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Monday, September 9th 2019, 2:17pm

[PMB 10.1] Dragagon's Druid PVE DPS

Hello Sarnaut,

My name is Dragagon, I currently am a servant of Avarice. My main role there is Druid healer where needed for pve, mainly DPS. And for PVP a dedicated healer.
I love Druid because I follow performance and numbers output. Druid is currently as of PMB, the #1 single target DPS class and the #1 single target and AOE healer.
I used to play for about 8 years on f2p. I moved to p2p due to personal and financial reasons. I have been playing p2p for 1 year and 4 months now, and determined to stay for longer.

What changed to druid based on the latest update is the following: tearskill bursting.
Since they removed the possibility to use multiple tearskills at once (as far as gcd allows), you now can only follow-up tear skills as quick as 30 seconds.
What changes this brings to DPS druid is that you now have to carefully pick the right tearskill at the right situation.
You won't be using King of the Beasts for an aoe based boss, and you won't be using Master of the Woods or Balance for a single target boss at the beginning of combat.
The beginning of combat is important because that's where all the burst happens. Many passive buffs start happening; engineer's Master Plan, Bard's Victory Hymn, Red Alerts, your vigor trinkets, Tonic of Concentration (vigor boost), 10s Victory Cross artefact boost. It all comes together at the first 15 seconds of combat, after that, everything is spread and you cannot reach the same numbers again in that same combat as you had at the beginning. A good start, is half won. (sounds better in dutch - Goed begonnen, is half gewonnen).

This PMB will be divided into certain sections. Up to you wether you want to get yourself comfortable and read through everything, or fly to the section that looks interesting to you.
Either way without further hold, let's run into the forest together!

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Monday, September 9th 2019, 2:20pm

Druid PVE DPS build: Talent Tree

The build I decided to roll with exists out of 78 Talent Points and 70 rubies. These are the maximum for a p2p player. If you play f2p and got a cent to spare, then you will have some leftovers.

Poisonous Vine:
This will be one of your main damaging spells. Necessary for rotation as it applies Natural Abundance. A buff from your rubies that increases damage from Tornado, Thunder and Lighting (From now on referred to as T&L) and Emerald Glow by 40%.

Bee Swarm:
Also one of your main damaging DOT's. Using this ability gives you Triple Trouble. Also a buff thanks to your rubies. Increases all damage output by 12%.

Ugly Cloud:
This is needed to take T&L.

Nature's Grip:
This ability is not as necessary. It's completely working on its own and only serves to push aoe. Rubies give an additional Bee Swarm DOT to all enemies being inside, and entering the rooted area.

Tree Bark:
This ability does not deal damage, instead it's taken in thought of your party. Apply it to your tank before combat starts or when your tank gets in trouble. Very often used, nearly each pack and boss in heroic astral and raids. Very helpful - proving that druid is not only a braindead dps class, but a perfect utlity to the group. Not only is it the best single target dps class, it also happens to be the lifesaver in some cases. We will enlighten these situations later in the Druid guide.

Eye of the Storm:
Your Long cc (Crowd Control) ability. Every player in the game has acces to it, every player planning to do PVE content needs this. Necessary to keep mobs in packs under control, softening the blows on your tank.

Aspect of Assault:
Increases all damage output by 30% and unlocks certain effects from rubies. Necessary in all situations.
This ability is passively active, so don't forget activating it.

One of your main damaging abilities, always follows-up your Poisonous Vine because of the Windcatcher ruby. Also needed to push aoe damage. Using this ability applies Dancing Flashes effect, again from rubies, which on its turn is needed for your T&L.

Emerald Glow:
One of your necessary abilities as well. This ability allows you to sustain long PVE combats as we druids, are the only ones still depending on mana. Without mana, we are nothing. Emerald Glow allows us to recover most of our mana thanks to the Circulation rubies, which on its turn needs the Raging Storm rubies right next to it in the grid. Will restore our mana by r1/r2/r3 5%/10%/15%. Hint, Double Attack works on this.

