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Sunday, November 15th 2020, 5:37pm

[PMB 11.1] Demonologist TANK by Dragagon

Hey guys,
Decided to also make a demonologist tank PMB because it's a good and fun starter class to learn tanking in, and it's interesting since a a long time, there is some tank competition (see, warriortanklink).

I like demotank a lot because of the high Crowd Control it can do during tanking, aswell debuffing enemies for them to take more damage from your group.
It's been revamped since last patch quite a lot so that it became an actual tank option.
It dropped a bit in utlity, but in trade for that got a lot tankier for itself!

We'll start by listing the legend here and you can go as you see fit :)
Enjoy & keep learning!

The build
The rubies - grid I
The rubies - grid II
The rubies - grid III
Racials & World Mysteries
Reincarnation skills

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Sunday, December 13th 2020, 11:16am

The Build

This is rank 2 only to get to the other abilities. We do use it every 5s (if rng doesn't reset it) to apply another 15% mitigation on ourselves thanks to the "Shackles of Agony" rubies.

Rift of Pain:
This is what we use to make some aoe aggro, restore lots of Obsession at once and to pump our Wall of Blades, decreasing incoming damage by 5% per stack, a maximum of 5 stacks.

Torturer's Blades:
We use this ability very often. It helps us build Wall of Blades to reduce the damage we take by 5% per stack, up to 5 stacks. And also thanks to the "Eternal Night" rubies, we can extend our Dark Veil to unlimited time aslong as we can keep hitting mobs.

We use this ability to apply the Vulnerability on mobs we're tanking, thus increasing the damage dealt by our group.

Shadow Flight:
A great escape tool! Instantly turns you into Fury form while also teleporting you away, with travel time all the less :(
But great for kiting in MOS, and getting around really quick.

Aspect of Defense:
Without this, we cannot tank :D Lot's of rubies wouldn't work, we'd have half the health we need, we'd have less aggro :(

Sphere of Negation:
This is a nice back up defensive, but I have used it very rarely.
I'd save it when you panic, press the button and hope for you healer to grab you out of trouble :D

Stream of Chaos:
This is a great ability to apply aoe Vulnerability. Can be nicely timed after stunning by Demonic Onslaught.
Used to work on red rings only to slowdown, but that's been removed :(
Still a really helpful ability!

Veil of Madness:
Another great defensive ability we use often, or nearly off cd.
Also changed since the 11.1 update.
Now it reduces all incoming damage by 60% for 8s, with a cooldown of 16s. Before it used to apply a 300% shield on yourself at the cost of 30% health.
It's better than it used to be, because mitigations is what you need to survive bigger hits.

We use this to heal up quickly during downtimes in combat, when all of them are cc'd for example incase you run without healer or healer's busy doing other healings.
It's takes a while to practice to swap quickly between forms and back to tank cause you cannot use this on tank form. Need to be on human form in order for you to use this ability.

Another great tool to aid our healers, and thus our own. It's a huge self heal that usually gets me from 30% to max. Survivability affects this one!

Ill Will:
We use this ability to help our healers because we're literal meatshields with lots of point to heal.
using this ability, thanks to the rubies "Will of Chaos", will increase all incoming healing by 60% - which is a ton really.

Demonic Onslaught:
This is our main Crowd Control ability. A great AOE CC ability with a very long duration, and really small downtime.
Stuns for 7s, cooldown is 10s :D thanks to the "Thunder Onslaught" rubies. Have people throw aoidos fires inbetween and you have literal permanent crowd controls going on!
It's best to press the ability once and let it run out while making turns with our mouse.

Dark Veil:
This is one of our main defensive abilities.
It's also been changed since 11.1.
We can extend the duration of this ability by spamming Torturer's Blades. It also applies Weakness on all mobs inside of it.
It used to, instead of applying Weakness, give 40% mitigation to all party members that are inside the circle.

Another really good Crowd Control, but can only be done in Predator Form, so be really careful on when to use it.
Usually using this when a mob is chasing someone on which I lost aggro.

Sigil of Decay:
We use this ability to apply Vulnerability to our mobs. Small delay on it happening because the bomb on the floor needs to charge up for 1 second.
It's not an aoe, so be careful when dropping it in groups of mobs.

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Sunday, December 13th 2020, 11:16am

The rubies - grid I: Occultist

Eternal Torment:
As the name says, trying to get Torment off cd forever, until rng says no :(
This is helpful to have it off cd to keep the Shackles of Agony up (15% mitigation).
it can happen often that it goes on cooldown, that's then just unluck ;x
I believe this also changed with 11.1. But don't beat me if I am wrong.
Believe it gave crit chance and everytime you critted, it would refresh the cooldown.

Spontaneous Destruction:
A flat bonus stats to our main stat - Supremacy - which makes our obsession generation better. The damage increase from Supremacy is irrelevant to us on tank form.

Tide of Madness:
This ability helps us maintain our Obsession.
I use it often to keep up that streak of Torturer's Blades to stack up a lot of time into our Veil of Darkness.
That is the only real Obsession drainer anyways.

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