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25. 09. 2019, 13:50

[PMB 10.1] Mayhem's Scout PvE Guide


Hello and welcome to my guide!
My name is Mayhem, I play on the Evolution server in the guild Monsters Inc.
I have experience with every class in the game, but I share a close bond with the Scout class and
decided to make a guide for this class above any other.
I hope you will find my guide useful and that you learn something new. Perhaps it can inspire you to try the class yourself.

Scout Roles

Scout’s can choose between two roles: Aspect of Assault for Damage and Aspect of Defense for Tanking.
The class is currently in a very good state in terms of damage for both PvE and PvP content and recently received a massive damage increase for Shooter stance (will come back to this later).

It’s a very easy class to learn and offers great utility for group with crowd control abilities. The class has a balanced damage output in both single target and AoE (Area of Effect, will only be referred to as AoE rest of guide) and can stay relevant on the damage meter in both categories. I will describe the rotations for both later in the guide.

My guide will take focus on PvE content with Aspect of Assault. I will include descriptions of build, talents, rubies, stats and variations of these.

Class Resource

Scout’s depend on a class resource called Gear Pieces in order to use certain abilities.

This class resource can be increased to a maximum of 25 with rubies. You can accumulate the gear pieces by using abilities without charms or by using certain abilities that give additional Gear pieces as a bonus. When leaving combat, the gear pieces reset to default value which is 10. You cannot generate gear pieces when out of combat. The description of this can be found when hovering over the resources.

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25. 09. 2019, 13:51


In this guide I will include some alternatives you may choose between based on different situations.

I have a total of 83 Talents and 74 Rubies, the maximum amount.

I understand some of you won’t have all of this at your disposal, so I will be sure to include things you can drop.

These are the talents I suggest for pure damage output:

Before describing each talent and ruby I chose and why I chose them, I figured it would best to describe the talents Poison Charm and Fire Charm. Both charms are used for additional damage and effects to your skills.

Your spells offer additional utilities when used in coordination with these charms, for example poison additionally poisons a target for damage over time with a number of stacks (more stacks = increased damage) and fire charms increase the total damage output directly with an additional bonus hit.

Using these charms will increase your damage tremendously and are a completely necessary, particularly poison charms. Targets with poison take more damage with rubies (will cover this more later). Each charm activation consumes 6 Gear pieces (5 with ruby).


• Rank 3 Poison Charms: I take highest rank for lowest cooldown, nothing else changes. Offers additional utilities when used in combination with other spells for additional damage over time. When using these charms with other spells you apply poison to your target.

• When used with Bombardment you apply Weak Poison to the target; stacks up to 12, the more stacks the more damage per second over 6 seconds.
• When used with Aimed Shot you apply Deadly Poison to the target; Does not stack but deals damage every second over 8 seconds.
• When used with Explosive Shot you apply Poison Fumes on the ground over 15-yard radius below the target; Does not stack but deals damage every second over 6 seconds.

• Rank 3 Fire Charms: I take highest rank for lowest cooldown, nothing else changes. Offers additional utilities when used in combination with other spells for additional direct damage.

• When used with Bombardment you deal additional damage when you have finished the cast.
• When used with Aimed Shot you deal additional damage instantly.
• When used with Explosive Shot you deal additional damage instantly.

Note that there are also Frost Charms but those are used for crowd control, primarily used in Aspect of Defense and are not used for damage output. I will therefore not cover these in my guide.

Offensive talents

• Rank 3 Bombardment: One of your main damage abilities and can be used non-stop. Very good damage skill when used in combination with Poison Charms.
• Rank 3 Aimed Shot: One of your primary damage abilities with a very short cooldown of roughly 4 seconds.
• Rank 3 Crippling Shot: This is your strongest damage ability and deals the highest damage per hit, but with a longer cooldown than Aimed Shot, roughly 6 seconds.
----o Immobilizes enemy target for 3 seconds (does not work on Elite mobs).
• Rank 3 Explosive Shot: This is a damage ability that is primarily used in AoE situations, but it is also used in single target rotation when other abilities are on cooldown or if you are low on gear resources.
• Rank 3 Stormy Arrow: This is a new skill that was added to the game in 10.0. Very good damage skill with a longer cooldown. I take it at the very highest rank to decrease the cooldown. The damage output is the same for all ranks.
----o An arrow that splits several times dealing consecutive damage to enemies nearby.
----o The final hit stuns enemies for 2 seconds.
• Rank 3 Wild Hunt: I take this at the highest rank for best damage output, but in most cases I would only get Rank 2 and opt for Rank 3 Recoil instead with Rank 2 Replenishment for increased mobility and defense. However, In this case I am focusing primarily on highest damage output.
----o The spell effects last for 4,5 seconds.
----o All enemies in 20-yad radius turn into animals and flee for 4,5 seconds (does not work on Elite mobs).
----o Increases all damage dealt by up to 20% (10%, 15%, 20% by rank).
----o Increases movement speed by up to 20% (10%, 15%, 20% by rank).
----o Increases cast speed of spells by up 20% (10%, 15%, 20% by rank).
----o Decreases cooldown of spells by up to 20% (10%, 15%, 20% by rank).
----o Grants immunity to control effects.