Poisoned Thorn:
Our cherry on the pie! This only melee ability we have, is about 30% of our total damage output. With the enormous damage output, this ability is irreplaceable in our DPS gameplay. Always land it on a poisoned target! (Bee Swarm)

Holy Wraith:
Our short cc ability, required for everywhere in PVE. See a mob with a casting bar? Use it! These are party savers.
I took it only rank 1 because the cooldown reductions make no difference in PVE scenario's.

Thunder and Lighting:
Our Evolved ugly Cloud. Used to proc the Dancing Flashes stacks that we apply with our Tornado. Also applies a DOT that somehow seems to hold up in our dpsmeter.

Leaf Fall:
An ability I do not use on purpose. It's an aoe only ability, not reliant due to the cooldown it has, and the gcd's it uses instead of what we could use only lowers our dps output. I tested it on several scenarios, your aoe migt be better - thanks to Double Attack - but doesn't outweigh the single target dps loss.

Secret Path:
Who doesn't need a teleport, amiright? Snared on a circle? Use it! Need to catch up to the group? Use it! Need to push aoe? Use it! Damage and a lifesaver in one, you'd be blind not to use it.

King of the Beasts:
And a king it is! Pushing damage like a crazy animal is supposed to do. The additional Vulnerability debuff it offers on non red rings are a great boost on top, the cooldown it has compared to the duration of the ability? Probably if not already, the best tearskill any player could wish for.

I have been doubting about this ability. It could be used to push aoe, yet again the cooldown compared to duration, make it seem like a risky pick. I tested it around, I am not keen on it, but rank 2 doesn't seem to hurt. Just make sure you know when to use which tearskill, since the 30s cd between tearskills is now in place.

Master of the Woods:
A fairly moderate tearskill. Again cooldown compared to duration is amazing, which is for me the dealbreaker. But again, the damage is not as high, but the fact that it does it's job while you continue your dps rotation, where as Balance keeps you occupied, makes it a worthy tearskill to have in your arsenal. Great for aoe pushing too, as it applies Bee Swarms and T&L's on every mob. Works for single targets, but do not expect any wonders with this.

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Monday, September 9th 2019, 2:27pm

Druid PVE DPS build: Grid I; King of Nature

I think I will go with a different approach, since most of the rubies on this grid are taken, I will explain why I do not take the ones that I skipped.

Windcatcher rank 2:
I avoided this ruby because stacking up your Windcatcher buff is completely overkill. Sure, it could be good if you work with Double Attack and that way you have to spend 1 gcd less on another Tornado, which you then again could use for another ability instead, but it's so infrequent and again RNG depending. It's very tricky to get it hardwired in your brain, and you need to watch your buffs everytime you cast Tornado, or use addons displaying buffs on your screen.
It sure is possible, but to avoid overcomplicating things, I decided not to roll with it, as I don't use DA that often anyways. The only scenarios where I use DA is when I do World Bosses because combat durations often lasts longer than 20 minutes. #p2p

Raging Storm rank 3 (rank 2):
Taking rank 3 simply overkills again the rate at which you gain the buff for Emerald Glow. The damage doesn't outweigh the rotation so you don't have to do it to push dps. You don't need to do it more often than once per rotation either so gaining more buffs than one per rotation is also overkill. This brings me to the point of why I put rank 2 between hooks. If you want to be safe from mistakes, take rank 2. But it's more than possible to go with rank 1, but one mistake and you're going to run out of mana quickly and lose DPS, due to the cast time you're getting on Emerald Glow.

Sharp Thorns (all ranks):
I have avoided these rubies because they would be worth only half their take. Buffing Leaf fall which we don't use. And buffing Nature's Grip by 10% per rank taken, and that being 10% only from a 6k description, only comes down to 600 extra dmg per ruby taken. And again, it's only for aoe, and again another part of the aoe damage from your Nature's Grip also comes from Bee Swarm rubies, which means the damage increase from these rubies do not live up to what they show in numbers here.
Take these if you rather go with a full aoe build, perhaps a dedicated build to farm certain things. But as far as my build goes, it's an irrelevant ruby choice.

Toxic Sap (all ranks):
Same here, we're not using Leaf Fall at all, so a waste of rubies for us. Again take them for your dedicated aoe farming build, but irrelevant to us.

