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Sunday, November 8th 2020, 6:21am



  • "Missientri" started this thread

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[PMB 11.1] PVP Paladin Build brought to you by Anharthila

PVP Paladin Build brought to you by Anharthila

Hello there! I am Anharthila as you can tell from the title and I play in the p2w server (Evolution) because you know, its free and all… Anyhow, I am actively a Paladin playing as DPS all the way because I cannot support for shit. I enjoy to pew pew’in people. I have been on and off Allods since 2015 so I know the differences in the builds for the past few years. Just now I decided to get into it because I am not a broke teenager! I am a whole ass adult with PTSD, no savings, and struggling to pay college tuition! I love kicking ass, so you know you getting a quality ass build from this thread. I am focusing on my PVP Build today for the PMB event. Thanks to this new update we all had to be little guinea pigs and do trial and error for a couple of days…maybe a week or two. I am currently in the Monster’s Inc guild. Love it there. Shout out to all my crewmates there. Thank you for letting me snatch you away for astral, love you guys.
This build is straight PVP. It is not a hybrid. Straight killer. Below is currently my talent tree. I’ll be explaining further about each spell if you continue. Thank you for your patience.

Thy Talent Tree


So, Retribution. Absolutely useless in combat. You only really need to upgrade it to rank 3 to get access to Vindication. You would use Vindication not Retribution in combat, but we will get to it later as to why Vindication is the preferred skill in combat. You can just chuck Retribution out of your hotkey bar.

Seal of Righteousness

Another useless skill for combat. Again, like Retribution, you need to upgrade this to rank 3 to gain access to the skill you are going to use in combat, Seal of Inerrability. Again, we will discuss later why Seal of Inerrability is the preferred skill.

Pledge of Purity

THIS ONE HERE. THIS IS THE ONE WE WANT TO KEEP ACTIVE IN EVERY FIGHT. Don’t you dare forget to apply this right when you are starting a fight, in the middle of a fight, and about to win/lose the fight. This right here, is the difference between crappy DPS and good DPS against another player. Pledge of Purity is the skill you want quick access to because this gives you Canon of Purity, which is what you need to activate skills in combat. This skill needs the Inerrability ruby to be highly effective. We will discuss about the importance of rubies with the skills further down.


*Sigh*. Another skill that we just need to rank up to 3 just for the sake of gaining access to the more potent skill. The other skill this gives you access to will be the one you will be using in combat. Yea we already wasting talent points on useless skills, get over it. The more effective version of this skill is Entangling Chains. I’ll be explaining further on why this skill is the more preferred skill. You can just chuck Hallmark from your hotkey bar as well. This trash.

Strike of Justice

Let us talk some good business. Strike of Justice. This skill right here will charge your opponent and deal damage at the same time.
Works wonders when you have Aspect of Assault active too. You almost always want to charge into the fight using this skill. I’ll provide with various skill rotations further down below so you can grasp good PVP combat. You see paladins need to be relatively close to their opponent to deal damage to them. So charging in with this skill is a good strategy because you’re giving yourself an edge by providing your skills with that close proximity you need to fight.


Ah yes. The overtime damage skill. Keep in mind this uses Canons of Purity. This skill right here deals both physical and fire damage over the course of 6 seconds. This means that it will deal a certain amount of damage every second for 6 seconds. You want to keep this on your opponent as well because sometimes, we just need that little extra DPS to kill them when you’re recharging your Canons of Purity.


All right let’s talk about defenses. Paladins have many defenses against an opponent’s attacks. Overcome is one of them. This breaks the barrier that has absorbed the most damage from the opponent. This has a cooldown though. The cooldown is 20 seconds BUT you have many barriers before
you start taking huge amounts of damage. Paladins have 3 barriers; this skill takes the barrier that has absorbed the most amount of damage and breaks it. Sound bad but its not really. It basically heals you and reduces the amount of incoming damage. So if you’re at half HP and you activate Overcome, you are healed and the damage your opponent is doing to you is reduced so you don’t die like a noob.


