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New Frontier The last journey

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The last journey

How to finish Kyros quest "The last journey" in East coast? When escorting Kyros to Allon`as burial place, a lot animals attacking and it imposible to defeat all of them when you 71 lvl. And its 71 lvl simple quest (not group). I guess its a bug.


At 71 you should have legendary quality 95 level gear. Killing those mobs should be no problem with proper stats. It is balanced for green gear 84 or even lower level.
Just level up few levels if you have proper gear and there are problems. With Time Void it just few minutes.

Edit: You can also try to clear area before taking quest to reduce amount of mobs when Kyros will walk.


But its 71 lvl area. How to get legendary gear in this area at this lvl? As rewards for quests, i have uncommon equipment set 75 lvl. So i using gear from it, just used reinforcement scolls, and now they rare, plus 3 epic, from greater scrolls. Thats all. I tryed clear area before taking quests - not works, mobs respawning tyoo fast. And when npc almost reaching burial place, i have about 10 mobs on me and allways dieing. Tryed this quest about 10 times, and still failing to complete. And there is no more quests around, so i guess only way - hunt mobs around and level-up this way.. Quests like this seems realy bugged. They should fix this, so one player with 71lvl uncommon gear could finish without problems. Now i am in trap - stopped quest sequence, no more quests.. just stupid mob hunting... booring.


They should fix this, so one player with 71lvl uncommon gear could finish without problems. Now i am in trap - stopped quest sequence, no more quests.. just stupid mob hunting... booring.
There's nothing to fix since everyone else manages fine.
Make sure u got all your gear equipped and your aspect is on. They should be pretty nearly oneshot.
Especially with current astral gear.
I suggest levelling time void til 75, then finish sogot, u get the equip from highest level there and everything will be a daywalk stroll :)




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there is a npc somewhere in Polis i think that gives set of starter equipment, and I think its full set of legendary equip, might be at 75 in archiepaloge
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Just go to astral academy. There is NPC next to Anvil of Artifacts - at least at league side but i'm pretty sure imp side will be similar.
Ask it for starter equipment set. This one is legend 95 93. At least it was when i tested it on alt.

Edit: You can buy some fabled 95 gear from other players or auction house. Just weapon and/or wand depending on class should make quite difference.


I asked for help, and 74 lvl player helped my, he cleared area from mobs, it was only chance to go further with quests. I did`nt played this game about 2 years and i dont know about time void and equipment you talk. I used green gear from equipment set and it was not enough. Need fix this quest in 2 ways: 1. 2x less mobs (animals) in area. 2. Stop npc when anyone attacking. Becouse Kyros not stops, going further ant attracts more and more animals, so 10 lions too mutch for player with current zone green equipment. Thank you all for answers.

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