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Thursday, September 26th 2019, 1:11pm

[PMB 10.1] Noah's Multi-Engineer pro Guide

My name is Noah

I'm one of the rare group of players, who played Engineer class since launch. I didn't abandon this class, even when it got nerfed to dust. I have over 4-5 years of experience on Evolution server and I've been playing on Smugglers Paradise for more then 1 year.

Here are some of my duels from past :

Usually I play as Support, beacuse it gives me the most amount of fun, but I also mastered how to play on Assault spec.

As Support, I've finished lvl 25 Heroic Isle and Hard mode OBS, while playing on Smugglers Paradise server.

I'm writing this guide for new players and veterans, beacuse I want to share my knowledge with you and give you a better understanding of this mysterious class :)

Here is list I want to talk about in this guide:

1. How many Aspects Engineer has?
-> [PMB 10.1] Noah's Multi-Engineer pro Guide

2. What are Engineer's mechanics?
-> [PMB 10.1] Noah's Multi-Engineer pro Guide

3. Which weapons Engineer uses?
-> [PMB 10.1] Noah's Multi-Engineer pro Guide

4. Skills and their groups
-> [PMB 10.1] Noah's Multi-Engineer pro Guide

5. Overlook on rubies
-> [PMB 10.1] Noah's Multi-Engineer pro Guide

6. Support Engineer build
-> [PMB 10.1] Noah's Multi-Engineer pro Guide

7. How does Support Engineer build work?
-> [PMB 10.1] Noah's Multi-Engineer pro Guide

8. Stats for Support Engineer
-> [PMB 10.1] Noah's Multi-Engineer pro Guide

9. Which Incarnation skills are best for Support Engineer?
-> [PMB 10.1] Noah's Multi-Engineer pro Guide

10. Rotations for Support Engineer
-> [PMB 10.1] Noah's Multi-Engineer pro Guide

11. Assault Engineer build
-> [PMB 10.1] Noah's Multi-Engineer pro Guide

12. How does Assault Engineer build work?
-> [PMB 10.1] Noah's Multi-Engineer pro Guide

13. Stats for Assault Engineer
-> [PMB 10.1] Noah's Multi-Engineer pro Guide

14. Which Incarnation skills are best for Assault Engineer?
-> [PMB 10.1] Noah's Multi-Engineer pro Guide

15. Rotations for Assult Engineer
-> [PMB 10.1] Noah's Multi-Engineer pro Guide

16. Food and potions to boost your stats
-> [PMB 10.1] Noah's Multi-Engineer pro Guide

17. Hey Noah, do you have build for leveling ?
-> [PMB 10.1] Noah's Multi-Engineer pro Guide

18. Who and where are Engineer's Trainers?
-> [PMB 10.1] Noah's Multi-Engineer pro Guide

19. Recommended Addons
-> [PMB 10.1] Noah's Multi-Engineer pro Guide

20. The End
-> [PMB 10.1] Noah's Multi-Engineer pro Guide

I hope, that my guide will be helpful and let you improve your skill! :)

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Thursday, September 26th 2019, 1:13pm

Remember, that you can only use 1 Aspect at the time!

Aspect of Support

->This aspect increases the duration of all your Support effects (Power/Valiance etc.) by 50/100/200% on rank 1/2/3
(if your buff has 2 seconds duration you will have 2s+200% so 2s+4s=6s) and their efficiency by 7/14/21%
(if your buff gives 20% more dmg, with this skill on rank 3 it will give 45.2%)

-> Effect of this aspect doesn't work on reinc/world mystery skills
-> Allows use of rubies dedicated to this Aspect

Aspect of Assault (attack)

-> Increases your outgoing damage by 10/20/30% on rank 1/2/3
-> Allows using rubies dedicated to this Aspect

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Thursday, September 26th 2019, 1:14pm

Engineer uses reactor :

Spells are cooling or heating reactor temperature. The base temperature is 0. The temperature range is from -200 to +200. When you reach one of the range numbers, you can use a spell that consumes the temperature and sets it back to 0.
The reactor will automatically return to 0, if you don't do anything for 2-3 seconds. In this case, the temperature will change by 5-20 each second until the reactor temperature returns to 0.

4 spells are generating temperature and 2 spells are consuming that temperature

Grapeshot(+100) and Frag bomb (+200)
Acid shot/Toxic Volay(-100) and Bacterial Bomb (-200)
Reactor Blowdown(200) or Burst of Mana(200)

Engineer has 3 basic spells. You can't increase their rank, but you have them since lvl 1.


