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Thursday, May 22nd 2014, 12:35am

10 euroes for about 1 hour gameplay?

hey all.

first of all, I have absolutely no idea if this is where I'm supposed to post this.
I'm not even sure if this forum is even being watched by the people of allods.
but hopefully I can get some answers to my questions. (I saw some new posts so there are people here)

I recently joined up (about 2 weeks ago) and I had free subscription time (no idea how).
so I made a charactor and all that, worked fine, until today, I ran out of time. (that's fair enough. hadn't paid for time yet, so only fair that, they kinda closed that door)
clicking the timer opens a browser window that pretty much does nothing.
I get an empty window besides a tiny tiny document-like-image in the upper left corner of the window and this text beneath it:
"error.the website encountered an unexspected error. please try again later."
this has been going on for as long as I've been playing. so just "returning the next day", hasn't changed anything.
but, if I click this tiny document, I'm being redirected to "". if I use that and use the "top-up account" I can actually get to purchase diamonds for my account. I did that, put in 1000 diamonds for 10€. this enabled me to play for about 1 hour. before getting kicked out of the game because I ran out of play time. and it right now, ingame says: "no active subscription". does the game really cost 10€ an hour to play? for me that's almost 80 dkr (danish krones) an hour. if I play 100 hours a month (which isn't totally unlikely since I'm retired and don't really have anything better to do) this will cost me in the area of 8000 dkr. or on the other side of 1400 $.. or just on the other side of 1000 €.. that's almost an entire month paycheck (after taxes though). even before taxes this is more than 50% of my income.

I heard about the sub from a friend, who said it was about 10€ per month. 1000 diamonds = 10€.. so gotta admit I just figured that, that would be the deal to make and I would be golden for the next month.
so, how long does 1 diamond last?
or how long is it supposed to last?
to my limited math skills, for me, 1 diamond has lasted about 3,6 seconds for 1000 diamonds to last 1 hour.

so some quick questions:
1: how much is the subscription supposed to cost per month?
2: how long time is 1 diamond?
3: what has happened to my game time?
4: should I complain to someone? if so - who? and where?
5: how long does it take for the game to register that you've paid for play time?

thank you for your time.
take care all.

best wishes - BambusTech

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Thursday, May 22nd 2014, 12:53am

The free sub will be extended after Maintance tomorrow. And its 10€ for 1 Month.


Thursday, May 22nd 2014, 1:09am

Hi there,

The sub server's payment methods has not been activated yet.. basically because there has been a lot of legal issues with the cross region laws and legal jargony stuff regarding a number of the popular payment methods.

The sub time "running out" was a bug, which should have solved itself now. (when I check the server from my client I see: which is the free time being extended until next week.

You should be able to see your Diamond (Crystal) amount if you login to the F2P server and open the Boutique there.

To answer your questions (To the best of my knowledge)

1: how much is the subscription supposed to cost per month? to my knowledge, the 10 euros a month is the right price
2: how long time is 1 diamond? Without having seen the subscription page yet, I can only guess at the moment: but I think its more of a package you buy.. 1 month = 1000 crystals. There may be longer / shorter packages available which may work out cheaper to buy the "bulk" package etc
3: what has happened to my game time? the Crystals should still be available if you make a character on the F2P server (new frontier) and check your balance in the Item Shop (Boutique)
4: should I complain to someone? if so - who? and where? IF your crystals are missing once the free subscription has ended (and your subscription has not been extended) properly, and is not a short term bug, then please submit a support ticket: If you want some further clarification before hand, feel free to send me a PM about it and I will do my best to help you.
5: how long does it take for the game to register that you've paid for play time? once the subscription system is fully online it should be fairly instant, once the transaction has been completed anyway.

I hope that was understandable for you, if not feel free to PM me and I will try and explain further.

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Thursday, May 22nd 2014, 1:46am

thank you

hey again.
this is totally amazing, to get a reply on this so fast, even more since it's like 2 am for me.

thank you Randir, for the short and pinpoint accuracy on the price for 1 month subscription.

and a big thank you to Wraith02 for all the info you have given.
so I'm guessing free time will continue to be given until the issues with payment has been cleared?
I just wanted to know, because I like the game and I really wanna keep playing (even more when the transaction has already been cleared. then I really want to be able to play)

I've logged into the f2p and I see I got 1000 gems (diamonds/crystals, or whatever we wanna call them).
so I think we are golden on this front as well.
and the timer now says it will exspire on the 29th of may.

thank you both for your quick reply and swiftness on this matter.
much love to both of you xxxxoooo

best wishes from here, and take care.


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