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New Frontier his vocation quest

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his vocation quest

i keep failing the quest and the orc isnt even close to being dead ... i am so lost please help ... i have looked in a lot of places online and cant find info :( ?(


I have the same problem. I've put in a ticket about it but admin doesn't seem to understand the word "stuck"



I'm Lev 90. The quest leads on from "second Night" and is at Black Spit. You get changed into the demon shape you had from "first Night" and have to get a psionist orc to a portal without him dying. There are 4 mobs to get thru but the last mob is impossible. The trouble is that once you accept the quest, you cannot leave no matter what you do. You can't escape it by any means. Transporting or dropping the quest won't release you, other players can't help you with the mobs, and you are stuck in the quest until you somehow manage to complete it. It's a trap. I had to get player Support to get me out of it, but somehow when they did that, I lost almost all my progress in Irene. But I had been stuck in the quest for almost 2 weeks unable to move forward at all. Admin needs to apply an auto-complete choice after a certain amount of fails, like the quest in Irene where you can auto-complete the quest where you are a giant statue firing arrows thru circles. Just avoid the questline "Second Night" IT'S A TRAP!!!




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I ont think it has been an issue before, the 3 packs before last is doable why not the last one?, u dont have to aggro all mobs at once either since the npc can tank one for example, and I cant remember if u put BL on itd help u heal some from skill but Idk, was a long time since I did it.
I am PioPico


this quest was topic in Category Issues 2threads before this...

good news! if you can do 3th mobs you can do 4th mobs also, i did it with 20 chars, just change tactics...

skiping this questline is not good, so you wouldnt get access to following questline with easy expgain.

allods online is a trap!!!
PLS make Tekians playable race. fix shipcanons!


I really don't think this quest is as big of a problem as you guys make it look like here.
Unsure what you keep failing on.
Try to pay attention wether you're grouping them up with the chain ability and use the flying aoe ability? That makes you immune to damage too.
let me know how that goes :) :thumbsup:

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