT ] [ SEE RACIAL ABILITIES ]
  • Secret of the Animists heals you, your pet or any ally for an undetermined amount. This ability is kinda tricky beacuse the amount is way random, it may heal you for almost nothing or even up to half / 3/4 of your total health points whenever combat.


    [ TIP ] Use it with high Determination ( 50% or more ) and when your health points got halved, within the 40% - 60% range more or less.

Nature Balance
  • Nature Balance Evenly distributes health pool of a party between its members and consumes 10% of it. All targets gain Stable Balance effect that grants immunity to health redistribution for 90 seconds.


Friday, May 9th 2014, 11:26pm


Here the main goal is to maximize and empower the most deadly weapon a warden owns, the pet, because is what let us finish our enemies. Pet gains its strength through PASSIVE and TRIGGERED ( the ones a warden should enable prior to become effective ) buffs.

Battle Training: Decreases all pet's cooldown abilities by 30% [ PASSIVE ]
Ethereal Calm: Pet's Health and Energy regeneration rates increased by 100% while in a ghostly form [ PASSIVE ]
Innate Rage: Increases pet's additional critical strike damage by 14%. [ PASSIVE ]
Dirty Paws: Increases your pet's damage by 9%. [ PASSIVE ]
Severe Wounds: Increases duration of your Open Wound by 150% and damage dealt by 100%. [ PASSIVE ]
Acute Pain: Acute Pain deals damage when the effect fades or increased when pet's ability "Shred" is used up to 50%. [ PASSIVE ]
Great Hunt: Increases pet's damage by 40% and pet generates 70% more threat. Effect lasts for 25 seconds. [ TRIGGERED ]
Thrill of the Hunt: Increases the duration of the Great Hunt effect by 40%. [ PASSIVE ]

After buffing our pet we should give the proper ways for our pet to deploy them

  • Grab Pet spends 5 energy to speed up for 4 seconds and attacks the target. Has a 20.16% chance to cast Open Wound on its target.
  • If the target is off-balanced, pet deals more damage and has a 100% chance to cast Open Wound on a successful attack.
  • Increases Lightning damage by 25%.

  • Shred Pet spends 10 energy to attack the target with physical damage. If the target has Pain Shock, it receives Poison damage.

  • Quoted

    This is warden's finisher, it deals enormous damage if a succesful critical hit is dealt.

At last, but not least, we pick some damaging spells and buffs to aid our pet on its job:

  • Clout is the main melee attack. It's been picked to rush for enemies who are at a very very low health just to make a final burst combined with other skills. No other intentions were taken whatsoever since i tend to avoid direct confrontation.

  • Vortex Summons a vortex that inflicts damage to the target. It creates Static Charge effect that increases mana cost and damage of your next Lightning spell. Casting Lightning Strike, Flash Lightning, Tornado or Storm will remove the effect.Grants you three stacks of the effect, if you are not under the Static Charge. Static Charge stacks up to 5 times.
  • If a target has an Open Wound, and you have learned Shred! ability, the target receives Pain Shock.

  • Quoted

    Through Vortex we enable the Pain Shock buff and it's not meant to be used more than once ( granting Static Charge buff ) due the elevated mana consumption.

Primal Inspiration Rubies:
  • Increases you and your pet Determination by 9%

Lightning Master Rubies
  • Flash Lightning damage increases by 12%.

  • Quoted

    As a caster oriented build, adds an extra amount of damage to the main spell and even more if it's combined with Static Charge buff fromVortex

Channeled Lightning Rubies
  • Reduces the cooldown duration of Storm and Tornado by 30% and it also reduces cast time and mana cost of Vortex, Bee Swarm and Nature's Grip by 30%.

  • Quoted

    Quite useful since all these spells but Storm are in the build.

Flash Lightning
  • Flash Lightning Inflicts damage and knocks the target off-balance at a 60% chance. If your "Rip!" or "Shred!" attacks inflict damage to a target in Pain Shock, chance of knocking the target off-balance is increased up to 100%. Has 4 seconds of cooldown.

  • Quoted

    This is a versatile talent, it can be used combined with buffs ( Static Charge + Open Wounds ) to deal a reasonable high damage and also it may be used to decrease targets' movement whenever "Off Balance" buff is granted.

