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Looking for a guild!

Hey guys, I'm pretty new to the endgame content of the game but I'm finding it hard to go pve solo so im looking for a guild. I have 3 incarnations at 80, a Bard, a Scout (plan to tank), and a summoner (plan to heal). I'm on NA time and while I'm new to this games endgame I'm a veteran to moms (raised in WoW from the end of vanilla until mists).


Welcome to Allods Online!
Too bad I play on p2p, we won't play often together :(


hello, I'll list a few guilds with their officer's name on both factions:

If you play on the league side and you want to play end-game content then I can think of "Legends" (Woltiz,Spaz) are officers and maybe you need to apply via their guildsite, also "Warsong(tenesis)" (LadySu) is an officer, "TheWanderers" (Rustysebo, Bevarius) are officers (I think xD), there are also the guilds that came from equilibrium "Independence" and "Ascension" I don't have any information about officers there, and there are other decent guilds but I think they tend to have a common language, and there are guilds for chill and relax and slack like "SexyPirates" (folsom,Natureswrath) are officers.

And if you play on the empire side I really have no clue but I'll name few end game guilds "Ascendancy (Nezeb)" (Piopico) is an officer ( I think), "Monster's inc." (Penance) is an officer, and there's also "Hellpatrol" (SuperiorWolf) is an officer.

PS:this is only for reference and information from memory, I don't intend to make this a controversial thread about guilds I've just named them how they popped-up in my mind, and by officer I mean someone who can add people to the guild.

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Monster's inc." (Penance) is an officer
You forgot to put "(I think xD)" here :/ Otherwise you might end up getting camped D:

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