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New Frontier Kork's letter quest

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Kork's letter quest

I want to reset inc but this stupid quest can't be accepted and can't kick it out of the bag. What's the problem with this? It's on 2 characters. One is level 10 and another level 75. On both same issue.


Check you quest log. It may be part of already accepted quest protected from accidental failing because of losing letter.
Some details about quest, like it's name would also help to find other possibilities as only Kork NPC i can remember now is around 30 level, so it shouldn't be available on level 10.


I deleted all accepted quests. And I have on both inc same letter. So annoying. And description is stupid.


For me it looks like letter starting level 85 side quest in Clear Valley - part of Foul Dale map.

Make sure it is only one item locking reinc reset.
You need empty bank deposit, first 2 tabs of bag, no gear equipped. If it will still prevent from reinc reset you will need to send a ticket because gm intervention will be only way to deal with this thing other than leveling up to 85 and completing this part of quest.


Bank empty, all equipment sold, and only this quest on reinc leveel 10.

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