-> Teleports you to your last summoned device (prioritizes wormhole, even if it wasn't the last device placed)

Power Barier

-> You receive shield equal to 25% of your HP for 6 seconds (affected by Survivability stat)

Critical Mass

-> Increases your outgoing damage by 25% for 12 seconds (doesn't count for your devices)

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Thursday, September 26th 2019, 1:15pm

Engineer can use:

-> In my opinion, the best choices are: Paired Weapons + Wand
-> Off-hands don't give resistance stats anymore and using 1 Scroll of Purification in F2P is cheaper.
-> Two-handed weapons give you more base damage from physical attacks
-> Wand increases the damage of your acid spells

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Thursday, September 26th 2019, 1:16pm

Aoe = [A]


Acid shot (cools reactor by by -40*)

-> Pew-pew green laser

Grapeshot (Heating reactor by +40*)

-> Our basic skill, pew-pew orange laser, which deals a bit less damage then Toxic Volley

Toxic volley (cools reactor by -40*)

-> Upgraded version of the Acid shot, just use this instead of Acid shot

b) Defensive Device

Medical Emergency

-> Heals you a little, but it's more useful with Aspect of Support

Power Field

-> Slows all enemies in its range for 1 second, every 1 second, more useful with Aspect of Support

c) Special Device


-> You can teleport to this device with the Teleportation skill. After teleporting, you become invisible for 4 seconds
-> Great for a tactical retreat, when you have low HP. With ruby, you can teleport your whole party with you

Steel Trap

-> This skill used to ignore the enemy's Willpower, but it got changed. It's useless in PvP because the duration is 3 seconds only and it can be easily removed
-> In PvE you can use it with ruby, which makes it pull enemies to one spot, but it doesn't work as CC or immobilizing spell to other mobs. The overall cost is also high in rubies
-> Spider Suppressor is more eco way to go

Only bad Engineers use Steel Trap these days

d) Attacing device

Light Turret

-> This device pew-pews our target every 2 seconds with small lighting balls (but damage count's as physical)
-> I recommend using Acid Turrets instead, simply because they do more damage and they are AoE
Lifetime is 30 seconds with rubies

Acid Turret [A]

-> This device is an upgraded version of Light Turret. Deals more damage and does AoE attacks. Just use this evry time cs is ready
Life time is 30 seconds with rubies

e) Tears of the Dragon Abilitis

Remember that after using 1 Dragon Tear ability, other Tear abilities will have 30 seconds cooldown


-> Super Device, attacks your enemy, this skill got buffed recently, so it's worth to take even by support.
-> In PvP damage is two times bigger

Life time is 21 seconds with Blue Tears


-> Super Device, puts Defense buff on you or an ally with the lowest health in range, that buff reduces the incoming damage by 35%. Heals for 4% of HP every second.
-> Compared with the damage in PvP that people can deal, this spell isn't that good, but it can help you survive

Nuclear Bomb [Red Alert]

-> You mark place with red flare. After 4 seconds, nuclear bomb will drop on marked place, knocking down every enemy for 4 seconds, dealing huge physical damage and leaving blue smoke
-> Every ally in range of that smoke gains 1% maximum HP, deals 1% more damage and have 1 negative effect removed. This effect stacks up 15 times
Enemies in range of that smoke recive 1% less damage, lose 1% of their maximum HP. This effects stacks up 15 times
Duration of nuke buff is 8 seconds and get refreshed by evry new stack
-> On top of that apply random negative effect on ennemy for 1,2,3s (on sup aspect 3/6/9s)

d) Defensive support skills


-> Your party receive -25% amount of time cc buff who affects a them for 2s (with support aspect 46%(25%+21%) for 6s)


-> Your party receive +350 Bloodust addional stats for 2s (with support aspect 423.5 for 6s)

Temporal Acelleration

-> Your party run +25% faster (with support aspect for 6s and effect of movement speed will be increased)

f) Battle support skills


-> Your party receivet +350 The highest offensive stats (Profinicy/Deter or Brut) for 2s (with support aspect 423.5 for 6s)


-> Your receive get +350 The highest offensive special stats (Crit dmg/chance, Duble attack, etc) for 2s (with support aspect 423.5 for 6s)


->Your party receive effect who increases dmg +20% for 2s (with support aspect 45.2% for 6s)

g) Bombs

Frag bomb (Heating reactor by +200*
-> You throwing bomb who deals dmg after also leave dot who deals dmg for 6s evry 1s