Defensive talents

• Rank 3 Swingout: With a 30% chance you dodge all single target attacks for 3 seconds (defense and duration can be increased with rubies).
• Rank 1 Recoil: I take this at Rank 1 simply because I don't have more talents available. This is an ability I normally take at a higher rank, but for the purpose of primarily damage without the need of extra mobility, I have chosen to opt for Rank 3 Wild Hunt instead.

Other talents

• Rank 3 Replenishment: I take this at the highest rank for fastest accumulation of gear pieces. This is not a skill you have to use at highest rank, but in this example, I have chosen to focus primarily on damage and not mobility. Most of the time I only take Rank 2 because it is more than enough. I will include an alternative build later in the guide.
• Rank 3 Swift Fletching: Must have in every build, offers passive damage increase. Lasts 6 seconds (increased to 9 seconds with rubies) every 13 seconds (can be reduced by 3 seconds for each 100 points in Swiftness).

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25. 09. 2019, 13:54

Ruby Grid 1 – Fire starter (icon in middle is different)

Before I dive into the details of each ruby, I would like to mention that when I say “up to XX%” it means when you have all rubies.

• Fire Starter: Requires Aspect of Assault. Increases all fire damage dealt by up to 16% with all 4.
• Death Mark: Additionally increases damage bonus from Swift Fletching by 15% as well as duration of the effect by 3 seconds (total of 9 seconds) with all rubies.
• Vulture’s Feast: Brutality rubies, gives up to 120 stats.
• Hunter’s Trap: Good ruby used for crowd control. An ability that deals AoE damage and stuns all enemies in a 5-yard radius of the trap by 3 seconds.
• Hunting Season: Boosts Hunter’s Trap with additional direct damage and a debuff to enemy character for 8 seconds which increases damage by up to 15%.
• Eagle Eye: Increases Vigor by up to 9%.
• Shooter: Most important ruby for this entire build. Allows you to use ranged spells while moving at normal speed.
----------------o Aimed Shot and Explosive Shot can be cast instantly.
----------------o Supposedly increases range of your spells from 40 to 48 yards, but this doesn’t seem to work properly.
----------------o Damage of ranged abilities increased by 15%.
• Burning Arrows: Requires Aspect of Assault. All Ranged abilities now deal Fire damage and additionally up to 9% more damage.
• Hit the Mark: Requires Aspect of Assault AND Shooter stance. Increases damage of Aimed Shot by up to 24%, and damage Crippling Shot by up to 100%.
• Pun Cushion: Requires Aspect of Assault. Increases damage of Bombardment by up to 45% and decreases its casting speed (time of sustention) by up to 50%.
• Explosive Arrowhead: Makes your Bombardment deals additional damage to the target and all targets in 8-yard radius of the target. When you use Fire charms with your Aimed Shot, you deal additional AoE damage to all targets in 8-yard radius of the target.
• Firm Hand: This is the new ruby we got with latest update. Increases all damage by 20% but prohibits the use of Combatant stance. Basically kills the opportunity of Hybrid Scout builds. All in all, a great bonus for PvE and those who like to play Ranged in PvP.

