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Strongbox of the Winner overpriced?

Hi, so I had seen the current sale of the Strongbox of the Winner:…paradise-010520

and thought myself: well let's put 6€ into this to support the server.

And the game shows me literlay the finger. :cursing:

Why you ask? Well the game doesn't tell you that you get mainly shitty stuff.

I've recieved 9 Alamgam and 6 lost chapter (you need at least 100 for an skin-upgrade).

I mean you support the game with extra payments and you get an "thank you" in form of stuff you can farm with not only 1 battleground win (that's ~15-20 min btw.)....

Am I the only one with that opinion?

I mean can't you get even 1 cosmetic for 5€ during an sale on an P2P server?


Yes , I agree to that, that's all just cosmetic stuff for an horrible price. Fells like beeing on f2p ?(


Yeah I think personally it's expensive!! :thumbdown: :wacko:


Well eh, not to protect allods or anything, cheaper is always better, but strongbox are literally rng boxes since dinosaurs were born in the Sarnaut universe.
Comparing it to f2p is also wrong cause it includes no p2w whatsoever unless you find replicators p2w, since u get them from burning Astral Keys.
If you want to support this server, then spread the word about it on different forum and stream/make videos of it.
They give fragments so you can eventually get the item you want without getting nothing.
If its cosmetics you want, then there's a load to get from tournament events (6 euros) and on the webshop also for 6 euros and below.
Strongboxes are more expensive and always RNG.
If you bought via paypal, you can request a reclaim. I know it works from experience so worth trying that.
1 euro per box is expensive, but in the end it's just cosmetics and that's where it ends. I'm glad about that.

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