Bacterial bomb (Cooling reactor by -200* )

-> You throwing bomb who leave only Dot dealimg more dmg for 8s evry 1s

h) Stunes


-> Stun target for 2s

Spider Supressor [A]

-> Drag all targets on his way on one spot also disorienting and imobilizing them for 3s, better version of Steal Trap

Paralizyng ray

-> Long cc spell who stun mob for 30s, players for 4-6s
-> That spell need have 6-4s cast time (or can be used instantly with rubys),
-> You must to have if you planing to go for heroics, but also that spell is usefull in pvp for first cc before enemy HP drop to 90%
-> If enemy or mob hp drop to less then 90% this effect dissaper if target will recrive any dmg

j) Reactor skills

Burst of mana [A]

-> it's pop, don't use it until you fight more then 9-10 mobs

Reaktor Blowdown

-> Deals HUGE dmg for the single target, good spell with Assault aspect (in sup it do less)

i) Anothers skills

Iron curtain

-> Reduct your incoming dmg by -60% for 6s, can save your ass sometimes, also this effect can be dispeled


-> Your Basic dispel skill, used to dispell positive effect from some boss/mobs or in pvp to dispel some positive effects from your enemies in pvp (sumy shield, pala shield, psio shield, mage shield etc)

Acid tide [A]

-> Buffs your party +5-10%dmg, duration of spell is 9s with rubies and have 21s cd
-> But with limited rubies it's hard to take, overall full ability cost 6 rubies to implement

Flying Factions [A]

-> Your Aoe debuff but have long cd and spell is not effected by swiffnes :(
-> skill have only 2 times when you want use it
1 is paladin shield in pvp
2 is in Labolatory heroic to dispel 2 mobs same time
Eventualy you can use it yet on Harpies
-> So yeh...


-> You Mark target for 4-5s, after that time all your attacing devices + Colossus will attack Marked target
-> Recomended to take if you don't want to your Colossus/turrets hit fk pet of druid/summy or psio clones insted of him


-> Reset cd of your all device (expect Collosus+Portable Cannon) to 0s, allowing using them second time in row (1m20s cd)

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Thursday, September 26th 2019, 1:16pm

j) Word mystery skills

Master Plan [A]

-> Gives your party an effect for 10s that increases Prof, Brut, Deter by 70

Adrenalin [A]

-> Gives your party an effect for 10s that increases Vitality and Bloodlust by 150

Gift of Tensses

-> Res ability that can be used in combat too; has a 3s cast and 1s cd but used in combat cd will be increased to 5m until end of combat
-> Codex of life artifact allows you to res someone instantly without cast time in 5s frame time after that person dies

k) Race ability

Evil Genius (Kanian) [A]

-> Gives you and your team Treachery effect for 6s and puts a negative debuff on all enemies near you that reduces their dmg by 35% for 6s
Doesn't work on bosses (I mean this negative debuff)
Be careful using that spell in maze or heroic, cuz it has a long range agro
Sometimes you can save the life of your tank in maze/heroic on 6-9 mobs packs, so I use that spell often even with long cd

Firecracker (Gybberling) [A]

-> Fear up to 3 enemies for 3s + give Dot dealing fire dmg every 1s for 6s

Magic Injection (Arisien)

-> Heal target for xxx hp, and give him Power effect for 6s
-> Good to use in support, after you use bloodlust buff and power buff, so you can heal yourself or target even for 14-22k hp, without that buffs you will heal max for 2-4k, Brutality stats work on that spell well

Flash Charge (Imperialist) [A]

-> Disorient all enemies in front of you for 3s (20y rage)
-> Meh almost melee spell

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Thursday, September 26th 2019, 1:18pm

In build you have rubies :

Green -> Work only with Support Aspect
Red -> Work only with Attack Aspect
Not marked -> Work with both Aspects (don't need to have any aspect to work)

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Thursday, September 26th 2019, 1:19pm

Here is my Support hybrid build, I'm using it in PvP and PvE

-> My focus in this build is the priority on support, then rest what's left max in dmg to support your group with max possible efficiency

-> I'm Not using Steal Trap cuz it's not effective in my opinion, I'm using rank 2 spider suppressor instead of it

-> I'm using rank 2 bloodthirst in heroics, courage in maze (or if I know boss or mob will use any cc so I can put 4s immunity for that saving cd of medical emergency)

-> in PvP I'm using courage most of the time, and bloodthirst for +100% healing for 4s only to combo it with medical emergency heal/magic Injection/Sanatorium or when the team is struggling so the healer can save pt in that 4s

