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Tuesday, March 31st 2020, 4:23am

When did this inflation happen?

As a returning user after a couple of years, I'm shocked to see this huge inflation happen - things costing MILLIONS of gold... so my question to the community is...

What caused this insane inflation?

Are there ways to grind gold nowadays that keep up with this inflation? Did the game do a good job at uping gold rewards for Hangar gold and end game mobs and dungeon drops? How do players that don't buy crystals get gold at end game enough to survive?

Thank you community.


Tuesday, March 31st 2020, 7:29am

What caused this insane inflation?

Gold available in game for farming.
More gold = more cash shop currency bought with it = higher bc price at exchange npc = higher prices of cash shop items.
This prices you can see now are not insane inflation. It is result of years of increasing gold income with incoming patches and level caps.

Real insane inflation was just before last patch. Devs add few quests with completely unbalanced gold reward with previous patch and gld/bc ratio doubled in less than a month. ?Last patch cut rewards from them and prices dropped to previos level in a week or 2.

Almost all endgame activities can give you some gold. If you want just "to survive" you actually doesn't need to do anything special. You need some effort if you want to improve. Most efficient way is some investment in reincarnations and repeating some most rewarding daily stuff with them.


Tuesday, March 31st 2020, 7:58am

yeh good farmer can get 1-2m in 2-4h, most earining metod now are astral hunts, and spaming astral quests with 11 alts/incs

not including ah coin flip ofc

most problem who caused it is thers not so much ways to spend gold expect of buy mira , all cs items are only in bc, and most ppl trade in global chat in bc price, cuz in milions is more lazy

so in result gold is not worth much, while bc is, making it that bc price going up with evry exchange to it, until someone not planing make 13 runes and pay for dust exchanging his bc for gold

if thay want to gold<bc change, thay need add more thinks you culd spend gold insted of bc

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Tuesday, March 31st 2020, 11:31am



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the inflation came with the merge with american server, as told the players there did fraud in cooperation with mods and generated huge amounts of illegal gold.

it was overnight from 10 to 1000, since then its risen fast to 5000 then mod were forced to do something and it went down for short.

problem is there are not enough gamebreaking temporary items to suck out all the addicted.

to have one reincarnation at least is highly recommended...
PLS make Tekians playable race. fix shipcanons!


Thursday, April 2nd 2020, 10:30am

This didn't need any fraud and mod cooperation. Just some logical preparations.
Everybody knew there was big difference in bc prices on servers. After merge price could be set at lower, higher (causing heavy shock on some ppl from cheaper server) or between them. And it was also obvious that price will quickly rise to level of more expensive server.

On server with higher prices: sell all bc to stack gold - you will buy same or greater (causing inflation but it is problem for others) amount after merge.
On server with lower prices: buy as many bc as you can for your gold - after merge you will get same at least same amount anyways on selling but prices are expected to rise greatly so you can get thousands % profit.

After merge prices were set low so ppl with stacked gold just bought as much as possible - like cheaper server before merge. Ratio got balanced at american level. Then just adding new, more efficient ways of getting was steadily rising it.

Question about hangar gold in first post suggests this player was here AFTER merge and it was not about initial leveling prices to american server, but just this steady inflation caused by increasing income and lack of ways to spend it.


Thursday, April 2nd 2020, 10:59am


but just this steady inflation caused by increasing income and lack of ways to spend it.


what thay culd do are make batterys, and fixing parts to shell armor buy only for gold like in p2p, also food for mount, that culd drop price by 2-3k (if thay culd be buy only for gold)

as that thinks are commons used like mirra

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