This bad boy here is what you will be actively be using in combat. You sacrificed talent points to upgrade Seal of Righteousness to rank 3 for this spiciness right here. This deals basic damage to your opponent. It is not a damage over time skill though. Keep that in mind. But this only consumes 1 Canon of Purity. You want this on your active hotkey bar as well. It is one of your much needed DPS skills.

Aspect of Assault

All right this one is straight forward. You need this to deal damage mate. If you don’t activate this and die like a noob without killing a single player, blame that on yourself. ALWAYS activate this when you switch builds. If you don’t, boy you are going to be doing some baby DPS. Lesson here is turn on Aspect of Assault.

End of Part 1...
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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Sunday, November 8th 2020, 6:23am



  • "Missientri" started this thread

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PVP Paladin Build brought to you by Anharthila (Part 2)

Seal of Inerrability

This is another basic DPS skill you need on your hotkey bar. Yes, its like Vindication. Its not a skill that does damage over time. Every time you activate it, you deal a set amount of damage. It depends on your gear by the way. There are many aspects that will add on to skills, so it’s different for everyone. And yes, we sacrificed talent points to rank up Seal of Righteousness to 3 because we need Seal of Inerrability to deal good DPS.

Rage of Light

This skill is the upmost importance to have because it deals damage over time. But that’s not all, you deal damage over time to all enemies around you, 8 yards from your position. Turn this on when you start fighting. This is more of a ‘if you’re getting jumped by chumps’ kind of skill. But more or less, group or not, activate this skill. It deals damage. You want to deal as much DPS as possible.

Blinding Blow

I call this skill the ‘my bitch’ skill. You make your opponent disoriented so they cannot really attack you within the 3 seconds this skill is active for. This is an opportunity skill. Use it to your advantage. You want the upper hand, you don’t want your opponent to have the upper hand. Keep this skill on the side because its got a long cooldown. A 1 minute and 30 seconds long cooldown. If you have macro keys this skill is perfect use for those keys.

Death Sentence

This is a good skill. Let me tell you why. For 8 seconds your target gets 2 stacks of death sentence. This is good because with each stack that they get for that 8 second time frame they are slowed by 20% AND is resistance proof. They also take damage from this every time you hit your opponent. Basically, you activate this skill, you opponent gets stacks of death and is slowed, AND any other skills you use to deal damage they will get hit with MORE damage thanks to Death Sentence. This does eat a stack effect to deal the extra damage. It’s worth it though.

Entangling Chains

This the other skill you also had to sacrifice talent points for. Hallmark is trash. This is the better version of Hallmark. It deals more damage. It has a 10 second cooldown because it really does kick ass. Use it every time it is available to use (because you are also healed by 1.5% when you do). This deals a good chunk of damage, so it is in your best interest to rank it up.


Another damage over time DPS skill you want in your active hotkey bar. It deals a good amount of damage. You want this on your opponent as well because DUH its extra damage that is dealt over time. Rank it up to deal that high DPS you striving for.

Radiant Chain

This skill is specifically for those bitchass kiting sons of bitches. Especially scouts. Basically, any class that can attack you from afar. You can pull them little shits to you with this skill. Not only does this pull your opponent to where you are, it slows them down so they can’t run away from you immediately.

Holy Intervention

This is more for your friend you are fighting alongside with. It heals a good chunk of HP. You could be a hero and save them from imminent death. Or let them die. You can either be a hero or live long enough to become the villain. This is if you have any extra talent points that you want to use.

Veil of Light

This skill is extremely useful for when you’re dying and need that extra boost to stay alive. You bless yourself or someone else with a blessing that applies a shield that take 50% of incoming damage and absorbs it. This is dependent on the amount of health you have too so it varies from player to player. You can apply this to yourself or an ally.