Will of the Wind:
Clout, we don't use Clout, don't take them :D
Why don't we use Clout? It's very similar to Emerald Glow, they have the same job, they have the same dmg output (average), they both work with Raging Storm buff, they both restore the same mana. Where is the difference?
Melee V Ranged.
The forever holy trinity that won't be beaten in Allods Online. Ranged is always taken over melee. Emerald Glow also uses 2 different elemental types which is harder to counter (Yes, pve mobs have different resistances). Clout is only one damage type.

Desire for Life (all ranks):
Willpower reduces your incoming cc durations. Please do not use these rubies for PVE DPS.

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Monday, September 9th 2019, 7:35pm

Druid PVE DPS build: Grid III; Hermit

I will explain here why I take which ruby.

Forest Keeper:
Along with Adder's Tooth, these are the reasons why Poisoned Thorn is your best friend.
The damage increases are too good to leave out.
permanent crits on Poisned Thorn (saves you taking any crit chance stats) and a fat 30% damage boost. DPS racing is a walk in the park.

Adder's Tooth:
As said above, these rubies make Poisoned Thorn the superman of abilities it today is. 40% damage increase? Hello Power buff #2.

Deadly Sprigs:
permanent crits with Poisonous Vine and Bee Swarm.
Saves you taking any crit chance stats.

Stinging Death:
These rubies decide why your rotation is the way it is. Bee Swarm gets a damage boost if you use Emerald Glow. This will explain why you don't Bee Swarm without Emerald Glow hitting your target first.

Bee Fury:
This ruby extends your Bee Swarm by 3 seconds. Okay, so what?
Well, you need these 3 seconds to make your Poisoned Thorn land into a poisoned target. Bee Swarm? That's a poison damage type :) This buffs your Poisoned Thorns by 30% thanks to the Forest Keeper rubies.
If you are fast, you can try landing Poisoned Thorn on Poisoned Thorn when it gets off cooldown, but you will have only about a split gcd to use and make it work. If you REALLY need that one ruby for something else, go for it. But it's not worth the risk for me.

Life Balance:
Ahhh, the reason why we can almost throw Priests and Summoners to the bin.
This lifesaver is going to be your best utlity for your group.
Someone drops low? Life Balance.
It equalizes everyone's health by %. The amazing thing? It also uses your pet's Health. Your pet nearly never loses hp. It's a free extra health pool!
Small hint? King of the Beasts increases your pet's health by a ton :)

Eye of the Storm:
Permanent crits on Tornado. What is Critical Chance again?

Mountain Wind:
Not as important for dps, but moving in PVE is not a luxury you can afford to lose. Only for Bee Swarm (in DPS) but where is the difference?
When starting combat, you're moving into the target while already starting your rotation. Without this ruby, you cannot move whilst casting Bee Swarm, resulting in you already losing DPS because it takes longer for you to get to the target for your Poisoned Thorn.
In short? Get it!

Spiritual Connection:
You need this! No mana, no DPS.
I know you already got Emerald Glow restoring mana but that alone is not enough. You do not want mana to hold you back when you burst :P

Accelerated Growth:
Say goodbye to casting time on Nature's Grip. Winning that casting time for other abilities to use, and a faster aoe reaction. More DPS output!

Devastated Nest:
Remember that Sharp Thorns ruby? This is why, Bee Swarm for everyone! A must to push that little aoe you atleast have.

Slowing everything in your Nature's Grip. Why bother slowing in PVE, amiright? You are right.
We use the slow to apply silence effects on the mobs that are effected by this in Heroic astral.
It will save your party from that Aviak Priest blinding everyone and blowing everyone back to the ship. Or the archers in Duck River Run. Or or or, it's just so good!
Also very handy for the Cairage boss where all the demon hounds spawn. Gets your raid more time to survive from their sharp claws.

Explosive Mixture:
Back to the rotation we're about to explain, this rubie helps decide why our rotation is what it is.
Bee Swarm buffs your Poisonous Vines, and we're back at the beginning of the rotation.

Lone Tree:
Extra vitality! A must to increase your chances on staying alive. Helps your survive circles, dot's, aoe's. Name it, survive it.
Warning - Advised to remove these for Tep's in observatory raid. Damage received there is % based.
The more vitality, the harder you make it on your healers.