-> I'm focusing on physical dmg spells such as Colossus, Red Alert, Destructive shots do phys dmg, so I combo all with psychical dmg stats

-> Also taking grapeshot instead of Toxic Volley saves you 6 talent skills with 10-15% basic dmg lose on that spell comparing to toxic volley

-> I'm using long cc only rank 1, as it enough for me with swiftness stats cd is good, but if it's not enough for you, you can take rank 2

-> I'm using colossus in support build, to support team with dmg when it's needed to burst 30s after Red Alert because in this patch Colossus got buff in dmg, if possible take it rank
2 or 3 but at last rank 1 is good to have

-> I'm using Red Alert rank 3 instead of 2, because in heroics cd is short enough for the nuke to be ready for next boss, same in PvP it debuffs enemies for 3s longer, so you have chance to combo debuffs better, and use it more times

-> I'm using Secondary reaction ruby (this think who make your power buff apply again if you use acid turret) in case I get cc or lose some temperature on reactor

-> I'm using Destructive shots in support, as it's a source of good dmg in PvE and PvP, it's rank 3 to make the max dmg possible, but you can have it on rank 1 as well

-> I'm using rank 3 Regeneration rubies, as in my party we don't have a Healer in Heroic/Obs, so I'm the only source of healing outside of bloodthirst buff, also in PvP it heals you well, if you combo it in frame of time when power and +100% healing is active, you can heal up everyone rly strong (20-30%hp)
Even if you have a healer, I still recommend to take it rank 3, as in that case the healer will struggle less and will be able to focus only on the tank, and you will treat it rather as 5-10%
dmg reduction (but in heal)

-> I'm using rank 2 extraction rubies, cuz a 30% chance for puri is fine in PvE, but if you need, you can take rank 3 for 50% chance, to be more useful in PvP

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Thursday, September 26th 2019, 1:34pm

-> If you use support spell, you will get a 19s buff

-> First buff looks like dragon's head, you will get it if you use any Battle support skill
-> Second buff looks like a shield, you will get it if you use any Defensive support skill
-> Thanks to this, Support effect will be applied again

Blue = Battle support rubies
Green = Defensive support rubies

-> Circulation : Blowdown or Burst of mana once again applies the Battle Support effect
-> Chemical Agents : Frag bomb or Bacterial bomb one again applies the Battle Support effect
-> Artillery Support : Light Turret once again applies the Battle Support effect
-> Secundary Reaction : Acid Turret once again applies the Battle Support effect
-> Barrage Fire : Reactor Blowdown or Burst of Mana once again applies the Defensive and Battle Support effect
-> Vehicle of Propaganda : Iron Curtain once again applies the Defensive Support effect
-> Doping : Medical Emergency once again applies the Defensive Support effect
-> Dear Walls : Power Field once again applies the Defensive Support effect

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Thursday, September 26th 2019, 1:34pm

In my build, I'm using 2 settings of stats

a) Battle Support

-> 250-450+ proficiency
-> 350-650+ determination
-> 280 brutality
(my dmg is focused to do most dmg on the boss from 100% to 70%; if you have a boss who needs to be killed fast on 10-20%, you take 500 deter 500 brut 350 prof)
-> 250-300 double attack (da weapon relics help to build that, also da is good to spam buffs faster, and do more dmg on nuke/colossus)
-> 250-300 phys dmg
-> 260-300 swiftness (40 swiftness you get from the artifact, same in f2p you get some swiftness from holy weapon)

On Def
-> 145 bloodlost (120 from guild, 25 from food)
-> 250-300 concetration (yes on battle support you can stack concetration well)
-> 250-300 caution
-> 120+ physical protection (as most mobs do phys dmg) (phys protection i'm taking on 3-4 items)
-> Rest in vitality

-> 600 proficiency
-> 100 determination (only from spark exp talents, dragon relics, etc) at last 1 deter is good to have deter ready when you using Master plan buff
-> 250-600 brutality (depends on how many stats you got)
-> 250-300 phys dmg (your nuke and colossus and destructive shots are deadly)
-> 250-300 double attack (your nuke and colossus and destructive shots are even more deadly + you can spam buffs more often, also Sanatorium can proc da to heal you for more)
-> 260-350 swiftness
-> 40-120 crit chance (you sacrifice 2-3%-10% of your dmg, to lucky hit for 50%, sometimes it's a change factor, imagine your nuke hit+da and that hit and da proc together for crit or colossus who does x2-3 more dmg now compare to destructive shoots =b)

