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Saturday, September 21st 2019, 12:20am

[PMB 10.1] Pasidaips's PVE Warrior Guide [WIP]

-- Submit information--
Username: pasidaips
Server: Smuggler's paradise, p2p
Guild: Avarice, Leaque

-- Introduction --

Hello, my name is pasidaips and i come from a long line of warriors. I currently play on Smuggler's paradise (for the past 4 months) and during that time i had the time to master many arts. Warrior is a fun class and I decided to make a pve build due to heavy nerfs to cc that happened in the recent patch. For pve though it remained mostly unchanged and can reign as a top dps (damage per second) dealer of the legendary patch. One of the favourite abilities is turtle which makes me survive up to 7 million hits easily! And even twice if I am quick enough.

In the posts below i will explain all the needed tools to make u into the finest of the warriors. From various stats to rotations and builds that are a needed tool for survival in the epic world of Allods!

-- Artifacts --

Well first of all remembering to put on your ASPECT OF ASSAULT. Other than that artifacts which can be a grindy process.

Even though damage and survival (less imporant due to warrior being super tanky) should be your first concern, if you wish to progress further and faster in the game i recommend getting GRAIL OF AWAKENING to level2. Reason being that it gives you 20% more elixirs from (almost all) sources and over time it can pile up to a nice stash.

That said you will want to make victory cross as high as possible. EAch additional level will increase your passive damage, but on top of that u get important effects. Rank2 is probably best one as it gives you 40 of your main stat! Third level can mean alot as there are bosses that do constant damage, or on which you can stand in some "aoe" dot circles to further increase your damage (Don't stand in red ones only as those tend to oneshoot). Other than that you will probably try to aim for rank5 victory cross until u finally level it to level 10 (which only gives passive bonus up to total of 25% damage).

I have listed all of the artifacts and their bonuses, do mind that passives increase with each level and artifacts can go beyond rank 5 (up to 10). Pilgrim's crown is a recommended secondary artifact for the dps (damage per second) as it's 4th rank increases duration of elixirs making your tonic of concentration last longer and allowing you for longer bursts.

Victory cross:
Passive bonus: Damage dealt +15% at rank 5

1: Upon entering combat, you receive the Striving for Victory effect which increases all your damage dealt and reduces all incoming damage by 10% for 6 seconds.
2: Dealing damage increases your main offensive stat by 5 (up to 40). Duration of the effect: 2 seconds.
3: Incoming damage increases your damage by 1% (up to 10%). This effect can be triggered once per second.
Duration of the effect: 3 seconds.
5: Victory March: Damage dealt is increased by 1% (up to 5%) for each party member within a 12-yard radius

Codex of life:
Passive Bonus: Outgoing healing increased by +15% at level 5

1: When a character in your group dies, you receive the Tensess’ Grace effect, which allows you to cast Gift of Tensess instantly. When the target resurrects, it receives a shield equal to 25% of their maximum health.
2: When taking damage that exceeds 30% of their maximum health, the bearer gains the Principle of Survival effect, which heals them for 30% of their maximum health over 5 seconds. Can be applied only once every 90 seconds.
3: When health level of one of your party members drops below 40%, the artifact bearer gains the Principle of Preservation effect for 4 seconds. This effect enhances the outgoing healing by 15%. Can be triggered once every 60 seconds.
4: Principle of Prediction: While in combat, every 10 seconds the artifact bearer surrounds every party member within an 8-yard radius with a barrier, equal to 10% of their maximum health. This barrier does not stack with barriers cast by other characters, get refreshed only once every 10 seconds and absorbs 50% of oncoming damage. Effect lasts 15 seconds.
5: Principle of Unity, active ability: the bearer sets up a link with one of their party members. 50% of the healing dealt to the linked ally, returns to the healer. The link can be broken manually. It fades upon death of one of the two characters. Cooldown 120 seconds.

Unity Trigetium:
Passive bonus: Support efficiency +10% at rank 5

1: Dispelling a negative effect from a party member grants them the United in Hardships effect. This effect protects them from the following negative effect that can be dispelled. Can be triggered once every 30 seconds.
2: Dealing damage over time (non-area damage) applies the Unity in Sorrow effect to enemy characters which reduces the target’s incoming healing by 2% (up to 20%) for 4 seconds. The effect is shared and accumulated by all beaters of the artifact. One bearer can apply the effect only once per second.
3: All enemies within 40 yards of the artifact bearer have Unity in Pain applied to them: dispelling a positive effect from an enemy additionally deals damage equal to 4% of their maximum health. This effect can be triggered only once per second against player characters or once every 30 seconds against creatures and monsters.
4: Dealing area damage applies the United in Happiness effect, which increases area damage they take from all sources by 1% (up to 10%) for 4 seconds. The effect is shared and accumulated by all bearers of the artifact. One bearer can apply the effect only once per second.
5: Dealing area damage applies the United in Death effect to victims which increases area damage they tale from all sources by 1% (up to 10%) for 4 seconds. The effect is shared and accumulated by all bearers of the artifact.