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25. 09. 2019, 13:55

Ruby Grid 2 – Poisoner (icon in middle is different)

• Tricky Charms: Requires Aspect of Assault. When using any charms you receive the Tricky Charms buff which increase all damage dealt by up to 12 for 10 seconds. Description doesn’t state if it’s %-based, but I believe this is just a small error in the description. The timer renews to 10 every time you re-apply a new charm.
• Aspect of Killer: Requires Aspect of Assault. Increases all damage dealt by up to 12%.
• Accurate Shot: Requires Aspect of Assault. Each successful cast of Bombardment applies 1 stack of Accurate Shot to the target for 8 seconds (up to 100% chance), stacks up to 2. This increases your next Crippling Shot on the target by 20% for each stack, up to 40% with 2 stacks. With Double Attack you have the chance to apply 2 stacks with 1 cast of Bombardment.
• Composite Poisons: Duration of poison decreases by up to 20 seconds and the damage of them increases by up to 60%. I’m honestly not sure why it says the duration decreases by 20 seconds, nonetheless a great ruby since your poisons deal a lot of damage.
• Poison Volley: The last hit of Bombardment poisons the target for 4 seconds and deals damage every 2 seconds. Additionally slows the target by 2% for each stack of Weak Poison on the target, up to 24%.
• Complex Poisons: Requires Aspect of Assault. Poison damage increases by up to 16%.
• Painful Death: Requires Aspect of Assault. Targets affected by Weak Poison or Deadly Poison receive up to 8% more damage.

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25. 09. 2019, 13:56

Ruby Grid 3 – Survival code (icon in middle is different)

• Cat Reflexes: Swiftness rubies, gives up to 90 stats.
• Bear Power: Your stamina increases by up to 70%.
• On Alert: Increases maximum capacity of Gear Pieces by 5 (total of 25) and increases all damage dealt by up to 12%.
• Camouflage: Makes you invisible for 8 seconds. Makes you immune to slowing effects and increases movement speed by up to 40%. Decreases damage received by up to 40%. Using any ability will cancel this effect.
• Cover-Up: Recoil and Cobra Dash grant you Cover-Up effect for 3 seconds. Decreases all damage received by 25% and increases movement speed by 45%.
• Predator’s Grace: Requires Aspect of Assault.
----------------o Duration and cooldown of Swingout increases by 100%.
----------------o Decreases damage over time and damage of AoE by 60%.
----------------o Increases movement speed by 15%.
----------------o Swingout no longer consumes Gear Pieces on activation.
• Enchantment Expert: Reduces the cost of all charms is reduced by 1 gear piece, from 6 to 5.
• Survival Technique: Consumption of each Gear piece heals you by up to 0.6% of your maximum health.
• Joker: Swingout grants additionally grants the Joker effect for 3 seconds. Reduces damage over time and damage from AoE by 40%.
• Watch and Learn: Requires Joker ruby. Applies Joker effect to all allies within a 40-yard radius.

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27. 09. 2019, 22:34

Talents you can live without

• Replenishment: You don’t need Rank 3 of this spell, Rank 2 is more than enough.
• Recoil: Not all scenarios require this spell, although it is nice to have, it is something you can live without.
• Wild Hunt: You can decrease the rank of this spell if you must, but I would advise against it if you want the highest damage output. Do not drop this skill completely.

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27. 09. 2019, 22:35

Rubies you can live without

I understand that many of you won’t have access to as many rubies as me, so I will name rubies you can drop from the build. Many of the rubies I have included are “luxury” rubies, rubies I have taken because I simply have enough rubies.

• Survival Technique: With Bloodlust you can easily heal yourself, however in PvP where you don’t always have a healer, this ruby is very useful.
• Enchantment Expert: With Double Attack and Replenishment you can easily accumulate enough Gear pieces.
• Poison Volley: Damage bonus is insignificant, and the slow effect is not necessary in most scenarios.
• Hunter’s Trap: Can’t be used in most situations because it has no effect on Elite mobs, for instance Astral- and Raid bosses. require this spell because it does not have any effect on Elite mobs.
• Hunting Season: Same reason as above; doesn’t work on Elite mobs.
• Camouflage.
• Cover-Up.

Rubies that are interchangeable

The main suggestion I would make for this is:

• Remove Survival Technique and get Tranquil Arrow in Ruby Grid 1 (left side, center) which can be useful for Astral when you need to put a mob to sleep.

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27. 09. 2019, 22:36

Stat Balance

Balancing stats can be challenging, and I often find myself questioning what stats to run as well. I will do my best to include the stat balance that I suggest for our current patch.

