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Tuesday, August 25th 2020, 2:49am

Psi is getting weaker now

Do you notice that psi ia weaker now, more weak than 2-3 month ago.
I remeber psi uses to fast generate concentration upto 100% in a second. but it is gone right now.
what you think cmiiw


Tuesday, August 25th 2020, 12:38pm

the only thing high concentration is good for is to increase strenght of choke and psychosis
otherwise you want to have low concentration in order to be able to cast your spells without waiting

psi is weak because it has no selfheal and the shields it has are lasting way too short - also the only good shield is a racial ability whichs means a lot of players dont have it and need the speical item to unlock it - and it is agreeable crappy to make a class dependent on a racially unique spell

clone skill has useless ability to teleport back, timelapse skill is pretty worthless aswell and overall psi is a mess in total now
CC does not really work, attacks in this state are weak af
the only viable playstyle is support and so on

only thing good is you can permanently keep armordebuff on target but again, the wounds are completely worthless as healers are worthless already
scout, paladin or warrior do more damage without the armordebuff also

burstdamage is no longer a realm of psi alone - scout, paladin warrior and sorcerer and necromancer can burst like crazy aswell

oh and then there is this absolute worthless survivability buff which helps you absolutely not at all as you dont have selfheal, healers dont exist and psi dies too fast anyway so even if healers could heal it would not be wroth

it is a pity

psi needs a proper rework

i LOVE this class but i changed to paladin as for now and do not regret it at all - i can even kill peoperly geared players even though i am undergeared, damage brusts like crazy, i hal more than a healer and i tank like crazy aswell - finally feeling satisfied again in battleground

sometimes there are players who do well with psi but these are actually not good because they play psi, they are good because they have good gear. if they change class to a better class they perform so much better
- as sad as it is to say (i love the concept of this class) - currently psi is worthless along with healingaspect and wounds and most heal in general

TLDR: change to warrior, scout or paladin if you want to be happy :thumbdown: :wacko:


Tuesday, August 25th 2020, 3:37pm



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I think he means concentration when u dps u dont get the shield fast enough since class has low dps, and in single target I agree, but for Aoe its one of the best, and in pvp it has insane single target pressure and burst, BUT all of this is ONLY as support, since assault suck balls. tbh Loop is rly good.
The guy above me is talking about solo playing only so remember that , when u are in a guild and have a party for certain things, (expecially pvp) psi is rly rly good
but for pve, lets just say, I do 50% of the dmg on Psi as I do on Scout for single target, but for aoe I do maybe 30-50% more on Psi than on Scout (without Stormy Arrow).
long story short - PvP in bg alone is bad need healer to babysit, for PvP as grp with Healer Psi is Amazing. PvE alone is fine (dailys n normal astral). for Heroics end game and Raiding its Bad.
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Wednesday, August 26th 2020, 2:03am


Wednesday, August 26th 2020, 3:17am

you two are right, I found now why psi dps is deop, they change phantom damage from every 1 sec to , every 2 sec.
why they do that ?
psi is damn weak and they make it a lot weaker now.
IIs eu server is tested server ?
they keep makes unnecessary changies.


Wednesday, August 26th 2020, 9:04am



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Phantom dmg is irrelevant anyways, u only want to get out as many as u can for ur vertex decomp combo(6 ofc)
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