Judgement Day

The rain of fists you cast down to an 8 yards radius from you. This is one of the tear moves you can use. Depending on the quality of your tear depends on how long and how hard you hit the area around you. Movement speed is decreased for opponents, they also take incoming damage per second. AND if your opponent casts a class ability they are pulled towards you and you deal even MORE damage. Once the effect disappears you also deal additional damage to anyone who got affected by Judgement Day. It also casts fear on them for 2 seconds. You want this rank 3. A must have skill for paladins.

Circle Justice

This is your other tear move. It is also affected by the quality of tear you have equipped. Anyone within the circle is paralyzed and cannot use any movement abilities. You don’t necessarily need this at rank 3, rank 1 is just fine. Gives you a nice edge if you are getting jumped by a group of players.

End of Part 2...
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Sunday, November 8th 2020, 6:24am



  • "Missientri" started this thread

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PVP Paladin Build brought to you by Anharthila (Part 3)

Now let’s talk about rubies. We got 3 different trees for ruby usage. Each has its own focus. Inquisitor, Crusader and Defender. Inquisitor is the physical ruby tree. Crusader is the holy damage ruby tree. Defender is obviously, from the name, the defensive ruby tree.

Blessed Steel

Pretty straight forward, increases your physical damage by 25%

Combat Mastery

Increases proficiency (Paladins need this because this increases the strength of your attacks; basically the main offensive stats to power up your moves)

Flushed with Fury

Holy Rage is increased by 2 seconds (This is linked with Rage of Light skill, increases its duration)

Holy Rage

Also linked with Rage of Light skill that you always want to keep active; it increases your damage basically

Inquisitor Hallmark

This ruby is linked with your Incineration, Retribution and Vindication skill (obviously we don’t use Retribution we use its more potent version
Vindication) This stacks up to 3 times and will increases entangling chains by 25%.

Judge Seal

When you use the Seal of Inerrability skill to attack, this ruby gives you 3 stacks of Ardent Blade which increases the damage of the Incineration skill you also have to use to attack. (This baby stacks up real quick)

Last Grace

We only want this for the extra 10% of damage it gives to the Incineration skill

Pure Thoughts

When you use Pledge of Purity (which you are supposed to keep active!!) this ruby gives you a chance to increase your damage by 10% and reduces your incoming damage by 15% for 22 seconds.

Righteous Force

Increases your overall damage by 10% (with each additional ruby its an additional 10%, you better take it)

Sweeping Justice

Holy Rage (the stack effect)
increases you damage and movement speed by 15%

Sword of Tenses

This is linked with Strike of Justice skill; it basically increases the duration of this skill by 1.5

True Defender

It increases your stamina. (You need stamina to survive; your health)

Warden of Light

It increases damage (Paladins need this for DPS)

End of Part 3...
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Sunday, November 8th 2020, 6:25am



  • "Missientri" started this thread

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PVP Paladin Build brought to you by Anharthila (Part 4)

Crusader Ruby Tree


Increases Incineration damage

Commitment to Fire

When Incineration or/and Condemnation is going to expire this baby will deal additional damage to your target.


Increases Vigor (Damage and healing for your Pally)


This is the super annoying BS that paladins are famous for. It blinds your target for a couple of seconds and they are vulnerable for additional seconds. You can cast this from a distance to give yourself and edge in battle.


So, whenever someone puts a control effect on you with this ruby active, the cooldown of Strike of Justice, Blinding Blow and Radiant Chain are decreased by a certain amount of seconds.

Energy Surge

As soon as you charge into battle with someone this effect is applied on you, it basically increases your damage depending on the amount of rubies you use on this type.

Focused Light

Also increases your damage, specifically your Holy damage.


When Rage of Light expires up to 2 enemies around you will get the Condemnation effect for a few seconds.

Law and Order

Your Vindiction (we don’t care about Retribution) receives additional damage from this ruby if the target is under the Condemnation effect. The effect is also increased by a few seconds.

