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Friday, September 27th 2019, 2:57pm

[PMB 10.1] Paladin Tank by Ayami


My name is Ayami. Im playing paladin in smugglers paradise server on the league side. Im playing Paladin only because tanks were needed, but its really fun class in general and so versitile because of really good dps, really good in pvp and one of the greatest tanks!
In this entry i will be going through the basics of paladin tanks!

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Friday, September 27th 2019, 3:42pm

Patch Changes

In the last patches there has been alot of bug fixes, but the biggest changes are listed here.


Friday, September 27th 2019, 3:43pm


Paladins are great tanks ingame because of barriers that take first 4 hits for us and the dmg shows up in this small window.
we got multiple talents to decrease the dmg on the barriers or remove it fully. If these barriers wont take higher dmg
than they have already, they will just break after the seconds under them run out and we will take the full dmg from the coresponding barrier. everytime when barrier recieves higher dmg than the lowest one, it will be replaced with the higher hit and you will end up getting hit by the smaller one.

Above of this barrier window, you can also see the amount of cannons you got.

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Friday, September 27th 2019, 3:43pm


Im using the same build for all of the pve content ingame that requires a tank.

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Friday, September 27th 2019, 3:44pm


In this section i will go through the most important skills of paladin. There are a lot more of them but they are so situational that you can literally tank with these skills till some point.

Cannon regeneration

As paladins some of your skills use 2 different types of cannons. These skills are in the build are giving more of them after use.

/ / /

Seal of Righteousness/Retribution/Vengeance/Pledge of Purity :

All of these skills have only 1 job and its to give cannons. Seal of Righteousness gives Cannon of Purity, Retribution gives Cannon of Light and Vengeance (racial skill) gives 1 each of the cannons. Retribution doesnt have cooldown, but Seal has couple second cooldown and Vengance has 1min cooldown as racial skill. Pledge of Purity is used while in combat to give Cannon of Purity every couple of seconds while the buff is on.

Barrier Skills

Like said earlier, Paladins can manipulate their the dmg they recieve into their barriers.

/ /

Defensive Screen/Martyr's Shield/Overcome :

These skills are used to lower the dmg paladin takes through the barriers. Defensive Screen removes the highest hit on the barriers with bit of a cooldown. Martyr's Shield heals you 9% from the dmg you got in the barriers and moves the dmg into 1 barrier so you get 3 empty barriers after using this. Overcome reduces the highest dmg in your barriers by 50% and inflicts the rest straight into you.

Aggro Skills

As a tank, we obviously have skills that make a lot more aggro when we use them.


Challenge/Massive Challenge :

These skills are both doing the same thing, only difference is that Massive Challenge taunts all targets 20 yards around you, Challenge only taunts one target. Both force target(s) to attack you for 5 seconds or till you lose 20% of your max hp.

Dmg Reduction/Shielding

These skills are used to decrease the dmg you are taking or just purely shielding you.

/ / / /

Holy Ground/Rage of Light/Shield Slam/Strike of Justice/Veil of Light :

Holy Ground and Rage of Light are similar, both make "circle" around you while inflicting small amount of dmg to enemies around. Holy Ground drops to the ground and Rage of Light moves with you. Both of these decrease the dmg you are taking while they are on. Shield Slam stuns the target and increases aggro, but the main point is to use this while standing on your Holy Ground, then this skill gives you are a massive shield. Strike of Justice is really nice gap closer and same time it gives 50% reduced dmg buff. Veil of Light just gives you and your party members really decent sized shield.



Pledge of Vengeance/Blood Aegis (reinc skill)

Pledge of Vengance is buff applied to party member to decrease dmg that they are taking for 25% (really good on healer/support) and if that target dies, you will be healer by 50% of your max hp. i recommend to use Blood Aegis as reinc skill since it reduces dmg that you take by 20% for 10 seconds.

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Friday, September 27th 2019, 3:45pm


Idea of tanking is pretty much to try to get Holy Ground up as fast as possible after starting the fight.

Start fight with +

After that, just try to keep + on and use after Holy Ground.

If the pack is doing alot of dmg, just use and run away while party members cc and kill them.

To generate Cannons to keep Rage of Light and Holy Ground on, keep using +

When you have first 4 hits on your barriers, just use to get 3 free barriers so you have more time to get Rage of Light and Holy Ground up.

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Friday, September 27th 2019, 3:45pm


These are the stats that im using for tanking.

Get your Swiftness as high as possible because we arent doing any dmg anyways so better just get every bit of cooldown reduction as possible.
Max proficiency after that, nothing else is really needed.
In defensive stats 400 caution, 150 survivability, 250-300 physical protection and rest to vitality will be enough. Extra stats that you have should be in vitality as well.

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Friday, September 27th 2019, 4:59pm

Final Words

This has been my basic build for tanking, hopefully there has been something useful for paladins that are looking for tank builds :)



Saturday, September 28th 2019, 12:50am

Really nice entry but some things I don't understand are:
Double Attack? These do not work on your cannon regeneration. Why do you use DA for tanking?
Proficiency would bea better option as it increases the value of your shield slam shield and vindication shield generation from being on Holy ground.

300 pdef? Over 250 in a dmg type stat, you lost lots of valuable stats. Not sure if you've done the math yourslef but that's a lot of potential vitality you lose.

400 caution same thing. Does not bring any additional value for pve tanking. Above 300 gives you less dmg reduction than vitality would give you in terms of hp so you waste about 150 stats of vitality into overkilling defensive stats.

So you could become way tankier due to prof boosting ur shield and getting 150 extra vitality - so another big value to your shield since shield slam is based on that.


Saturday, September 28th 2019, 2:06pm

Ummmh it seems that i put wrong ss in the stats.. the offensive stats are anyways written under the picture right :) defensive stats could be lower, thats were you are right.

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