Protective Circle:
Dead DPS? No DPS.
Shields are everything. protect yourself, you cannot die.
40% damage reduction without cooldown, how OP do you want to get? This is the first step in the right direction!

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Monday, September 9th 2019, 10:38pm

Druid PVE DPS: Gameplay rotation

I tried making a visual representation.

So, what is happening here?
Allow me to explain ability by ability.

1) Bee Swarm:
Start by applying the DOT, and the 12% damage boost for 10 seconds. Readying yourself to boost everything you're about to throw at your target.
Also giving your coming Poisonous Vine another buff by 50% dmg thanks to the Explosive Mixture rubies.
And if that wasn't enough, applies Natural Abundance, which boosts your T&L and Tornado by 40%.
O man it all comes together so nicely, druid is balance <3.

2) T&L:
Applying the next DOT, buffed with the 12% Triple Trouble from our Bee Swarm. Also pushing our Determination to the maximum before giving your target our biggest hit about to come.

3) Poisoned Thorn:
There it goes, The biggest sucker punch we can deal. Enhanced by Bee Swarm DOT buffing it by 30% thanks to the Forest Keeper ruby, and another 40% from Adder's Tooth, and another 18% by Poison Expert rubies, this cannot go wrong.

4) Poisonous Vine & Tornado:
Why link these together?
Poisonous Vine speeds up Tornado casting and buffs Tornado by 20%, so you always follow-up Tornado on Poisonous Vine.
Tornado will apply the Dancing Flashes debuffs, up to 2 stacks. That's why you repeat this twice.
That's also why I mentioned you could take Windcatcher rank 2 and hope on Double Attack procs, having to use 2 gcd's less, getting 2 Dancing Flashes from one Tornado, so you can start the following faster...

5) T&L:
...start the following faster, T&L.
T&L uses the Dancing Flashes stacks, 2 of them in one casting, proccing the extra damage from the Dancing Flashes rubies, and reapplying the T&L DOT.

6) Emerald Glow:
At the end of our rotation, Emerald Glow. Remember we started with Bee Swarm? Emerald Glow will buff our Bee Swarm again when starting our next rotation. Granted, if we have Raging Storm effect active, which comes from doing 4 castings in our situation (Raging Storm rank 2).
This ability can also be used to proc the Dancing Flashes stacks on the target, but using both stacks is faster with T&L and applies DOT in a single gcd rather than using Emerald Glow for it.

Now when we take a closer look at the picture, we can see that everything is the same, except for one. Our Poisoned Thorn. It is so that we can, and should, move our Poisoned Thorn one gcd earlier after each rotation.
I have written it several times now, but what is a gcd?
GCD, standing for Global CoolDown, stands for the time (cooldown) between two abilities. This prevents people from spamming ALL abilities at once, basically nonstop bursting.

Basically one ability is using a gcd. moving Poisoned Thorn forward one gcd will keep pushing our dps slightly upwards.
Not a big deal if you make mistakes on this one, but it's something to pay attention to, and practice on.

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Tuesday, September 10th 2019, 12:03am


As for stats, there are many different set ups. I will go over as many as I can and explain why the different stat set ups.
I have already given hints on some in previous posts, but I will go into detail here.
There are 2 types of defensive stats. I'll call them group content, and solo content.

Defensive Stats:
Caution: 300
Concentration: 250
Vitality: leftovers

Basically it comes down to this, Caution is the most efficient defensive stat up to 299. Once you reach 300, it is so much diminished that you better take vitality at that point.
"But draga, caution only works for when you are below 40%?"
Yeeeees, and no. It mainly does, but the great thing about this one is that to my understanding, it sees into the future.
When you receive a hit that is about to one-shot you, the game will detect this, and calculate the numbers you're about to get. Including caution. So what happens here? You have 60k HP. You're going to get a hit of 77k.
That's a one-shot. The game takes your caution into account before allowing the hit to hit you.
300 caution = 45% less damage taken.
The 77k is about to one-shot you, meaning you will go below the 40% treshold. So it's going to reduce the 77k by 45% = 34650.
Wow, you suddenly survived that oneshot. Caution at work!

