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Monday, September 9th 2019, 11:41pm



  • "DarkMatter" started this thread

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[PMB 10.1] Darkmatter's PvE dps Warden Build for rookies and not only (^_^)

.............. Hello dear people of Sarnaut! I am Darkmatter from Ascendancy guild.
I started to play Allods Online in Closed Beta times and was playing till 6.0 or dont remember what patch. I took part in 1st PimpMyBuild event and won it. After that I was chosen by administration to judge next PimpMyBuild and we did perfectly. Then I had holidays for 3 or so years, hehe, and now I started to play again. Our guild leading on Evolution server and our members rightfully considered one of best in game. Being in one guild together helps to improve skills, builds and general understanding of classes. And today we will talk about one of them - Wardens, reasons to pick, their pluses and minuses. Sit back more comfortably if you rookie or just planning to change class and lets start.

Warden is good PvE dps class. Also some people love pets and warden have one =)

if you want to do good damage and be helpfull in astral heroics or raids - warden can be your choice. After all being active in PvE is basis in game. You need to gear up your character and that will help you to be competitive in PvP.
Then we should start from explanation of PvE dps build, stats and everything related to it.
**By the way, if you just created warden, try to make right build from very beginning. So you wouldnt need to change it after getting max lvl - it will be done already.

New character, what to do next?
After we created char we can open Talent Tree window. Our skills stored here and our first mission is to get Aspect of Assault. As you can guess, Aspect of Assault is must have for dps build, so after lvling and getting new points we must move to it.
But also we need to take other skills that we will use in our dps rotation. In the end we will end like this:

First of all we must turn on and be sure that we have it turned on all the time 2 skills.
Already known Aspect of Assault and our cute pet! 1 rank is enough for pet, especially in PvE. There is no any difference except faster recall, but we dont really need it if we will keep pet alive (and its very easy to do).

Core of dps build is same, but some things can be taken depends of your play style or preferences. For example

Tree Bark can protect you from damage and 15% is better than 10%, especially if you dont have good defence or gear. But from other hand 10% should be enough in most of situations, at least on start.

Eye of Storm is our control skill. Musthave skill if you planning to do astral heroics to improve your gear. Heroics is hard challenge and mobs can kill anyone in party very easy. Thats why party members must take long control skills to control some mobs in pack while party killing non controllable ones. 2 rank is good if you get used to renew your control (30 secs not enough sometimes and need to use skill on same mob again to renew control effect). From other hand 3 rank is way better if you newbie or you dont want to waste additional secs for casting instead of dps other mobs.

Nature's Grip is our one of few aoe (area of effect, deals damage to everyone in area), so maybe better to take on 3 rank, but damage not big and its one of most important weakness of Warden - low aoe dps in general. We are strong in solo target dps, thats why Warden is good for raids or in astral heroics on bosses. Thats why you can spend talent points somewhere else. For example Tree Bark if you not enough defence.

Balance is not usual skill. It will be available after reaching 52 lvl and only if you equip Tears of the Dragon. You can buy some from special npc in capital of your fraction. Better tears makes skill more efficient.
But let come back to our Balance. This is our 3rd aoe skill, but problem in pretty long cd (cooldown). We will be able to use it very rarely, but in right moment it can help a lot and show great dps on packs of mobs. More mobs - more dps =))
Thats why from one side 1st rank is enough and from another better rank can extremely boost dps on packs.

On max lvl you will be able to spend 4 points more plus 1 after creating your personal allod, 5 in total. So what you will pick, what will be more suitable for you?

I think if we making dps build we should take as much dps as possible. Then it will be Roots (Nature's Grip) 3 rank and Balance 2 rank.

Also you will be able to get scrolls with additional talent points later from chests or buy from other ppl (+6 points). This will help you to take Tree Bark 3 rank and faster control or stronger Balance!

Also we took 2 non damage skills:
Secter Path is our escape skill. It helps a lot when fire or acid circles suddently appear under your feet and in other such situtaions. 1 rank is enough, would be great to have higher rank for smaller cooldown, but we lack talent points.

Holy Wrath stuns enemy for 3 secs. 2 reasons why 1 rank is enough - ranks only reduce cooldown and we just dont have free talends for it =)
But skill is super usefull and I would say musthave. In heroics one of most common mechanics is deadly shots of some mobs. When party trying to kill them they not stand still and trying to do something too. Most of such mobs cast their deadly skills for few seconds and you can see their cast bar when they preparing these skills. Right in this moment you need this stun skill! You can interupt this cast and save yourself or teammate from oneshot if you will be fast or will use it even before just for prevention.

