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Select Target with Tab key, PVP sniping

Hello everyone,
I'm playing on a laptop, usually without mouse, so I use the tab key to select targets to attack.
Specifically, in the Highest Art of Alchemy quest, I use this to select the spawning Elemental Energy.
Recently, I've had a few encounters in which players of the opposite faction positioned themselves on top of the dead Elementals so that hitting tab would not select the Energy, but those players.
Consequently I, absentmindedly, attacked them in PVP and they could kill me.
I'm not at all interested in open PVP in KoE and found this very annoying.
I guess I could just pay more attention, but I would like to know if there is a way to disable the automatic selection of PVP targets.
Thanks for Your help,




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Hey LyraBlack,

Unfortunately there is no way to disable the targeting of players. By pressing Tab you automatically take the next enemy target in your field of view.

There are Addons like BuffAnnounce, EzTarget, Asniper, ... that help to get the right target faster, but it requires to click them in a list, so without a mouse that would be hard too.

Im sorry that I dont have better news for you.
In-game: Poloo • Faction: League • Server: Evolution
Best regards,
Allods Online Moderator Team

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