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Monday, September 2nd 2019, 8:48pm

Aoidos Having Access to All Classes

So I have been thinking, I love the Aoidoi so far yet for those who are playing the classes they do not have in their repertoire the whole race is as good as nonexistent. Yeah, they can pick a lot of classes but a new race only hyping certain people is bad taste. So I suggest that making the Aoidoi have every class available.

Thematically, Aoidoi as a summoner or warden seems a little off to some for they would not become Summoners or Wardens thematically yet we stand corrected when the Demonologist update proved otherwise. That means they can indeed go for taboo things, and obviously some of them can adapt the nature around them to pick a Warden. I also think they can't become Engineers and I really should ask why is that.

I can already see Aoidoi Summoner coming with various types of architechts or metal destroyer demons as minions. There are many canditates that would fit as Aoidoi minions like the bulky architect as the Hellion, the ranged architect as the Cadaver and the eye of the architects as the Lurker.

Aoidoi Warden can also be done with the stone golems in Polis being their minion. Taking animals as pets is a great thing for Warden but for Aoidos taking an elemental would be an awesome addition without breaking the nature theme of the Warden.

Aoidoi Engineer can also be doable as they learn quicker than other races so why not give them some? After all, they inherited their knowledge from the Architect himself and they learn quicker than other races so I can see them having access to engineer being a possibility.

The names can be worked around with. After all, their class names are from the star constellations and the greek terms. Bards are called Orpheus so I can see the Summoner as Thanatos. Wardens can be Gaians if the name fits them. I have absolutely no idea about what we would call their Engineers but I think it can be found. I am not an expert in the Engineer names.

I think we should bring ideas like this and bring it to the russian forums. In there, they actually listen to the players I heard so I think it can get through if we give them a good idea. It is not that hard to implement and before you say no, think. How can it hurt anything? If anything, it would make the whole Aoidoi being equally tempting to all class choices.

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Monday, September 2nd 2019, 8:52pm



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I think what threw most off is that, You cannot have a headgear on the doidoi´s + the retarded jump
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Monday, September 2nd 2019, 8:56pm

I can see why they do not have any headgear, to be honest. Thanks to their rock structure as a head, it could look pretty weird on most heads so they had to ignore the heads for making it easier on themselves. But yeah, it is irritating to an extent.

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