Jimson Weed also usefull skill for fast control mobs in heroics. This skill so called racial skill that you cant pick in Talent Tree. Every different race have their own skill. This one from Druid warden.

But dont worry if you picked another race\fraction. You can buy special item from shop and get all racial skills of all different wardens! It stored in Shop -> Services -> Upgrades and called Page from the Book os Secrets. Jimson Weed is most usefull racial for my opinion, atleast in heroics.

2nd one is Ferocity from Trapper warden. It can knock down or immobilize enemy after each attack. Can be usefull in pvp if you go to check it. By the way, all racial skills have same cooldown, thats why you need to choice wisely what racial to use. In heroics with 50% chance better to not risk and use Jimson Weed.

Touch of Life not racial, but very usefull skill. You also cant pick it in Talent Tree. You will be able to get it after finishing one of World Mystery quest lines. Do quests, follow the story and you will get it also. You will be able to heal up yourself or any party member for 50% of your total HP. Pretty cool to have such skill and save yourself or friend in critical situation!

Also when you will max your character you will able to do special quest line for Reincarnation. It will be your new char chained to your main and you will be able to give some skills and use it on your main. For example Summoner can give Fear. It will be very usefull for fast control mobs in heroics same with Holy Wrath and Jimson Weed. Or you can lvl up Mage and take Flash for fast teleportation if Secret Path on cooldown. Or you can take Medical Emergency to dispel negative effects from whole party from Engineer.

And we discussed all important for us skills except main dps skills.
We have Poisonous Vine, Bee Swarm, Ugly Cloud (Thunder and Lightning), Tornado, Emerald Glow and Poisoned Thorn.

And two tear skills, same as Balance, but more effective for dps. King of Beasts increase damage and attack speed of your pet.
Master of Woods summon Treant with Bee Swarm, Thunder and Lightning skills 3 rank.
**All tear skills in new patch cant be casted in same time, thats why you need to cast them one by one whenever they available. Sometimes better to save tear skills and use on next hard pack or boss.

About skills we will talk later, how to use, when and why. For now I want to notice that all of them are range skills, except melee skill Poisoned Thorn (and looking ahead Thorn our most powerfull skill in dps build).
**In some situation if you not sure that you will survive during some special mechanics on some bosses it may be wise to stay away and use all skills except Thorn. Yes, dps will be lower without Thorn, but it will be atleast some dps. Dead ppl does no dps =))

Also Ugly Cloud and Thunder and Lightning is same replaceable skill. On low lvls you can use Ugly Cloud, but when you became high lvl and got Thunder and Lightning you should replace Ugly Cloud and dont use it anymore, only Thunder and Lightning.


Monday, September 9th 2019, 11:43pm



  • "DarkMatter" started this thread

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After 10 lvl you will be able to manage your Rubies. Need to treats with attention what rubies you use in your buildб because its very important and right rubies will make your char stronger. First I suggest to take stats rubies. It will help you to get advantage and will help to make quests and lvl up more comfortable.
Like that (you can open full picture by pressing on it)

We took rubies for stats, for 100% crits from some of our dps skills and for Vigor. Explainable choice - more stats gives more profit, especially on start.
When you will reach max lvl and will get rubies from main quest line raids you will be able to finish your Rubies build.

As you can see 2nd rubie grid is empty. All rubies are related to healer build and we dont need any of them for dps.

Let see what we took except stats rubies in 1st and 3rd grids and what for.

Crit chance and dmg increased by elements.
Posion Expert and Thunderer in 1st rubies grid increase our damage of posion and lightning elements. All skills are belong to a certain type of damage. We have skills with only these 2 types of damage. Thats why taking these rubies we increasing our dps.
Summer Storm (1st grid), Forest Keeper, Deadly sprigs and Eye of the Storm (all in 2nd grid) very very usefull rubies. They help us to save a lot of stats on crit chance. And even more, crit chance stats will give less than 50% chance and here we have all these skills with 100% crit chance!

Increased damage.
Merciless storm makes Tornado aoe skill! Exactly what we was needed! Atleast we have something to do aoe on packs in astral. Wild Bees makes Bee Swarm damage target each 1 sec, not 2 like before!
Adder's Tooth increase dmg of Poisoned Thorn for crazy 40%! Devastated Nest apply Bee Swarm on every enemy in range of Nature's Grip. It makes our aoe dps even more, like you cast Bee Swarm on every mob 1 after 1 but instantly and in same time.