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Friday, May 9th 2014, 11:40pm

  1. Players can post only one guide for each class and you cannot submit the same guide you posted last time!
  2. Be on time: late entries will receive a penalty on their evaluation.
Your Team
i like colours and [img] ubb code but, at least, use the right names of rubies...
we are playin allods 5.0

Good luck[/img]


Friday, May 9th 2014, 11:41pm

Really it is the best guide i have ever seen. Not only comparison of Warden. I meant for all classes^^ GJ mate


Friday, May 9th 2014, 11:41pm

Warden builds best one ...Nice Good Luck !


Saturday, May 10th 2014, 12:13am


To endure as much as possible, that's the ultimate goal aiming to achieve. It can be acquired in many ways and with different objectives. As long it helps warden survivng it's very welcomed.

Hightened Senses Rubies: Armor increased by 15%. Decreases damage your pet receives from area of effect attacks by 60%.

Feral Instincts Rubies: Reduces the chances to get a critical hit by 15%

Superior Balance Rubies: increases Tenacity by 15%. Each cast of Pain Shock reduces the cooldown duration of Bark Shield by 15 seconds

Shield of Nature / Bark Shield Rubies:
  • Bark Shield increases Elemental, Natural and Divine resistance by 35%.
  • Grants you an Oak Bark effect to increase armor by 35%, but reduces your self-healing spells and potions effectiveness by 50%. While the effect lasts, your spellcasting cannot be interrupted. Lasts for 12 seconds.

  • Quoted

    Pretty tricky talent but the usefulness from it is beyond its trickiness by miles ahead. It's to be taken BOTH otherwise we'd miss so much protection and armor buffing. Trickiness inside? It reduces your self-healing spells and potions effectiveness by 50% not the heals you may recieve from your friends ( Healers, Summoners or even Wardens ). So if you are alone time it acordingly with the rest of your heals and dont be afraid of using it if friendly healing people around.

Potion of Punishment: Inflicts damage for each spell cast by the target. Effect of the potion lasts for 20 seconds or until the damage is inflicted 3 times.
  • Quoted

    Although it deals damage i rather use from preventing me to get it. If you put in a balance the damage dealt versus the Icy Comets or Raving Blades uncasted, it clearly wins the second over the first.

Lethargy Potion: Puts the target to sleep for 20 seconds, making them unable to move or use abilities. Can only be used on targets at 99% of health or higher. Any damage will dispel the effect. Cannot be used on undead or mechanical targets/mounts. Only one target can be affected by the Lethargy Potion effect at one time.
  • Quoted

    It's either a good way to force enemies to use Martyr Protection leaving unprotected for the next Crowd-Control spells or to give you enough time to take your best place in the battlefield...between other options.

Rip!: Pet spends 10 energy to attack the target for an amount of damage. Silences the target for 5 seconds.
  • Quoted

    Valuable resource, pretty much it is due to its reduced cooldown ( 12 seconds with Battle Training rubies ). Worth taking even at rank 2.

Aqua Morte: Prevents the target from being healed for 10 seconds. If the target has an Open Wound, then all healing effects the target receives will inflict damage instead. No more than damage may be inflicted this way.
  • Quoted

    Use it against healing classes to finish them or leave them merciless to the others. Highly recommended either rank 2 or 3


Escape from a certain death, grant yourself time enough to rethink your strategy or to call out for help. Any bonus you may gain for each and every one of these situations it's a valuable resource without a single doubt.

Enhanced Reflexes Rubies: Increases chance to dodge by 15% of the current chance to dodge for you and your pet.
  • Quoted

    We are the sole dodgers of the game and a 15% more is just a dreadful sin not to pick them. Imagine for a moment a Warrior charging at you and dodgeing either the Charge or the coming next Arcing Blow. Priceless!.

Refreshing Potion [ WARDEN ONLY ABILITY ] : Removes all movement impairing effects and increases your movement speed by 25% for 15 seconds.
  • Quoted

    Whenever you get slowed down, just use it and it makes you break all things loose and flee away from danger. It's not a bad idea to use it to keep the distance from some spells and habilities which may harm a bit.

Rip Up: Pet inflicts damage every 0.5 seconds and stuns the enemy for 0.5 seconds. Consumes 2 Tears of the Dragon. Duration of the ability is increased if Tears of the Dragon of a higher quality are used.
  • Quoted

    Interrupts and paralizes, what else you need to put yourself at a safer place? If you know how other classes work, time it either when they try to heal or attack you with their best skills or even when they try to flee away.

Boar's Blow: Inflicts damage and knocks the target off-balance.
  • Quoted

    Our Knockdown spell, useful to provide you a way of escaping or interrupting Charges or Bard's "get'cha!" skill. Rank 1 is more than enough since rubies to decrease its cooldown are not taken.