The stats that I don’t change:

• Double Attack: 250, or atleast as close to 250 as possible. If you can choose between 240 and 280, go for 240. This makes your rotation smoother with lower cooldown on your Charms.
• Swiftness: 220-244. I currently run 244 and with Victory Cross Rank 2, it will go up to 284 which is more than enough.
----o If you don’t have the Ornament scroll or Victory Cross, simply try to get around 200-230.
• Concentration: 200 - A must for PvE. It provides you with a shield that absorbs 50% of incoming damage. This barrier can mean the difference between life and death. The higher stat value makes it easier for you to accumulate maximum capacity of the barrier.

Stats that are more difficult to balance:

• Proficiency: I would suggest around 45-50% of total Determination.
• Determination: All remaining stats should be invested into determination. Given the amount of Proficiency I suggested, this value will be around twice as high.
• Brutality: I generally suggest around 189 brutality for most situations, but I tend to go 276-319 for longer battles such as raiding and world bosses.

Example: Let’s say you have 1000 total stats with all buffs (Elixir + Alchemy Potion + Determination food)
(Proficiency + Brutality + Determination + Available stats)

Regular Astral Allods or Heroic Allods:

• Proficiency: 252
• Determination: 559
• Brutality: 189

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27. 09. 2019, 22:36

Racial Skills


Range: Melee combat
Cooldown: 1m
Race ability (Saboteur)
Leap 20 yards away from the target. The target and all enemies in a 15-yard radius around them will be immobilized for 2 seconds.

Sticky Bomb

Range: 20
Cooldown: 1m
Race ability (Ranger)
Throws a bomb which sticks to the target and explodes in 3 seconds, inflicting damage and restoring 6 gear pieces.


Cooldown: 1m.
Race ability (Hunter)
During 6 seconds, any enemy, who deals direct damage to you receives Poison damage.

Tricky Trap

Cooldown: 1m
Race ability (Saggirarius)
Scout places a trap exists for 30 seconds and no one but the Scout can see it. The first enemy in a 5-yard radius of the trap will be immobilized for 4 seconds and poisoned for 8 seconds. Poison inflicts damage per second. The victim also has Vulnerability applied to them which increased damage they take by 25%


Cooldown: 1m
Race ability (Marauder)
Increases your chance to dodge directed attacks by 20%.
Your party members receive this effect for 5 seconds.

Paralyzing Arrow

Range: 40
Cooldown: 1m
Race ability (Trickster)
Applies the Helplessness effect to the target for 3 seconds.
Helplessness makes the target unable to use any abilities.

World Mystery Skills

Sudden Move

Cooldown: 5m
All control and slowing effects on you are removed and you become immune to them for 4 seconds


Range: 30
Cooldown: 1m
You charge towards the target and knock it down for 2 seconds. Minimum distance of charge - 8 yards.

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27. 09. 2019, 22:37


Below you will find the artifacts I suggest for PvE DPS.

Victory Cross

Damage dealt +15 (Rank 5) up to 25% (Rank 10)

1: Upon entering combat, you receive the Striving for Victory effect which increases all your damage dealt
and reduces all incoming damage by 10% for 6 seconds.

2: Dealing damage increases your main offensive stat by 5 (up to 40). Duration of the effect: 2 seconds.

3: Incoming damage increases your damage by 1% (up to 10%). This effect can be triggered once per second.

Duration of the effect: 3 seconds.

5: Victory March: Damage dealt is increased by 1% (up to 5%) for each party member within a 12-yard radius.

Dragon Aspis

Incoming damage -10% (rank 5) up to -15 (Rank 10)

1: Using Marty’s Gift of any rank grants you the Aegis of Light effect which reduces all incoming damage by 10% for 6 seconds.
2: As long as you’re standing still, you accumulate the Dragon’s Patience effect, which reduces incoming damage by 1% (up to 6%).
While moving, you accumulate the Dragon’s Flight effect, which increases incoming healing by 1% (up to 6%).
This work only in combat.
3: Using any defensive ability applies the Dragon’s Blessing effect, which increases all incoming healing by 20% for 4 seconds.
Can be activated only once in 12 seconds.
4: Victory Aegis: when your health drops below 25% you receive a shield equal to 25% of your maximum health for 3 seconds.
Can be activated only once in 5 minutes.
5: Dragon’s Heart: Incoming damage is reduced by 1% (up to 5%) per each party member within a 20-yard radius.