Def stats
-> 300 caution
-> 250-300 phys protection (cuz most dangerous spells and bursting class are physical)
-> 250 holy protection (cuz demon ult/ summoner ult or cleric)
-> 120 elemental protection or nature protection (more if you want counter enemy mage or scout)
-> Rest in Vitality

You mostly looking on the enemy team and looking what class you want to protect against the most, if the enemy uses only 1 type of dmg the most, instead of 250 holy protection you can take survivability for more self healing

b) Full Support

--> 200 profinicy
-> 300 deter
-> 250 brut
-> max swiffnes posible + swiffnes dragonic weapons (around 600-900 is ok)

-> 300 caution
-> 300 concentration
-> 120+ phys protection
-> rest vitality, additionally if you want you can reset your basic 290+ stats and put it in vitality to be more tanky

-> 300 prof
-> 100 deter
-> 300 brut
-> Max posible swiffnes
-> skip psyh dmg/da

-> Max Vitality
-> 300 caution
-> 250-300 psych protection (cuz most class do 50% of dmg in psych)
-> Rest whatever class you are scary the most

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Thursday, September 26th 2019, 3:00pm

Use thats 3 Artefacts :

-> Give you +40 swifness and increst your dmg, also heal you a bit if you kill enemy

-> Buff your team by +10% dmg, buff team to get -10% incoming dmg, give you addional purificaton for 30s also your Concetrate deal dmg of 4% of enemy hp

-> Give you instant cast on ress ability for 5s if member of your team die, mega usefull in pve or bg :P, also increst healing from your medical emergency so you protect your team even more ^^ on top of that you give to your team +10% barier, and 50% of heal back to you

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Thursday, September 26th 2019, 3:04pm

a) Basic buff rotation

Acid Turret->(Pover->Bloodthirst)->(Frag bomb->Reactor Blowdown)->Grapshot->Grapshot->Reactor Blowdown->Repeat

b) Defensive rotation (you waiting until one of def abilitis end)

Iron Curtain-> Power Field-> Iron Curtain-> Pover Barrier-> Iron Curtain -> ++Reload -> Power Field -> Iron Curtain -> Power Barrier -> Repeat

Medical emergeny only if need puri, if you fight boss who no need puri on him, you can use Medical emergency after Power Barrier to buy 6s before Iron Curtain will be rady

c) Stun combo

Shocker -> Aodis fire -> Spider -> Summy Fear -> Spider -> Firecracer Fear -> Paralizing ray

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Thursday, September 26th 2019, 3:09pm

-> I'm using this universal build i created

Rubies who can be eventualy taken are marked on yellow

-> I'm using rank 1 Paralizing ray for first stun in pvp, for heroics you will play as sup so no need for more then 1

-> Concetration tallents can be taked for pvp as well so i not puted cross on it

-> Most importent is to skip Bacterial Backgraund rubies cuz thay do max 0.1% dmg for you in pve, same as pvp (if you not belive me test it for yourself), it's definitly not worth to take that 3, cuz of that 3 rubies you can notice whos enginner is good if he giving you build

-> Rest is maxed rank 3 to do max dmg posible

-> Shocker rank 1 or 2 it's up to you

-> Rank 1 Sanctuary cuz more rank increst only +1s of live in device

-> Rank 3 Colossus cuz DMG (in pvp it's x3 highter then destructive shoots on single target)

-> If you have more rubies you can take explosives rubies to do more dmg from bombs (but cuz thay are evry 22s i not think is it nessesary)

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Thursday, September 26th 2019, 3:11pm

Nothink complicated here compare to support

-> You stack up to 2 (max 3 if duble attack proc) debuffs on enemy you targeted thx to Variable Porality rubies using grapshoot or Toxic Volay

-> If duble attack proc you have 6 bombs stacs insted of 3 and you using reactor blowdown when your reactor hit -200* or +200*

-> Duble attack benefit engi with more dmg for some next attacks, thats why it's worth to take it on dmg spec

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Thursday, September 26th 2019, 3:26pm

-> 450 prof
-> 650 deter
-> 280 brut
-> 250-300 psych dmg
-> 250-300 duble attack
-> 120+40(guild)+30(holy weapn)+40(artefact) swifness

-> 250 caution
-> 200-220 concetration
-> 250 blodlust
-> 120 psych protection
-> rest in vitality/suvability

