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Monday, September 23rd 2019, 2:55am

[PMB 10.1] Xadtt's PvE DPS Bard build

Hello there! I am Xadtt, a bard player and a newcomer to smuggler's paradise and to the guild Avarice. When I initially picked up the class I thought it was kind of janky but I came to like it a lot! Bard is a super easy class to learn and quite effective in PvE, although it might not be the strongest class it can still hold it's own. I decided to share a bit of knowledge and personal thoughts I have about the class and hope that it'll be worth your while!

Table of contents

1 Talent overview
1.1 Abilities
1.2 Rubies
2 Rotation
3 Stats

1. Talent overview

Here I will go over all of the useful abilities I use playing bard. I will not include reincarnation skills as they are up to the player and have different uses depending on the scenario. Most of the abilities have important rubies tied to them and those will be discussed in the next section. It's also not my intention to go in-depth into the abilities themselves as it would make for arduously long texts.

This is the build

1.1 Abilities

Disharmony is the bread and butter for the bard to function properly. Innately it increases tempo by 1 however with a few rubies you can get multiple tempos at once. If you are a real mad man you can also invest in Double Attack to fill your entire tempo bar at once.

Solo increases the duration of your etudes. Again with rubies you can get 3 stacks at once allowing you to use solo's effect throughout your rotation.

Dancing blades is a short channeled ability that allows, thanks to rubies, singing blade to deal more damage. It's also the ability you use with Requiem to deal a TON of damage to all enemies around the target.

Singing blade deals damage over time for a brief duration and with rubies it will empower flying blade.

Flying blade is the final ability used in the rotation and it too deals damage over time thanks to a ruby.

Requiem is used to deal damage to multiple enemies around the target. Used most effectively with Dancing Blade.

Victory Hymn should be used in the beginning of combat as it increases proficiency, determination, and determination by 70.

Tunes of War either increases a party member's damage by 20% or decreases damage dealt by an enemy by 40%. It's a strong buff to be combined with Victory Hymn.

Resonance Barrier is the go-to ability to use when you need damage reduction and can be combined with Ghost Shield to create a barrier of sound penetrable only by the most skilled of soloists.

Ghost shield protects you or a party member by a shield that absorbs 60% of incoming damage which works wonders with Resonance Barrier.

Sonata purifies all of your party members instantly once and then two times over 4 seconds. Every time it removes a negative effect it grants a random positive effect to the player.

Lullaby is a 30 second long sleep that only works on enemies with 90% or more health. It has a long cast time however it can be prepared in advance which is helpful.

Romance pulls the selected target towards your position.

Overture is used to remove buffs from enemies, quite useful in some raids/ heroics.

Expression is the only useful tear-skill for PvE. It disorients all enemies around you and deals damage over time. It's only really used for mass crowd control.

Sudden Strike is one of the race abilities and a simple 3 second knock down.

Deterrence is another racial ability and it makes the enemy target frightened for 2 seconds.

Foul Trick is yet another useful racial ability that causes the enemy target to be unable to use abilities for 3 seconds.


Monday, September 23rd 2019, 12:12pm

1.2 Rubies

First page

All of the rubies in the first page is spent on necessary passives. Although there are passives that increases quality of life they're not taken for the simple fact that damage and survivability is more important. However there will be a few exceptions to this paradigm.

9% increase in vigor should be a no-brainer to pick.

Tunes of chaos is one of the passives that allows for multiple tempos to be gained at once. It also scales with Critical Damage which will be considered in the stat distribution.

Brutality, like vigor, is an important stat to have and as such is a no-brainer to choose.

Improvisation is the second passive that allows for multiple tempos to be gained at once.

Increased critical damage is useful for any dps, as long as they deal critical strikes of course.

Omens of death. A great passive which is applied to the enemy after an etude has been used on them. It increases the damage and critical damage of Disharmony.

Tunes of Destruction increases physical damage which means Disharmony and Solo gains more damage.

Raw damage increase is never something to scoff at. 14% is pretty neat but not something you necessarily need as soon as possible. If you don't have the rubies you should wait before spending them on this passive.

Sonata is a great mass purify that can and probably will come in handy.

Dynamic Performance is the one case where quality of life is worth it. One point in this passive allows you to move with Ghost Shield which is amazing. Definitely something to invest in if you feel you can't stand still.

Second page

Similar to the first page this page also only take the important passives and neglect the less useful ones.

Primo allows Solo to stack up to 3 in one use which incidentally allows us to cast all necessary etudes in the rotation whilst only casting Solo once. Great.

Requiem is our go to area of effect ability and with Funeral Lament we can increase the efficacy of Requiem and gain 2 more stacks of the effect at the same time.

Dagger Waltz is a fantastic combination with Requiem and dancing Blade. It gives you a stack of an effect that increases Dancing Blades damage anytime you use a chord(Disharmony). It stacks up to three times which works well with Requiem.

Since Flying Blade is the last ability used in the rotation why not give it a damage over time effect as compensation?

The primary effect is pretty much useless to us. However it does decrease damage taken which is nice. Since it's a niche passive I elected to take one point from it and put it into Dynamic Performance.

Deadly notes is another great damage increase. All your etudes deal more damage and now also only deal disease damage.

High Frequencies increases the Natural Damage dealt, which means even more damage to etudes.

Dance of Passion increases the damage of your next Flying Blade after having used Singing Blade.

Passionate Song increases the damage of your next Flying Blade after having used Singing Blade.
Creative, I know.

Now the obligatory stamina passive that everyone should take.

You're a Free Musician and as such you shouldn't be restrained! This allows you to zoom past your enemies when using etudes on them. That is, you can move, and at an increased pace, while channeling etudes.

Etudes need lots of love and as such we give them 100% increased critical chance.

Third page

Although this page is basically a support page there are still some good passives to take.

If you were wondering where the third stamina ruby went, it's here.

This passive literally decreases damage taken. Take my money.

Tunes of War is a great buff to have when you want to burst. Combined with Victory Hymn you can deal lots of damage.


Monday, September 23rd 2019, 4:16pm

2. Rotation

Single target

Bard has one of the simplest rotations possible. It's almost as simple as 123...45.

The raw rotation looks like this:
Disharmony until full temp

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Friday, November 22nd 2019, 2:32pm

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