Bee Swarm: Summons a swarm of bees that inflict damage over 5 seconds and disorient the target. If Open Wound effect is active on the target, spell duration is increased by 50%
  • Quoted

    Another way of annoying enemies. It comes handy in almost every scenario. Use it always when Open Wound active since it doubles the duration of the spell

Nature's Grip: Summons roots for 20 seconds that slows down all enemies in the area by 70%.

Tornado Ruby: Summons a tornado for 3 seconds, making the target unable to move or use abilities, and periodically inflicts Lightning damage.
  • Quoted

    Someone is chasing you? Someone is trying to run away? Use it and give your allies time enough to get closer.

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Saturday, May 10th 2014, 12:14am


The most useful reincarnation skills applied to a PvP Shaman could esily be these following ones, bearing in mind they may grant you either high chances of protection or avoiding enemies.

Telekinetic Pull
  • Creates a gravitational anomaly on the ground that pulls enemies within a 10 meter range (no more than 3 targets) and knocks them down. Victims will receive immunity to the skill “Telekinetic Pull” for 20 seconds
  • 1 minute cooldown
  • The character jumps up to 20 meters away from the target, and knocks them down for 2 seconds
  • 30 seconds cooldown
Holy Shield
  • Surrounds you with a holy shield that absorbs X damage for 6 seconds and dispels most control effects. You cannot use any abilities that require a weapon for the duration of the effect.
  • 5 minutes cooldown
  • Causes the target to flee in terror for 6 seconds.
  • 2 minutes cooldown


  • Leather user means no top material wearer therefore less armor to be yourself protected against foes.
  • No "Second Life" alike spells or abilities unless it comes through Reincarnation meaning no second chance to survive.
  • No "Scottie, get me out of here!" long range evading skills from dreadful situations, once you got in the heat of a battle, there's almost no turning back.

  • Move like a butterfly sting like a bee, do not stand still. whenever necessary, keep in constant movement and aim for finishing targets with our burst damage skills.
  • Crowd-Control at its finest, don't let anyone do what they want or at least make it challenging enough.
  • Treat and care for your closest friend like it was you the one itself, never let your pet die or at least try to get him back as soon as possible. Being it alive the more chances to succeed.
  • Do know well who's your opponent at any time and how to counter what might makes you suffer.

So bearing in mind the prevoius, your best bet in PvP is to stay back or away from a direct confrontation. Remember we are going to stand none if we get close enough to the heat of the battle, let plate wearing classes do that for you.




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Saturday, May 10th 2014, 1:43am

Corrected ( again ) few ( more ) typos, punctuation marks and a missing skill.

As for rubies' names, can't do it atm since im not at home to look for them ingame...i grow older and memory fails me sorry :D

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Saturday, May 10th 2014, 2:23pm


There are few things i dont understand in your build...
for example: why do you use "clout" lvl 1? if you are not melee why do you waste 1 point here when you can put it for example on chain lightning instead? it wont give you that much of a damage boost and doesnt have any special effect so in my opiniont it is a "wasted" talent point.
Another thing (most impostant)... "Bestial synergy" is one of the most impostant warden rubies for pvp... put it lvl3! not lvl1...

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Sunday, May 11th 2014, 9:30am

This is a really great guide for me to begin the game all over again after all these years.. thanks.. and I mean it a lot! :D


Wednesday, May 14th 2014, 7:00pm

the ruby blood shroud is buged? when my pet go to ghost effect i dont receive the blood shroud. i already tried when my pet have 100 energy and change to ghost and pet with 0 energy change to ghost both ways didnt work.


Wednesday, May 14th 2014, 7:35pm


I tried Blood Shroud and it seems that it's working fine. I had the buff under my portrait, and damages were a little higher.
Your pet need to "die". It doesn't work if you send him in the "ghost" form.
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Thursday, May 15th 2014, 2:58am

Blood shroud is working fine! i use it on my build as you can see in my "guide" ->…d&threadID=2148

in case you dont want to read the whole guide, i will quickly explain it here:
it only activates when someone else kills your pet (mobs, other players, bosses, whatever). it does NOT activate when you send your pet to rest!
So, it ends up only beeing usefull for pvp or pve (in situations where your pet "tanks" or in bosses that has strong AOE's).
if you dont use to do that much pvp and you dont use to raid that much neither, dont use it! i found it very worthy for myself.. :)

p.s.: sorry for putting the link for my "guide" here.

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