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New Player Looking for Guild


I recently sort of re-discovered Allods. Partly because I didn't know there was a P2P server and I thought F2P server was simply unplayable. I am willing to give it a good shot, as I do enjoy the fluidity of the game and the art style. I don't want to no life it, I would like to take my time and enjoy the content so the low player base could actually be a positive point for me. If, I can find an active guild to chat while playing and do content with. I am yet to create a character so I would appreciate it if people could leave their character names so I can contact you.



Welcome back to Allods!
P2P server is pretty enjoyable, because, even if there are not so many player, ppl are more active and kind :D
Im playing on The League. And my guild is Avarice. But there is another good guild wich is Unexpected.
On the Empire side, there is a guild called Utopie. But I cant tell how active it is, because I dont play there :v

My ingame name is Ataru.

If you want to join just ask for a Guild in Novograd and they will find you.

Enjoy the game :D


I'll hop on this train as well, but i'm asking which guild has more NA players. =D




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Right now, a lot of players are awating the new patch, 10.0, to be released. After it is released, a lot of players will be back to the game. Currently, there are three active guilds: two of them on the league side, one on the empire side. I suggest you not to worry about any guild because people on this server are very much helpful and i guarentee you that you will find a place in each guild. But, of course, I would like to see you in Utopie (Empire). Keep in mind that all 3 of the guilds are international, although you may hear & read some other languages on discord and in game.

As far as I know, currently there are no active NA players on the server. However, some NA players will come back with 10.0 and create (or start over) a new guild on the empire side named Resistance. If you join this discord channel, which is the unofficial discord channel of P2P server where you can talk and meet majority players on the server, people may help you and answer your questions.

Have fun!

I have a poisoning...

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Join Avarice. Best advice you can get in this Forum.


Yeah NA players are waiting for 10.0 we were on league but this time around we are playing on empire, Since we have max toons on league and empire. If you wish to contact us PM me on discord under CyberFawx :thumbup:

Either way enjoy P2P

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