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Wednesday, May 8th 2019, 4:17pm

old player wants to come back !

hello guys !
i'm an old player LordBard (in game name) I do not know if anyone remembers me :D !
i really want to come back playing Allods remembering those old good days pvp pve dominion... such nostalgia :love:
I stopped in 6.0 or 7.0 (lvl 70max), I do not remember so well, but I have not played for a long time
my main it's a bard with 400days in game played,full lvl 8 rune with, a medium cs items, half way to patronage 5, the guilds i have been in: REQUEME->battleaxe->SoS [font=&quot] ![/font]
reinc archer(+150 days in game played), psi, paladin, mage.
i really want to know if the cs in f2p server is reduced or we still need a lot of farming to get the shop items.
i can spend max 5$ per mouth in shop :whistling: so I thought about the p2p server or spend it in f2p server !
wish one you advise me ?
and they are any guide that I can join !?

thank you so mush :love: !
here is one of my old videos :


Thursday, May 9th 2019, 1:31am

as a start you if your character is below purple in every CS item you should make a new one

chest of explorer modification

Added new items to «Chest of the Explorer»:
- level 4: Rough Dragon Hide Backpack (24 slots), Folio of Knowledge, Tome of Influence, Scroll of Fate.
- level 6: Recruit's chest (x5), Folio of Knowledge.
- level 10: Small Incense Kit, Folio of Knowledge (x2), Tome of Influence, Scroll of Fate (x2).
- level 15: Page from the Study of Perfection, Folio of Knowledge (x3), Scroll of Fate (x4).
- level 20: Skillful Jeweler Manuscript, Scroll of Fate (x5).
- level 25: Page from the Edict of Conclave, Expansion Toke (x5), Folio of Knowledge (x5), Tome of Influence.
- level 30: First Page from the Great Mage's Diary, Folio of Knowledge (x7).
- level 35: Section of the Edict of Conclave, Folio of Knowledge (x8 ).
- level 40: Second Page from the Great Mage's Diary, Patronage Box coupon (x100), Folio of Knowledge (x10).
- level 45: Emblem of the Deadly Wizard, Folio of Knowledge (x11).
- level 50: Chapter from the Study of Perfection, Small Incense Kit, Folio of Knowledge (x16).
- level 55: Lesser Scroll of Sacrament, Folio of Knowledge (x21).
- level 60: Part from the Study of Perfection, Magic Furnace, Folio of Knowledge (x22).
- level 65: Third Page from the Great Mage's Diary, Folio of Knowledge (x25).
- level 70: Part of the Edict of Conclave, Folio of Knowledge (x25).
- level 75: The Study of Perfection, Greater Scroll of Sacrament.
- level 80: Clear rune of level 6 (x6), Folio of Knowledge (x25).
- level 85: The Fourth Page from the Great Mage's Diary, holy Weapon of Bliss.

but I think your character is already has those stuff... so anyways, now there's something called premium which will get you more monthly bonuses the more you top-up and IDK how much would 5$ put you at. paladin and mage and warrior got new dragon tear skill which are broken skills xD. I think you should test and see for yourself.
If you think the level 8 runes has same value as the level 8 runes like 4 years ago then you're wrong, the basic now is around 7 as people get it from starterpack, so you might not be able to be a top-tier player (if you were), but still you can do decent in pve content and semi-hardcore endgame content. Also many cs upgrades and new stuff were added so you'll face a bigger gap compared to the one that was like 4 years ago.

Spending constant amount each month in f2p will eventually get you there, and you can also farm/do trades etc...

But I heard that the p2p server pricing is lower than it was before and they added some new stuff to it, and it has active guilds but lower population compared to f2p and you need to play at peak hours, but it might be more enjoyable and less time and money spent to get you to hardcore content.

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