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Saturday, January 12th 2019, 4:06am

Demo tank?

Hey everyone, I'm looking at making a tanking class for my first reincarnation and while I know what warrior and paladin can do (and to some small extent scout) I'm wondering how demo's stack up as a tank to the other 3


Sunday, January 13th 2019, 9:25am

My personal ranking (from best to worst):

Large number of mobs tanking: Warrior, Demonologist, Scout, Paladin
Boss tanking (mele): Demonologist, Warrior, Paladin, Scout
Boss tanking (ranged): Scout, Paladin, Demonologist, Warrior
Party support while tanking (like shields etc): Scout, Paladin, Demonologist, Warrior.

Face giant gives very good passive damage reduction, You can sacrifice some hp to get massive absorption shield, heal Yourself, use emergency protection "bubble" and also proper skill rotation will grant You even more damage reduction. In some cases You can even do some ranged tanking in human form. It is very good choice for 1st tank class imho.


Sunday, January 13th 2019, 10:11am

Boss tanking (ranged): Scout, Paladin, Demonologist, Warrior
Have to disagree here, no tank tanks ranged.
Large number of mobs tanking: Warrior, Demonologist, Scout, Paladin
Scout beats it from warrior.
Boss tanking (mele): Demonologist, Warrior, Paladin, Scout

In all if you want to be a good tank that can handle most, if not all, and supply some good utlity to the team, go for paladin or scout, forget the other 2.


Sunday, January 13th 2019, 4:29pm

There is a build which allows scout to tank using (x)bow. I have used it on my reinc scout to handle Firo and managed to tank s6 with crappy gs too.
There is an option to get some distance from the boss and still hit it to keep agro. Warrior is mele so You have to build up enough aggro to last for the time You are off mele range. Paladin can still make hits from distance, demonologist can pop shield and tank in human form (quite usefull in TT reflection s6 for example).
Both warrior and demonologist are "selfish" type tanks (little support to the team) which is the opposite for scout and paladin.

Warrior uses mutiliate to store major part of received damage which can be even turned to heals with proper rubbies and skills.

Demonologist has high passive damage mitigation making this class good for tanking boss with adds or boss alone.

Scout uses battle wounds which delays damage received by few secs during which (s)he can manipulate it in more ways than warrior can (for example granting pt shield, removal of cc etc). Damage has to be high enough to go in Battle Wound (which is big plus vs paladin barrier).

Paladin utilizes holy barriers to delay dmg but in opposite to battle wounds there is no threshold and even crappy dmg goes there which is why it is bad do handle many mobs at once.


Sunday, January 13th 2019, 7:20pm

I played as tank vvith demon on p2p, it's good tank vvith potential, i culd tank obs ez/normal, s6 and etc, even vvitchout healer but problem vvas in hight heroic dmg to him vvas too hight ( maybe i vvas suck at kaitng, or my pc is to laggy to dodge as tank)
i got bard as sup but it vvas not inaf to protect me
even tought my team got purple aura in end of sezon, culd not tank in heroic much vvith my demon, scout got op rezistent, and paladin not get hits at all

my stats vvas 400 crit chance, 400 duble, 111-200 svviffnes 0 caution and as def i foucused full vitality+400-500 survability in order to make over 100k absorb in that time (got little 150-200 psychical protection too) i culd have perm -40% if rng in begining vvasnyt bad but it vvas not inaf to survive cuz boss hit me for 80-100k sometimes vvhat made me instantly lose 80% of my shield, and until my shield back from cd (in 6s) i culd not do much, vvitchout absorb i die instantly, if i tooked less surv, and caution insted, my absorb vvas not inaf to tank any boss ant it vvas vvorse
then one of my team (paladin) svvitch to tank insted of me, and he not had much problem to tank same mob bos, his hp not even drop to 60-70%, same vvas vvith scout (hen ot lost hp at all xD)

Paladin and vvarrior got alot tools to negate or reduce dmg thay got on face, or take it by rates, scout even can full dodge some dmg vvhile problem vvith demo is he get full hit (reduced by maybe 35% + -40% if your spell not fall of cuz of kit) in f2p you can covver it vvith runes or armor shell but still in my opinion if you vvant do hight herocs or hard obs demon lose vvith another class for all another demon is op

here are my settings :

for "self-heal" tank$d0df036c6c…0000000::13ydj3

for heroics :$d0fj036c60…0000000::13ydj3

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