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Thursday, January 7th 2021, 8:54pm

Question about leveling

Hi, I played years ago as f2p and just recently subscribed.
At first I loved the subscription server but now I'm kinda annoyed by how fast the leveling speed is.
I made a character and was doing all the side missions and got to lvl 35 while still in darkwater.
That is a problem because when you are too much above the area level the monsters are just too easy and you dont get any loot.
The loot part is what I hate the most, because if I want some of those special coins I have to travel to another area and grind for a long time.
Then I made another character and did only the main missions. On this one I got to darkwater on level 23 (almost 24), which is still too high to be starting on that area.
So what I'm asking is if there is something I can do to maybe get less xp from the missions or something like that.
(I know that leveling too fast sounds like a ridiculous complaint, but then you realise that there's a reason for games like swtor and eso to scale your level according to the area you're in even if your actual level is way higher, so you can level at the speed you want)


Friday, January 8th 2021, 10:46am



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do you have any lucky moments at the moment at your server? without lucky moment i cannot imagin that it is possible to become 35 in darkwater to fast, even if you farm the blue knights.
Just delete your chars and/or wait for end of Lucky Moment then you have the full joy of leveling? .. btw this useless coins shouldnt be your motivation at any point for anything?
maybe do your first inca, then you can deactivate expgain and waste your life away alldaylong farming coins in any area you prefer? is there incabuff on p2p?
PLS make Tekians playable race. fix shipcanons!


Sunday, January 10th 2021, 12:54pm

This question was posted on 7th January, there is the End of the Year season Lucky Moments active, which gives a ton more exp to help people reach endgame, because most players just want to go endgame.
You cannot slowdown levelling. You should simply move onto the next map when your level allows it - speedlevelling - to reach endgame asap. Atleast that's the idea of the devs.
If you're in it for the questing experience, then you'll have to hold off til the Lucky Moment period is over so you can level on the normal circumstances again.
That's ending tonight at exactly midnight.

Goodluck levelling!
Btw, what's your ingame name?


Tuesday, January 12th 2021, 4:08am

Yeah, eventually I found out that it was because of the lucky moment thing and had to wait for 3 days to play again.
Then I created another character and... arrived at Frozen Frontier at level 21... *sigh*
What I said about the coins was just an example, because since there is no boutique in this server, the cosmetic items are only available through npcs in which you pay with those special coins. But the thing really is about how boring the game gets when you're on a level that's higher than the area. And I don't like to skip missions, part of the reason I play any game is the story, reading the mission texts, getting immersed, that kind of stuff. I do want to get to the endgame at some point, but I play the game to have fun the whole time, not after 400+ hours into it...
But anyways, I'll keep trying, maybe I'll create another one and try doing less missions.(My current ingame name is Sall)

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