Dragon Aspis :
Passive bonus: Incoming damage -10% at rank 5

1: Using Marty’s Gift of any rank grants you the Aegis of Light effect which reduces all incoming damage by 10% for 6 seconds.
2: As long as you’re standing still, you accumulate the Dragon’s Patience effect, which reduces incoming damage by 1% (up to 6%). While moving, you accumulate the Dragon’s Flight effect, which increases incoming healing by 1% (up to 6%). This work only in combat.
3: Using any defensive ability applies the Dragon’s Blessing effect, which increases all incoming healing by 20% for 4 seconds. Can be activated only once in 12 seconds.
4: Victory Aegis: when your health drops below 25% you receive a shield equal to 25% of your maximum health for 3 seconds. Can be activated only once in 5 minutes.
5: Dragon’s Heart: Incoming damage is reduced by 1% (up to 5%) per each party member within a 20-yard radius.

Pilgrim's crown:
Passive bonus: Increases movement speed by 15% at rank 5

1: Cooldown duration of all teleportation abilities is reduced by 15%
2: Using any teleportation ability grants you the Inertia effect which increases your movement speed by 20% for 3 seconds.
3: Using Marty’s Guidance of any rank grants the Exhilaration effect for 4 seconds. While the effect is active, the character’s preparation and casting time is increased by 20%.
4: Increases the duration of alchemical potions and tonics by 33%.
5: An incoming slowing effect will instantly remove all other slowing effects and grant immunity to them for 3 seconds. Works only once in 20 seconds.

-- Changes since the last patch --

Alot of control effect nerfs. On average around 30% decrease in duration. While it can be felt in PVE, it mostly matters for PVP so I will not be covering it for this PMB and who knows, they might renerf us back to the days of glory and chain cc!
It is up to you and your playstyle so don't listen to anyone telling you you are wrong. Here we are going for maximum deebz and survival only!

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Saturday, September 21st 2019, 1:10am

-- Stat Points explanation--

Gear bound stats: They can be gained from limited sources including: dragon relics, all gear, vigor tonic also called tonic of concentration and "Dark Emblem of Assault" that activates every minute while in combat
Vigor : Main damage multiplier. You should always try to get it as high as possible as it is the most important stat

Stamina : same as Vigor but for health. In my opinion scales very bad and is not that significant

Main stats
: There is six main stats, their maximum capacity is 1000 after which they start giving less value per stat point

Proficiency : It is one of three main offensive stats. Each 10 points into it increase your damage by flat 1%. It is recommended to have at least 160-300 for pve purposes (300 only at top gear). You can gain 40 proficiency through daily pots, crafted,

Determination : Similar to proficiency but depends on your ability to deal constant damage. While the special bar under your health is filled (if possible over 90%) each 10 stat of determination will provide 1.5% higher damage at 100% of the bar (1.35% if u keep the bar at 90%) which makes it more valuable than proficiency. It requires you to keep attacking as to be able to keep it up and if you can't keep it up to at least above 70% at all times it is not worth it. Other than that it can provide huge value to your damage.

Brutality : The lower your enemy hp is the more damage you will deal. Out of all the offensive stats this one has the highest potential. It truly shines when there are long boss fights (world bosses, observatory) but for heroics/astral it can be kept low as bosses are usually bursted down quite fast.

Vitality: Increases your effective health. Each point into it can help you survive more damage, and it scales very good with some defensive items and artifacts BUT be sure you have maxed other important stats first (for example Caution, explained below)

Willpower: You should never invest points here. It is used mainly for pvp and it is only active after you use your anti control effect skill (martyrs protection).

Bloodlust : Never too much bloodlust. U mainly won't use it for heroics, observatory or any group content but for any solo content it is a must have. Stealing health from the damage you deal is a game changer.

Special stats: These stats are capped at 250-300 after which they start giving less value per stat

Critical chance : Useless stat for warrior due to him having enough critical hits through rubies

Critical damage : Should keep it around 300 so you get maximum value per stat point. Makes u deal more damage per critical hit

Double attack : Some people use it but is a waste of stats imo. IF you learn how to manage your stat spending you won't need the additional forces it can generate. Double attack gives a chance to do double hit (that is also 50% weaker). Due to the second hit having same properties as the main attack it can generate more combat advantage.