Next comes Concentration. As if Caution isn't OP enough, there is Concentration to pump it up some more.
The build up rate will depend on your DPS and how much Concentration you run with. The 250 recommendation is a baseline. If you see that you have a full Concentration barrier during full combat duration, you can start pumping some of that Concentration into your vitality.
Concentration absorbs up to 40% of each hit. As long as you keep your barrier full, you will have the highest chance on survival.

As for Vitality, there is nothing better to take. Increasing your vitality will result in your Caution treshold being bigger, and your Concentration barrier being bigger.

Caution: 300
Concentration: 150-200
Bloodlust: ~350

Caution is not as necessary because nothing in solo content will oneshot you.
I can imagine tho that it would be easier to protect yourself when getting hits from packs in Al-Rihat. Concentration would work pretty well there too, but then again it's (mostly) aoe, so it builds up easier. That means you need less concentration to reach a big shield like you would for Group PVE DPS.
Difference is that for Group PVE DPS, you will do way more single target dps, meaning less dps output than aoe would do, and thus having a harder time to generate Concentration.

Bloodlust is needed to keep yourself alive when killing everything. Why not in Group content? Because that's where you'll have 95% of the time a support player. These supports supply you with a bonus bloodlust boost where you don't need to put stats into bloodlust, so you can focus on enlarging your survival capacities thanks to vitality.

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Tuesday, September 10th 2019, 12:52am

Offensive stats: Heroic astral

Critical Damage: 299 (including possible 40 stat boost from victory cross. F2p players, this is also including your class stat boost from holy weapon)
Double Attack: 120 (optional, suggested for long combat durations only)
Proficiency: 25%
Determination: 50%
Brutality: 25%

Offensive stats: Worldbosses

Critical Damage: 299
Double Attack: 120 (optional)
Brutality: everything you can put towards it
Determination: Everything else without touching brutality
Proficiency: leftovers

Brutality is prioritized here because combat duration is so long, that brutality will make insane numbers at some point, resulting in making it the fastest kill.

Offensive stats: Plain astral (ctrl+m, dungeons)

Critical Damage: 299
Determination: Everything you can put towards it,
Proficiency: Everything else without touching Determination
Brutality: nothing. You'll probably have some 90 or 120 from rubies, which is enough.

You don't need brutality for plain astrals because everything dies so fast, combat duration is not as long for brutality show it's worth.

The % means the total amount of stats you have leftover after distributing your Critical Damage and Double Attack. Again, this varies greatly as there are many theories, but that's explained/discussed in many different threads across the forum.
1 thing I can say for sure is that you need a reasonable combination of all stats. Pushing everything into Determination just because it gives the most % increase per stat will not work.

Critical Damage is your class stat. This means that this is the stat you focus yourself on. Critical Chance is irrelevant to us thanks to our rubies. They make sure everything crits that has to crit.

Double Attack is an optional stat you could take. As mentioned before, it's useful for long combat durations, such as hardmode observatory endbosses and world bosses.
The procs on Emerald Glow to restore double mana are glorious. Impactwise on our dps numbers is sadly non existant. Double Attack is mostly used for double procs on buffs, debuffs or class resources - mana for us.

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Tuesday, September 10th 2019, 12:00pm

Racial skills and World Mysteries

Racial skills

Racial skills share cooldowns, so it's important to know when to use which racial and why.

Ferocity is a great racial to combine with your King of the Beast.
Also good to keep kiters close to you. Again useful to apply cc's over time like on the yeti boss.
Effect: Chance on Snare or Knockdown (rng ftw) for each hit your pet does for 10s.
Class source: priden.

Jimson Weed:
A short cc for 3s disorient. One of the best Racial skilsl to have as DPS in heroic islands where you need to interupt cast bars on certain mobs.
Class source: Kanian.

Blood Trail:
Blood Trail is something I rarely use. It slows your target for 8s by 50% and applies a dot.
Could be useful for the yeti in heroic island in the frost cave, or when playing support 1v1 pvp druid build, but otherwise not that beneficial.
Class source: Orc.

Pestilent Herbs:
A pure poison based DOT. Not as good to use, because it would actually pull your DPS down. Uses a gcd while you could use other abilities dealing more dps for that same gcd.
Not advised to use at all.
Class Source: Xadaganian

Secret of the Animists:
I use this mainly for healing. It's a very strong heal at the cost of one gcd. Basically you can use it instead of your Sprout of Life but only once per minute.
Class source: Gibberling.