Pilgrim's Crown

Movement speed increased by 15% (Rank 5) up to 25% (Rank 10)

1: Cooldown duration of all teleportation abilities is reduced by 15%
2: Using any teleportation ability grants you the Inertia effect which increases your movement speed by 20% for 3 seconds.
3: Using Marty’s Guidance of any rank grants the Exhilaration effect for 4 seconds.
While the effect is active, the character’s preparation and casting time is increased by 20%.
4: Increases the duration of alchemical potions and tonics by 33%.
5: An incoming slowing effect will instantly remove all other slowing effects and grant immunity to them for 3 seconds.
Works only once in 20 seconds.

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27. 09. 2019, 22:38


Rotation for Scout is quite simple and straight forward:

Important things to keep in mind while DPSing:

• Make sure your target is always poisoned with either Deadly Poison from Aimed Shot or Weak Poison from Bombardment.
----o It's important that you have either buff on target, preferably both for higher DPS.
----o Important because poisoned targets receive more damage.

• Always use Crippling Shot when you have 2 stacks of Accurate Shot on the Target.
----o Should be used whenever the skill is off cooldown preferably.

• Use Aimed Shot whenever the ability is off cooldown, even if charms are on cooldown.
----o If Deadly Poison is already active on the target, you can use Fire Charm + Aimed Shot for more damage.
----o I generally manage to use 1 Aimed Shot with Fire Charms before Deadly Poison is gone.

• Use Explosive shot either with charms (if you have a lot of extra Gear pieces) or without charms when you are low on Gear pieces.

• Use Bombardment with Poison Charms all the time.
----o If you already have 12 stacks of Weak Poison on the target with a long timer and other skills are on cooldown,
you may use Bombardment with Fire Charms for additional damage.

• Use Replenishment whenever you are in need of Gear pieces.


• Use Concentration Potions in coordination with Dark Aspiration (Buff from Trinket that increases offensive stats for 15 seconds).

• Use Sticky Bomb if you are low on Gear pieces or for additional damage (it's low, but better than nothing).

• Use Wild Hunt before start of fight for increased damage bonus.
----o Should ONLY be used this way if you know when a fight is about to begin.
----o For example in Arena of Heroes or Trial of Blood.
----o Don't use this if you have to crowd control mobs as well, it will be on cooldown.
----o Don't use this if you plan to do a huge AoE pull, the ability will put a 30 second cooldown on your Stormy Arrow which will provide Insane AoE damage.

Single target rotation:

• Poison Charms+ Aimed shot (to apply Deadly Poison and get high determination).
• Poison Charm + Bombardment (to apply Weak Poison).
----o Check if your target has 2 stacks of Accurate Shot buff, if yes:
----o Cast Crippling Shot.
----o If not, ignore and proceed.
• Fire Charm + Aimed Shot.
• Poison Charm + Bombardment (to get 12 stacks of Weak Poison).
• Poison Charm + Aimed Shot (re-applying Deadly Poison).
----o Check if your target has 2 stacks of Accurate Shot buff, if yes:
----o Cast Crippling Shot.
----o If not, ignore and proceed.
• Fire Charm + Explosive Shot (additional damage, can also use Poison Charm for AoE situations).
• Poison Charm + Bombardment (re-applying Weak Poison).

~Rinse and repeat.

AoE rotation:

• Poison Charm + Bombardment.
• Poison Charm + Explosive Shot (to apply Poison Fumes below target).
• Fire Charm + Aimed Shot (to apply Explosive Arrowhead).
• Stormy Arrow.
• Poison Charm + Aimed Shot (to apply Deadly Poison).
• Poison Charm + Bombardment.
----o Check if your target has 2 stacks of Accurate Shot buff, if yes:
----o Cast Crippling Shot.
----o If not, ignore and proceed.
• Poison Charm + Explosive Shot (re-applying Poison Fumes).
• Fire Charm + Aimed Shot (re-applying Explosive Arrowhead).
• Poison Charm + Bombardment (re-applying Weak Poison).
----o Check if your target has 2 stacks of Accurate Shot buff, if yes:
----o Cast Crippling Shot.
----o If not, ignore and proceed.
• Poison Charm + Aimed Shot (re-applying Deadly Poison).

~Rinse and repeat (without Stormy Arrow since it has long cooldown).

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28. 09. 2019, 01:29

The End

So you've finally made it to the end of my guide.
I hope you found the guide useful and that you learned something new from it.
It's very possible that I may have forgotten to include some stuff, in this case I will be sure to include it in future edits.
I am open for discussion of anything mentioned in the guide and welcome you to comment your thoughts or suggestions below.
Thank you for reading.

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