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Tuesday, November 3rd 2020, 6:09pm

[PMB 11.1] Gincase from P2P server !

Hello everyone, my name is Gincase. I'm currently playing under the Legacy guild tabard, on the P2P server (Smuggler's Paradise, and yes players there are real ;) )

I've played engineer since I started on this server, first support and now dps (because let's face it, that's the only dps viable on our server)

So today we'll talk about a PVE DPS spec ( because PVP doesn't exist on P2P)

Here's the build :$ujp0rgo31…e0g0000::13ydj3

I didn't get the 3 supremacy rubies, because the dps is higher with attack speed from turrets. Otherwise it's pretty standard. If you really care about them, you can sacrifice the damage reduction on the third grid, or one destructive shots rubies and a radiation rubies too

The stats are fairly easy : 800 prof/900 deter/800 bruta/500 luck alone, and lower them to get 750 luck when playing with a support.
Defensive pve are : max vita/ 1000 bl/750 caution/450 survivability. You should remember that when playing with a support, balancing prof/deter/bruta is better than maxing one of them, but make sure deter is the one getting buffed.

Artefacts are the following : Cross/Aspis. The third one is situationnal, it's either freedom mirror if there is some CC (slows,stuns,...) or if you need to reset delivrance in a boss. Codex if you need the boost from healing, and pilgrim if you want to burst longer. If you have no support triquetrum is quite a good dps for your turrets

These choices are made cause supremacy doesn't work properly. I've tested with multiple stats, and each time, the dps was about the same. I guess the loss of main stats is compensated by the increase of supremacy in this case. We don't have that many stats on P2P, so we must be careful about our choices.

Now the rotation of this build. 11.1 brought a lot of changes, but gameplay is roughly the same.

I start with bomb+blowdown+2*shot(physic if you use acid bomb, acid if you used physic bomb)+blowdown+bomb+blowdown+2*shot

During the downtime of the bomb you can do two shots one blowdown. Getting to three polarity stacks is irrelevant.

Examples of AOE going quite well :

Don't forget to put turrets everytime it's up (doesn't count in gcd so you can do it whenever)

For burst, use your critical mass, spider then reload and spider during the bomb rotation. Put a colossus and a tonic with it and your dps will skyrocket.

For aoe the rotation is the same, you can use destructive shot but be careful as it is a cast

Examples of AOE going quite well :

Thanks for reading me ! Feel free to ask questions.

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