Usefull rubies.
Circulation restore your mana, so you will be able to dps without any pause. But you need to have Raging Storm effect on you to get it. Also Raging Storm rubies usefull itself, because allow you to cast Emerald Glow instantly. You can spend this time period by casting other skills, which makes your dps bigger.
We also took usefull rubies in 3rd grid. Bee Fury increase duration of Bee Swarm.
With Mountain Wild you can cast skills while moving, which very helpful in heroics when you need to avoid aoe from bosses or mobs.
Accelerated Growth allow you to cast Nature's Grip instantly! With Devastated Nest rubie it makes this skill more profit.
Spiritual Connection insrease mana passive mana regeneration, also it regens it after each pet's attack or some of yours attacks. With this rubie and Circulation you will have always 100% mana and can dps as long as needed.
Life Balance is last rubie in this group, but its very interesting one because its usable skill. You can save your life or save tank in heroics if he will be about to die. Just use Life Balance and it will balance all HP in group equally - person with low HP will get it boosted.

And now we reached most important and interesting group of rubies. These rubies allow you to boost one skills by others. Let read them carefully and imagine that we making connected skill combinations with them. How do we use them, what combinations we can make? Lets find out together.

For example, in 1st grid Windcatcher rubies increses dmg of Tornado for 20% and also speeds up Tornado by 100% if we cast it after Poisonous Vine. So we should use Tornado always after Poisonous Vine to get our boost. Also it can help to aoe packs faster, combo Vine-Tornado allow to cast Tornados 2 times faster.
Triple Trouble apply positive buff after Bee Swarm and increses all our dmg by 12% for 10 secs! That means we need to use Bee Swarm first to get buff and to improve all our next skills.
Natural Abundance apply buff after using any poison skill and we will get +40% dmg on our lightning skills (Thunder and Lightning, Tornado, Emerald Glow). But wait, Bee Swarm is poison skill and we already have Triple Trouble. By using Bee Swarm we make work both rubies boosts. And need to use some lightning skill right after to get this boost.
Dancing Flashes apply another buff after Tornado skill fades. When you have Dancing Flashes active you can do additional damage to target by using any lightning skill. We have 2 left - Thunder and Lightning or Emerald Glow. That means we need to use one of them after Tornado. It start to remind real skills rotation! For now we have "Poisonous Vine-Tornado-another lightning skill" and somewhere before them 1st Bee Swarm-lightning skill.
**Also need to notice important moment - this additional damage from Dancing Flashes can be increased by 4% for every 10 crit damage stats. That means more crit damage stats we have - more additional damage will be done.
Fury of Elements increases damage of Emerald Glow by 15%, but only when Raging Storm is active. It activates just by casting other range skills, so basicly Emerald Glow must be in the end of rotation.
In 3rd grid we have 3 boosting rubies.
Forest Keeper good rubie, it was in 1st group and its here. It not only add 100% crit chance of Poisoned Thorn, but also increase dmg of Poisoned Thorn by 30% if you deal dmg to already poisoned target. Hm, that means we need to use it after Bee Swarm or Poisonous Vine probably.
Explosive Mixture boost two Piosonous Vines by 50% if you cast Vine after Bee Swarm. We already decided to cast Bee Swarm 1st, good to know that our decidion was right.
Stringing Death boost Bee Swarm dmg by 100% af you cast it after Emerald Glow. Hmm, but Bee Swarm must be 1st and our all other rubies ask us to do so. Emerald Glow way later, because it must be applied on Raging Storm buff and maybe need to use it after Tornado? What if Emerald Glow stay last skill in rotation and then, when we will repeat it, we will start with Bee Swarm? Bee Swarm will be right after Emerald Glow.

So what we got in the end? "Bee Swarm-some lightning skill" for Natural Abundance and "Poisonous Vine-Tornado-Emerald Glow"? We still have Thunder and Lightning, which we can use after Bee Swarm because it our last not used lightning skill and we need to put Poisoned Thorn after any posion skill, Bee or Vine, let say it will be Vine.
Now we got easy and effective rotation, when all skills boost other skills and eachother:
Bee Swarn-Thunder and Lightning-Poisonous Vine-Poisoned Thorn-Tornado-Emerald Glow and repeat again from beginning.

It maybe looks a bit complicated because all these new buffs or names, but its pretty interesting and after some time you might be want to think about new combinations and rotations. Maybe u will make better one, more complicated or more elegant. Its up to you =)

But lets back to our rubies.
With additional rubies scrolls and all raids finished we will have more rubies than we used right now. What we should to take?