Physical damage : Should have it at 250 due to all your skills being physical. One of the rare classes that can use it to full potential.

Other offensive stats : Nothing notable as you use none of them.

Caution : Should be kept at 300. It acts as a shield when you drop below 40% of hp. All the damage gained above 40% will account for when u take damage below 40%. Due to warriors natural resistances and rubies this is IMPORTANT stat to have.

Concentration : Keep it at around 120 as warrior has high instant burst and can fill up the shield in one attack. Each attack creates a barrier around you that absorbs 40% of the incoming damage. Strength of the barrier (its effective HP) heavily depends on your own hp

Other defensive stats : Not many to mention, but elemental or physical resistance can be used if you have leftover stats. Do not worry though warrior is like a tank and can survive wonders so it doesn't matter really.

-- Stats, role and rotation--

Warrior role : Warrior is a pretty simple class when it comes to dps it needs not more than 4 buttons!, main difficulty comes in staying close range (near the tank) and avoid frontal AOE cones and other deadly things that might come his way. Thankfully warrior is so tanky that the only way you can die is by spinning into a pack of mobs by clicking "spin-to-win" by mistake and having a german tank write your letter into his book.

Rotation :
  • Jagged slice
  • Blow
  • Fracture
  • Deadly lunge

Only thing you have to care about is to maintain the proper balance of using your energy for blow and fracture while keepin in mind that you should always use blow when possible and when there is enough energy for it. Deadly lunge is the true dps but it is limited by cooldown so whenever it is out of cooldown keep spamming that button and watch your dps fly!.

Keep an eye on your trinket, but don't waste your dps by waiting for the proc. Once it happens wait until deadly lunge cooldown is almost there and pop vigor potion, use dragon relic amulet that gives u 5% more vigor and hit the boss. Even wardens will struggle to keep up with you now that summoner tear skills are nerfed to ground. Laugh at them and casually dps after while looking at them struggle.

Additional tips: If you happen to obtain victory cross rank 5, try to stay as close to other people as possible so you get 1% dps increase per person next to you. Due to your tankiness there are some dots which don't hurt you as much as other classes (poison pools in heroics for example). By standing in them you can outheal the damage while gaining additional damage because of third rank of victory cross. Successful warrior is a warrior that passes the allod. Don't forget that (even tho it is nerfed with this patch) you still have a might arsenal of control effects. Keep ccing the mobs if u doubt your engineer being able to keep up. Don't wipe because you kept them or was too lazy to use them and later blame your engi. Be adaptible!

  • 300 proficiency
  • 400+ determination
  • 300 brutality
  • 300 critical damage
  • 300 caution
  • 120 concentration

In case of raids, put a bit more brutality, but never have it more than 100 difference from determination (for example determination 600 and brutality max 500). You can also lower proficiency by 50-100 stats

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Saturday, September 21st 2019, 1:11am

-- Build grids --

This build encompasses maximum damage while requiring least concentration. By using the abovementioned rotation it will yield unimaginable results making u the top warrior. Just be careful because other people can also see this build and then only skill matters. The only advantage you can have then is to start using it as soon as possible so you get used to it, making you advance further.


First grid

Second grid

Third grid

-- Reincarnation skills --

Reincarnations skill are nerfed bad since some patches ago. There are still some that are viable tho, depending on what is your goal. Be careful because you can only use one at a time, so which one you pick mostly depends on your game style and also depends on your gear.

Flash (Mage): A distance closer skill, or damage avoidance. as a melee your tank will safely charge from a distance while u are forced to walk to the boss (or mob pack). Using charge would snare them and potentially oneshoot someone from your party. Flash has no obstacles. Flash in there and hit it first!

Blood Aegis (Summoner): You are a warrior but you are still not immortal. 20% damage reduction on five hits can be that little help that makes a difference when your tank gets randomly one shot. Prove your might!

Medical Emergency (Engineer): Prove that you can use ... 5 buttons! There is no emergency when warrior is nearby. You know those tricky mobs that try to oneshoot the whole party with their dots. Your engineer is a slacker? No fear. Warrior got it handled! It provides an aoe dispel for the whole party, and it can save lives on multiple ocassions.

-- Conclusion --

Warrior is a fun class. While it lacks aoe, it looks ridiculous when it spins (rarely wins). Its a pure single target machine ready to tear appart heroic and raid bosses alike. While it doesn't require 300 iq to press the buttons needed for rotations it is still demanding enough so you can't "mash random buttons". If you like to be first and you like to feel tanky this is a perfect fit for you. If you wanna feel like a melee mage you can "remove" the rubies which give u resistances and tankiness and get one shot in various activites.

Hope u had as much fun reading as i had writing it and hope to see some more warriors till the next patch!

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