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Wednesday, April 15th 2020, 10:52pm

New warden needs help

Hello all.

I played game like ages ago and back then I was a Mage. All that I left from that era was bitter taste of horrible leveling experience. Now I wanted something with more tanky pet this time and I took warden, but in proces (lvl 10 now) I am starting to realise that I took complicated class with crap pet.

Now please do correct me if I am wrong, but this pet at my level is mostly usless, class by itself starts you with caster gear, but i keep see and read that most top level players use it as mele class and I am confused now. What is propper way to play it (aka easier leveling experience) and is there any other classs with pet that is actually usefull (something like hunter in wow).

Edit: I also forgot to ask: Is there any guide on how to play warden as caster, but that is understandable to read. I read those guides on forum, but I must admit I have no clue what they talk about. There is no skill priprities or any guide on how to fight, there is no single sentence about gear aswell. I was even unable to find out what weapon do i use and on what tree I should focus as I level up as Caster.

Thank you for help.


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Thursday, April 16th 2020, 12:42pm

Anyone? 68 views and nobody can help me?


Thursday, April 16th 2020, 1:40pm



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Warden's pet is not like it used to be (below version 7.0). Now it is used to restore mana and health*, while its damage is low (except for the ability to tears - King of the Beasts). It doesn't hold aggro but grabs your opponent's attention to your attack. Pets of other classes (summoner, psionicist, engineer, demonologist) also inflict dmg and provide additional bonuses for a given class.
* Scavenger (2% heal every pet attack); Life Balance (additional hp source for sharing).
When leveling, it's best to use equipment containing bloodlust (you heal by % damage dealt). Proficiency increases base damage. With determination, an additional orange bar appears under the life and mana bar. Its fulfilment during the fight determines the dmg increase by %. Brutality increases dmg by % depending on the health lost by the target. As you travel around Dane/Ammer, a new eq will appear that already has proper stat points (crit damage, double attack, shiftness, etc.).
Build and rotation are presented, among others, by Dragagon here. When you have the right rubies, using one skill increases damage and reduces the casting time of another. In the case of pure dps (aspect of assault), with most activities (lvl, KoE etc.), you fight in range, but to inflict large dmg you use 1 skill in melee (Poisoned Thorn - ~ 25% of the whole dmg).
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Thursday, April 16th 2020, 6:39pm

Thank you. So it lokks like an mixed class. I will read this guide and I guess learn as I go. Thank you. Now I only need to find a guild lol.


Friday, April 17th 2020, 12:22am

additional, basic guide…sses/druid.html
leveling as warden is very pleasent
always make sure to have high bloodlust while leveling so your healthregenerates automatically when damaging enemies (this applies forevey class while leveling)
this means if you can select gearpieces as reward you choose those which have bloodlust stat

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