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[PMB 10.1] Remilia's PvP pure fire mage

Hello, I'm a player from Smugglers' Paradise server (P2P) and this is my PvP mage build.
mage has always been my go-to damaging class for PvP, even before on old allods, it's very fun.
I'll be explaining my rubies' choice, and why I took them.
Mage's resources are called elements, you can have 5 points from each element, certain abilities give you 1 point on a specific element, like how Firebolt gives you 1 fire point. and certain abilities use those points to do more damage like Explosion, disintegration, etc.

some abbreviations I'll use in this guide :

DoT : damage over time
AoE : Area of effect (skills that do damage in an rea)
* : Important rubies, has to be taken.
# : Optional rubies, can be taken if you possess an excess amount of rubies.

Our main aspect for PvP, it's what makes us survive much more damage than aspect of assault, allows us to debuff enemies.

First of all, let's get into stats.

~ Offensive ~

(1) : 300 Double attack
(2) : 250 Elemental Damage and put the rest on proficiency
(3) : for each 100 proficiency, you should have 85 brutality if possible (Elemental damage should behave like proficiency, so if you have 100 proficiency, and 300 elemental damage, you should have 340 brutality, etc)

~ Defensive ~

(1) : 350 caution
(2) : 250 X damage resistance
(3) : rest into vitality

Sometimes you will face strong players who play classes that have a certain damage type, if you are VS a strong player that plays as mage, you put 250 points into elemental resistance stat, which will protect you a lot from his damage, and physical protection from physical classes, etc.

Talents and rubies :

I'm not going to explain talents individually, as they speak for themselves. but for the sake of grouping, we have 3 types of talents :
(1) offensive
(2) defensive
(3) utility
Rubies in-depth :

those rubies are a must, the stats are too good to pass.

increases your fire damage by 15%, also gives you 1 stack of rapid sorcery every 3 seconds, and 1 fire point every 10 seconds in combat.

Incredible AoE skill that damage enemies around you with a high damaging blast, use it when close to a target to do massive damage to them.

A DoT and AoE skill that lasts for 6 seconds, and applies the debuff Vulnerability (which increases the damage that target receives by 25%) for 4.5 seconds.
the most important aspect of this skill is the 30% heal, when you use this skill, you can choose to use it again before it ends to do a good amount of damage in an area, and heal yourself by 30% of the enemies' health.
increases your Explosion damage by 30%, take it immediately.
increases your Fireball damage by 30%, take it immediately.
if double attack occurs by your explosion, the target and enemies around him in an AoE will suffer a high amount of damage that's the same as Volcano's explosive damage.
Increases your fire and lightning damage by 15%, we don't use lightning, but the fire damage increase is too good to pass on.
Every time your fire skills damage the enemy, the target gets a debuff that increases any damage they take from you by 1% per stack, for a maximum of 10. if Double attack happens, the target will get 2 stacks from the attack that triggered double attack.
Mage is a glass cannon class, which means they do an astonishing amount of damage, but are quite squishy and can die easily if they don't react fast with shields. This ruby assures that you will take more hits before dying, 21% damage reduced from all sources is good, take it.
using flash lightning increases your movement speed by 35% for the skill's duration, it's quite great, if you have rubies to spare, learn this one.

every time you cast Fireball or Firebolt, they have a 20% chance to give you the Harmony effect, which allows you to cast any fire spell that uses fire points without using fire points, the cooldown at max rank is 12 seconds, decent ruby.

Every time you damage an enemy with firebolt, you get 1 fire point, this is your main source of gaining fire points, learn this ruby.
Every time you cast Firebolt, you get 1 stack of rapid sorcery effect, which reduces your Fireball cast time by 33% per stack (3 stacks = 100% cast time reduction ) with double attack, you have a chance to gain 2 stacks of rapid sorcery per 1 Firebolt cast, very good ruby.
Increases all of your elemental damage by 40%, and additionally by 5% for every 100 points gained of double attack. this ruby is a must, learn it.

100 Double attack = 45% Elemental damage
200 Double attack = 50% Elemental damage
300 Double attack = 55% Elemental damage

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Increases the maximum number of fire points you can store, up to 5 points at max level of this ruby, learn it.

This ruby reflects 21% of all damage you take while you're under Mystic barrier effect, a decent ruby, but not a must.


While you are under flash lightning effect, you are immune to all movement speed reduction skills, this is important, especially vs classes that like to pin you down like paladin.


this is one of your most important rubies. gives you everything you need, 20%+ fire damage, and allows casting fire spells without moving.

~ Rotation and strategy ~

(1) : 1-3 fire bolts
(2) : trial by fire
(3) : fireballs (until all stacks of rapid sorcery are consumed)
(4) : Explosion spam

Those skills should bait the enemy to use their shield, if they do, wait the duration to run out, then follow-up with those :

(1) : Flash lightning (damage boost)
(2) : Flash into almost melee range
(3) : Supernova
(4) : Disintegration

Volcano should only be used when you need to recover your HP

~ Racial skills ~

My favorite racial skill, of the Xadaganian specialists, a shield unlike any other.

That's it for this guide, thank you for reading and hope you have a great day!

Special thanks to :

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little question, this build Works well to Leveling? i'm lv10
Sonnelicht, Healer
AJMacalucius, Bard
EJMacalucius, Warrior

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