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Friday, September 27th 2019, 12:16am

[PMB 10.1] Dziunka's Psionicist PvE Build


my name in game is Dziunka, i'm Guild Leader of Monsters Inc. I am playing on free to play server Evolution. I play variable classes in this game (Healer, Psionicist, Summoner), but I want to show you Psionicists build and share some tips that could be useful to play this class.

What changed for Psionicist since this patch? Not much, except this that you can’t use multiple tear skills at same time - now you have to wait 30 seconds cooldown to be able to use another tear skill. Also some placement of rubies are different, but it doesn’t affect much. Ok,so lets begin.

First of all, i don't want you to get bored and show you every skill that class has, because its what you can read for yourself in game ...

I will show you PvE (Player vs. Environment) build, which are used in astrals/bosses/raids etc.

I know, not all of you have every rubies/talents/stats in this game so I will make Skeleton Build (Core build) so everyone can make build with must-have talents/rubies and can do decent amount of damage.



Many of you always asking – how much proficiency/determination/brutality ?
That depends on whereare you going !
If you are going for:
Astral Allods – 0% brutality / 50% proficiency / 50% determination
Heroic Isles – 25% brutality / 25% proficiency / 50% determination
Observatory Raid – 35% brutality / 25% proficiency / 40% determination
(for example if you have overall 1000 points to use - 350 brutality / 250 proficiency / 400 determination)
World Bosses – 60% brutality / 20% profiency / 20% determination
Rest stats :

Critical Chance – you will need around 17-19% base, which is around 210-230 stats, since Psi has Empathy rubies (it gives 35% chance – so overall 52-54% critical chance should be enough)

Critical Damage – keep it 250-280, its more than enough

Double Attack – 230-250– that is important stat for Psi, and ill show you why:

As you can see, these skills are based on your critical hits(which are 52-54%), additionaly when you got 250 stats of Double Attack, you will have 40% chance for double hit, which means you have 40% chance to cast another critical hit (with 52-54% success chance of actual critical hit ;)) = more Pyrolysis or Breakdown stacks = more damage !
Confused? ?( :D
1st hit : 52-54% chance of critical hit which will give you bonuses
2nd hit : 40% chance of 2nd hit (with half of 1st 's hit damage) with 52-54% success rate of critical hit .
Each of your critical hit will give bonus for additional damage !

Defensive stats :

Concentration : 200 stats

Bloodlust : 300 stats (only if support doesn’t use bloodlust)

Caution : 200 (vitality more important)

Vitality : Rest of stats


It may look scary but there are simple steps what you must do:

0) Always use Mental Link on target you will attack.
1) use BladeStorm before Agony to spread Agony, and alwayskeep them up when it’s off cooldown

2) when you see 6 phantoms on use Vertex and Decomposition
3) use Spectral Assassin when its off cooldown – its additional damage over time
4) When you see 3 stacks of either Breakdown or Pyrolysis (you can see it on target) use Astral Venom (if Breakdown) or Scorching (if Pyrolysis) –main damage output!

5) Use Concentration for more damage for 8 seconds
6) For AoE (Area of Effect ) damage you willadditionaly do Psychosis , after combo with Vertex + Decomposition
7) When you got too much stress on Psionicist, use few times Astral Venom to reduce it.
8) Use Meditation everytime cooldown is off, so you get 3 stacks of Phantoms instantly to use.
9) Before using Loop of Time (to reset your cooldowns !) press on yourself (default – F1)
10) Always use pre-buffs before you start dpsing, such skills as : Brainstorm , Mental Oppression , Potion of Concentration, Superiority .

11) If you have too much stress you can reduce it with Martyr Guidance also.

Thats it, thanks for reading. Also remember Practice makes perfect.
If you have any further questions, feel free to message me. See you in game. Cheers

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Monday, November 11th 2019, 9:43am

I'm trying this build, and variations of it (with torture spell), but DPS/s is clearly weaker than other classes. Is it normal, or am i doing something wrong?
(100-200k more with engi assault monocible, double with a warden...)

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