Pledge of Vengeance

When this is applied to one of your buddies in the raid, you can avenge their death (if they die with this active on them BEFORE they die) You receive bonus effects like increased damage and recovered health for yourself

Scourge of Darkness

Increases the duration of Condemnation and increases its damage.


When you cast Rage of Light, targets around you will be pulled towards you (It’s triggered every 60 seconds)

Sun Heat

Increases the damage for Rage of Light.

Tough Armor

This is important for your barrier. This reduces incoming damage and heals your lost health. Downside is the cooldown of overcome is increased by A LOT. But your movement speed is increased.

You can also get:

Incineration to rank 3 by downing Veil of Light to rank 2
Get rid of Solstice and Pledge of Vengeance rubies (solstice not too efficient and Pledge got nerfed on 11.1) to get the 2 last rubies on Sun Heat

End of Part 4...
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Monday, November 9th 2020, 11:07pm



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PVP Paladin Build brought to you by Anharthila (Part 5)

Defender Ruby Tree


This is linked with Condemnation, which immobilizes your target for a couple of seconds.


Your target becomes your bitch, they are forced to attack you when you use this. It also reduces their damage dealt on you by a significant amount. But once you take more than 20% of damage this effect is removed.


This is linked with Seal of Righteousness, Seal of Inerrability, Hallmark and Entangling Chains (out of all this you actually only use Seal of Inerrability and Entangling Chains) which slows down your target for a few seconds.

Ferocious Flame

Using Incineration skill, your target receives a Wound effect that reduces your target’s healing.

Massive Challenge

If you want to be big dog this is it. This forces all enemies within 20 yards around you to attack you for a few seconds. It reduces damage dealt by your targets and if you take more than 20% of damage this effect is removed.

Roaring Howl

Connected with Massive Challenge ruby, this gives a Weakness effect that reduces the target’s damage towards you.

End of Part 5...
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Monday, November 9th 2020, 11:36pm



  • "Missientri" started this thread

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PVP Paladin Build brought to you by Anharthila (Part 6)

Equipment Stats

*Note: For skirmishes if you do not have a healer DO NOT PUT SURVIVABILITY. If you do have a healer in your raid, you can apply survivability.

Additional Note: Depending on the situation and what you want to do with your pally, you should go for like 1k brutality or a lil bit of determination (stacks pretty fast with Rage of Light + interdiction rubies) and the rest in Proficiency You can also get higher brutality if you want to be more of a finisher, by getting lower proficiency

Proficiency: Increases damage and healing (the higher
the better)

Determination: Useless for PVP, you don’t need this

Brutality: Absolute must, you do more damage the less
health your opponent has

Vitality: Its your health amount

Willpower: It’s useless too

Bloodlust: Not for PVP

Luck: You don’t need this for PVP either

Fury: Leaves wounds and it decreases their healing
until their wound is healed

Swiftness: Increases how fast your offense abilities are activated & reduces duration effects of damage over time. It also decreases the global cooldown of all available abilities

Supremacy: Increases physical damage and heals health

Conviction: You don’t need this

Survivability: Increases healing and damage output. Shields also have a higher chance of absorbing incoming damage

Caution: This is based on your health, if it drops below 40% this kicks in to save your life. Depending on how many points you add here will increase the effectiveness of how much incoming damage you will take below 40% health.

Sustainability: You don’t need this either.

Endurance: Reduces incoming crit. You can add up to 500 on this because Scouts use a lot of crit.

Speed: You don’t need this either.

Skill Rotation: (Rotation is situational, I provided examples how I approach matches)


à à à X3 à à à à à à à

Group of weeboos:

à à à x3 à à à à à

If they are attacking from far away and keep slowing you down, keeping you from reaching them with your attacks and keeping them at bay to deal aggressive damage:

à à à à à x3 à à à

Well, this is the end of the guide. Hope it helps. HAPPY HUNTING YALL!!
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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