-> 450-750 prof
-> 100 deter
-> 280 brut
-> 300 duble attack
-> 250-300 psyh damage
->120+40(guild)+30(holy weapn)+40(artefact) swifness

-> 250-300 caution
-> 250-300 psyh dmg
-> 250 holy dmg (if enemy is demo or cleric or summoner)
-> 120 elemental protection
-> Rest in vitality

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Thursday, September 26th 2019, 3:56pm

Use thats 3 Artefacts :

-> Give you +40 swifness and increst your dmg, also heal you a bit if you kill enemy

-> +10% dmg and -10% incoming dmg

-> Give you instant cast on ress ability for 5s your, Sanatorium heal your ass harder, and you geting +10% barier(even in pvp)^^

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Thursday, September 26th 2019, 4:42pm

a) psych rotation

acid turret->bacterial bomb->reactor blowdown->grapshoot->grapshoot-> reactor blowdown-> grapshoot->grapshoot-> reactor blowdown ->acid rotation

b) acid rotation

acid turret->frag bomb->reactor blowdown->toxic vollay->toxic vollay->reactor blowdown->toxic vollay->toxic vollay->reactor blowdown-> psych rotation

c) Burst combo

Acid turret->Spider(for+20%dmg)-> Reload->Acid turret->Frag bomb->Bacterial bomb->Colosusse->Critical mass->Master plan->Concetration potion->Spider(for+20%dmg)->Magic Injection-> Destructive shoots->(Fear)(if pvp)->x2 grapshoot->reactor blowdown->Acid turret->(Firecracker)(if pvp)->2 grapshoot->Reactor blowdown ->(shocker)(if pvp)->x2 toxic vollays->reactor blowdown->(teleport to wormhole)(if pvp)->x2 toxic vollays->Reactor Blowdown->Acid turret->(Paralizing ray)(if pvp)-> Red Alert->bombs if thay are ready->x2 grapshoot->Reactor blowdown->x2 grapshoot->Reactor Blowdown->acid rotation

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Thursday, September 26th 2019, 5:04pm

a) Helpful foods

->In my opinion best food you can obtain is in Sogot Citadel (lv 80 map)

->On that map you need talk with this npc vendor

He selling best food i'm recomending to use in pve (ai-rihat,koe,obs,heroics)

For PVP i recomening using this food

You can get them from bg rewards or buy in 3vs3/6vs6 pvp npc vendor

This food not work on pve, thats why thay got only usage is in pvp

b) Temporary boosters

Free 4h Potion's (daily quest) you can find here :





This potions give you temporary +40 Profinicy and +40 vitality

If you need any diferent potions you can buy them from pvp vendor as well, but effect of that pots are only for 2h

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Thursday, September 26th 2019, 5:26pm

Noah: Sure :) !
Noah: For leveling i recomending my dps build
Noah: Here are 5 gold steaps you follow starting your adventure with enginner class:

-> First you taking vitality+improvment heat exchange rubies, thay alow you be more tanky on low lv, and improve your shoots to spam with reactor blowdown more often
-> Secound you gona take "Increst Energy Absorbtion" and "Top-Level Engineer" finishing on "Reload" ability, this improve dmg and life time of your turrets
-> Thirt steap are "Progressive Defence" rubies to make you even more tankier giving you perm -21% less incoming dmg
-> After you unlock Aspect of Assault, you chosing 4 steap, first i recomend take "Variable Porality" so your recactor blowdow become deadly for mobs if you mark it x2 times with grapshot or toxic vollay^^, then you taking "Partiple Acceleration" to your reactor blowdow be even more deadly, and you finish on "Forced Presure" rubies so your shoots do 50% more dmg
-> Last steap is taking "Peak of Efficiency so your turrets do 39% more dmg after you use Grapshot or Toxic Vollay, your taking this rubies when your rady to take Acid Turret talents in order to have nice aoe dmg ^^

Noah : Rest you follow by yourself up to fuil build, have fun ^^

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Thursday, September 26th 2019, 7:49pm

Engineer Trainer is NPC who can reset your Talent Points + Rubies and Stats point, in 40lv can give you special quest for +1 rubin

You can reset your stats for free to 15lv(in f2p), +15lv you will need buy Water of Death from Boutique to reset your rubies and talents or Water of Live for reset your stats points
Thay cost 250bc in Boutique, but you can obtain them for 80-100bc if you have at last premium lv 2
On P2P server reseting talents+rubies cost progressively up to 42k gold on full lv and another up to 42k gold for reset stats (so togheter it's up to 84k gold)

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