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Tuesday, March 19th 2019, 7:45pm



  • "Arushieru" started this thread

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leveling problem

am level 80 healer
Xadaganian Inquisitor
there is no way to level up
people say level up using your private allod
which is problem I don't have one yet

the second method is the maze
which I think no one will take me cause my low runes
they wanna do a fast run maze and not waste there time
resurrecting me every sec

why allods team didn't add new quests so we could at least level up ?
I wanna use this chance before the smile of fortune is over

yesterday someone said will gonna help but it didn't show up ?( 8|

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Tuesday, March 19th 2019, 8:23pm

Ask one of your friends to take you for privat maze with minimum of 2 blue mobs with buff who change them to stone if thers 2 types of it

1 mob give you 22-39k exp (despend from order buff, lm, +20% exp guild, or type of server)

15-20min and your 85lv

lv give you only skill points/ not ruby, and 1/3 more health, you still can join bg/islands or any other content with 80lv (but merc on 80lv are little to weak if your with another 80lv in it, or your skill is poor)


Wednesday, March 20th 2019, 7:20am



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People have been leveling by using their Own mazes queueing up for "Test", and fixing their maze so they have ONLY groups with 2 or more with the "Apathy" debuff which turns the mob to stone and take Significantly more dmg (1 shot ish) Its easy to ask someone to Help u. I got help on my reinc from a Random player cuz I asked nicely I went from 80-85 in 10ish mins cuz his first group was 5 with Apathy.
He inv me to party , queue, he leave, u kill group with One aoe ability, u leave, he inv, queue, u kill, over and over, its super fast.
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Wednesday, March 20th 2019, 7:40am

There is another way but it will be slower. On the bright side You might be able to get some gear from it. Go to Astral Academy, talk to NPC near anvil of artifacts and ask for starting gear. Equip all. Get Your main secondary stat to either 240 or 300 (for Your class it is Double Attack) and after that take proficiency or determination. Set defensive stats to Bloodlust and if u can't pick it take vitality.
Now press Ctrl+M, click Dungeons, mark Distortion as favorite to have it on top of the list then click Go. You will be teleported to single player version of astral. Exterminate everything...
Each Distortion has 2 bosses which drop 1 chest with the same lot as s1 boss (but it is only one and You can't get gear lvl 105 crafting materials from it).
That way You will be able to practice playing Your class too. After some time You will also know which distortion is "pain in the rear end" to do and which ones are easy. If You happen to roll bad one just leave and go for next one- this can be done without any kind of cooldown.

Astral Academy gear is good enough to do s1 (do it 2x to burn keys), Kingdom of Elements (1x for spark exp and artifact fragments), All Rihat (1x for gear, artifact fragments). You will get some exp from doing that too.

P.S. Do not discard cursed gear usable by Your class. Stash it in bank. This is good source of getting 90%/90% equipment.

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Friday, March 22nd 2019, 2:33am

we're still in pre-patch that's why there's no questline, so you don't have to level-up that much.

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