Helpfull rubies.
Sharp Thorns insreases damage of Narute's Grip, may be usefull, but only if you have free rubies.
Thicket decreases movement speed of enemies in range of Nature's Grip and Grasping Roots immobilize them. Can be usefull in heroics but not like musthave.
Life Balance can be improved to rank 2 with lower cd time and you will be able to use it more often if you needed.
And last one is Protective Circle rubie. Usable skill too. Surrounds you with barrier that absorbs 40% of damage. Pretty good to use on some boss phases when you need protection, but consumes a lot of mana and cant be keeped active for long. From all of these rubies Protective Circle most usefull for my opinion. Second place share Life Balance rank 2 and Grasping Roots.

**full build link$uj0cob7g6j…m1k385g::13ydj3

Finally our build is ready. We also learned how and when to use skills.

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Monday, September 9th 2019, 11:44pm



  • "DarkMatter" started this thread

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And now time to check our stats. Combination of right talents, rubies, rotation of skills and stats can unleash potential of our build. Thats why stats very important too.

On low lvls you dont need to think about stats, just need to keep them balanced. On max lvl after getting your first set of gear you need to change stats to adjust them to your build.
Since we have PvE dps build we need to get atleast 250 Critical Damage (or more if you want to use +4% from each 10 Crit damage). If you remember we dont need crit chance because we took it in rubies, just damage to increase our crits. We need 250 Double attack to make more damage from additional hit, even if it does only half of damage, still additional damage.
Main 3 stats (proficiency, determination, brutality) we must distribute like 2-2.5 parts for Prof, 3-4 parts for Brut and rest in Deter. For example if we have 200 prof, we need to put into Brut 300-400 stats. If you dont have enought Deter you should use alchemy potions and Elixirs for Deter to have it more than 600 or even more if you can.
**items to change stats in your gear you can get from Shop -> Services -> Equipment or from Group Search (ctrl+M) or buy from Auction house.

For defence important stats are Caution, Concentration and Vitality ofcourse. Caution massively decrease damage on you after your HP drops lower than 40%. Will be enough 250 caution, but not less, max 300.
Concentration surrounds you with sheild that absorbs 40% of damage. But shield's strength grows only when you actively dps mobs or boss and drops if you not. Again, 250-280 will be enough.
And rest stats need to invest into Vitality for more Health. You can also take some Bloodlust to heal up yourself a bit, but only on items where you cant take vit and you already have enough caution or concentration.

Thats it, our build is ready. Heroics and raids awaits!

But you will ask what about PvP? Sadly, but its another minus of warden. Assault aspect is not really competitive in PvP.
Alternative option is to make healer build. But in this season of game healers not so monstrous as they was before. Especially if you not max geared or have many shop scrolls, high runes.
Thats why you have 2 ways - you can try to do PvP activities in Assault aspect hiding behind your more powerfull teammates and dps enemies like mobs in astral =)) Or try to became good healer.

As bonus I will add healer build too. Just in case if you would like to try it =))

First of all healer build have another skills and uses 2nd rubie grid that wasnt taken in dps build. Aslo different stats, basically its 2 different characters and 2 different playing styles.
Also you need to change stats for more Brutality and less Deter. Like 2.5-3 Prof, 2-2.5 Deter and rest in Brut. Also dont forget to get Crit Damage and Double Attack 250 stats each and atleast 300-350 Swiftness to make your skills available faster.
For better def need to make 300 Caution, 250 Survivability for more effective heals. Also needed 250 Physical protection to save you from phys element classes (war, psi). And rest in Vitality ofcource)

As you can see in 1st grid we just took rubies for stats. 2nd almost fully taken because almost all rubies here usefull for our healer. In 3rd grid we taking def, heals, slow and other kind of control.

Our main mission is to keep Rejuvenation, Healing Mist and Unity both from 2nd grid active on us or healed target. Refreshing Dew use on everyone who u can reach. Also need to use whenever its available Bloom and our all good known Nature's Grip under feet. Nature's Grip with rubies from 2nd grid now boosting our heals for 30%! Also when you have bad feelings or you got focused by many enemies you should use Tree Bark and Protective Circle asap. Secret Path helps to teleport from annoying melee enemies.
Dont forget to use our World Mystery, racial and other skills that we already mentioned before.

Thats all, folks!
Warden is good dps class with easy entry in PvE, hard in PvP, with interesting combinations and faithful pet.
If you have any questions feel free to ask. You can find me on Evolution server, guild Ascendancy (Nezeb), Darkmatter.
See ya.


Monday, September 9th 2019, 11:53pm



  • "DarkMatter" started this thread

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Tuesday, September 10th 2019, 9:13am



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As bonus I will add healer build too.

DarkMatter FH when? lmao

Thats a great build, good luck!

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