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new smuggler here

Here is how and why I became subscriber and why I start my character on p2p instead of f2p, which seems rather weird huh?

It's a long arse video and I don't usually do those but I feel like this had to be made so that you get the perspective of a player looking for new mmo.


I liked your video haha and after like 7 days on the p2p server i'm still not bored nor hit any sort of wall like i did on f2p. The bag is indeed a bit too small for now but i sell crap often. There aren't many people sadly and i can see how that can become a problem when you want to do harder stuff. People loving their mega popular& high population games will not like it here and that is disheartening because it's a vicious circle. I'm used to play low pop games and quest alone, read text etc so it's not a problem for me but i would love to see SOME people around when i quest haha. Even if only for the journey it's definitely worth it to spend 5 euro/dollars on it based on the amount of content/story it has.

All in all...i swear this game needs more advertising, especially the p2p server as it has zero. Even when you make a new character you are not asked where you want to go..they throw you in the new f2p mess. Those same videos and guys you mentioned made me try the game and don't regret it one bit. . i'm not sure what the marketing team from the company is doing these days but i guess they're living the life lmao. Never saw a single advertisement for the game in YEARS.


Subbed as well!
Mind you the posts you reviewed from the p2p differences was from 2015, lots has changed since then :D


Thanks for positive feedback...

so far I'm enjoying the game, really! I played on f2p long ago and it's good to be back after long looong break so I don't even remember the f2p stuff anymore.

Just wanna play non pay to win game with NORMAL price!




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Good luck on SMuggler hope you'll enjoy.

Feel free to pm me discord if you need something
In-game: McFirense Server: Smuggler Paradise (P2P) Faction: League


Good luck on SMuggler hope you'll enjoy.

Feel free to pm me discord if you need something
thanks! ;) enjoying the game so far

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