Which racial skill you got will depend on which race you picked to play. Pridens have different ones than kanains have, and kanians have different ones to xadaganians and orcs for example.
p2p: There is an item which you can buy for 100k gold near your faction leader that allows you to learn all racial skills in the game.
f2p: cashshop

My favourite racial skills to use are Secret of the Animists on heal and Jimson Weed on DPS.
You are free to try what you like but that's what grew on me :)
World Mysteries

World Mystery abilities unlock by completing quest chains from the game story. These are general ones like Tensess' Ressurection and Purification for all classes that can heal. Other classes get a charge/stun. We are a class that can heal so we got Purification.

Purification will be an ability that you should/will spam a lot. It removes any DOT or CC that's magic based. CC such as fear is magical, can be purified. CC like stun is physical based, so we cannot purify that.
Magical DOT's like fire dot's and damages over time that are NOT bleed effect, can also be purified.
Bleeds for example cannot be purified.

It's one of the best abilities in the game you can have as DPS and healer as it prevents you or allies from taking deadly damage and debuffs.
Best of all? Doesn't share global cooldown, no excuses not to use it!

Touch of Life:
Great ability to use in both heal and DPS roles. As DPS, I mainly use it to off-heal the tank in MOS or off-heal DPS role players in difficult PVE situations.
As a heal, I don't often use it unless to off heal someone while focusing back on my main targets. It's not something you should rely on as its power is based on your HP. So be sure to have stacked stamina and vitality if you decide to use it often.
Effect: Heals target by 10% of your HP for each second for a total of 5s.

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Tuesday, September 10th 2019, 12:14pm


Buffs are passive damage enhancers you can use or get during combat.
They are very important for DPS role players, so I thought I would point out the valuable ones to pay attention to.

Tonic of Concentration:
This is a potion you can craft with alchemy, or buy from other players. It increases your vigor by 1228 for 12s.
Duration can be extended thanks to Pilgrim's Crown, pushing it to 16s.
It's a major boost in numbers, wether healing or DPS'ing, make sure to be stocked on those!

Master Plan/Victory Hymn:
This is a buff applied by the Bard or Engineer. It's tricky to time them well since it completely depending on other players, but if used correctly, participates a fair amount to your DPS/heal output.
Effect: Increases Proficiency by 70, Determination by 70 and Brutality by 70 for 10s.

Red Alert:
This is an ability from the engineer, but again is giving a fair boost to take note of.
Up to 15% extra DPS output. An engineer can make the difference between your DPS being hero, or a zero.
Effect: Increases your health and damage dealt by 1% per stack. Stacks up once per second, up to 15 stacks.

Demonic Emblem of Assault:
This is your most reliable boost! It's the trinket you can get by burning keys in astral. Every so few keys, you get a fragment.
When combining 420 fragments, you receive the option to create 2 trinkets. One increasing vigor by 291, or the other increasing stamina.
Ofcourse we take vigor! Imagine combining all of these, seeing where I'm getting at?
Effect: Increases vigor by 291 for 15 seconds.

Victory Cross:
This is an artefact. Necessary to have as DPS role player. Nowadays, you're not considered a DPS without it.
Effect: Increases dmg output by 15%. Another 1% per player near you(12yards) up to 5% (party only). Another 10% for 6s when combat starts.

As you see, accumulating all your buffs can bring in some serious results. Practice them well and you'll see your numbers skyrocketing!
Nothing feels as good as being the best DPS of your party or top 2 of a raid.

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Sunday, September 22nd 2019, 5:09am

Final word
Thank you for sticking here if you managed to get here.
Hope you will become a better druid than you were already before and that you enjoyed my pictures as much I made them.
See when you I see you, in Smuggler's Paradise, League, Sarnaut.

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Monday, January 6th 2020, 2:52pm


liked it very much. nice work. Thank you. :thumbup:
Can you share the talent tree visually in-game ??


Saturday, May 2nd 2020, 12:31pm

liked it very much. nice work. Thank you. :thumbup:
Can you share the talent tree visually in-game ??

This is the talent tree exactly(?) :P

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