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Thursday, August 19th 2021, 6:09pm

I Miss the Old Days

Ahh, Allods Online. My very first MMO that I got extremely involved in. How I loved my experience leveling and questing through the zones and gaining a 2nd family in the form of a guild. I have so many fond memories of the game and lately I've been feeling very nostalgic about it.

Version 1 of the game. The very first character I made, I made just before Gipat was released. My main was created just after. I could go on and on with memories and reminiscing about the "good old days." However, I won't for now. I'd love to relive them, but I don't think that's possible anymore.

I decided to make a fresh incarnation lately to level up through the zones, actually reading all the quest text this time (because I actually didn't before). I wanted to relive all the great memories, or at least just a romp through the old zones. However, it's not the same. The game is just so fundamentally different that I'm not really feeling it much.

I stopped playing sometime when the level cap was 55. I hated the gear upgrading system they introduced in whatever patch increased the level cap to 45, but it was bearable and I had my guild to be with. However, as time went on, more and more of what I loved about the game was removed and replaced with monotony and grind. I eventually fell out of the game and just accepted that it was no longer my game. It went too far in a direction that I didn't like and isn't coming back.

That's ok though. I can still just level up and reminisce in the old zones, right? Well, partially. I can't stand the new (please note, when I say "new" I mean new as in new to me, post-Cradle days) stats. Determination, Bloodlust, Brutatlity, Proficiency... They make all the gear feel homogenized. I get a quest reward and none of it is exciting. They don't increase, and each singular point offers nothing. The stats are just so boring, and the quest rewards lack any sort of life to them. I'd MUCH prefer the old system, with strength/intelligence, perception/faith, wisdom, expertise, finesse. It just felt more rewarding and lively.

The game also seems to still be extremely catering to whales. All I ever see in the news feeds are cash shop events and mandatory "meh" events like birthdays or class/profession/patron days. Do the mods ever have any real events anymore? Well, thankfully in my time of playing, I got enough cash shop stuff to still be competent, so as long as it doesn't get even more greedy, I should be fine on that end.

Lastly, I have no interest in endgame. I gave this game another legitimate try last year. I was having fun and enjoying myself, until I hit the endgame loop and found out it's even worse than I remembered and immediately quit. Too much grind makes the game feel like a chore and this game has long since passed that threshold for me.

I also feel sad when I see the state of the game. Like, all I ever see in Novo anymore are just a handful of endgame players who are glowing brightly with all sorts of cash shop items or elite gear. While I'm questing, I'm rarely seeing anyone. I know there was that "dungeon finder" thing added that speeds up leveling, but that just defeats the purpose I'm trying to do. It feels so sad to see all the zones so empty. It honestly feels like seeing an old playground that I used to love and frequent, now monetized so hard that it's practically empty.

I'll keep going periodically. Hopefully I'll run into some familiar faces to chat with, but I don't find it likely. If anyone sees this and would like to reminisce or remembers me, please let me know.


Thursday, August 19th 2021, 6:19pm

I apologize that this ended up turning into a rant. I just really want to relive some of that nostalgia, but it's very hard to when so much of the game just feels so different, mostly for the worse.

If you see me running around in-game, give me a whisper! I'll be toying around on either my main (Obeik) or leveling my nostalgia character (Quadrobe, who is ironically an engineer, which is a class that was new when I stopped). I might even try out my other incarnations.


Saturday, August 21st 2021, 2:26am

allods was my first MMO aswell, played only diablo II before
still being happy today when i see how the auto-looter in allods works :rolleyes:

back in the days, there were 4 basic stats, some dependent on being an energy- or manauser
energy-users could miss, manausers normally not
(i guess ou remember all of this but some newer players might have never heared of it)

i remember how many hits missed as a warrior back then when i tried to kill a level 51 when i was level 30 :rolleyes:
(i had no idea how things worked but i wanted to do some playerkills so i basically attacked everything that was possible)

when i started the game, max level was 51 and bard was just added to the game along with mercenaries

i played since then and never completely paused although RL sometimes leaves little time for my hobby here

now in endgame, there are more stats than bloodlust, prof/ deter / brut
stats are actually more complex now than when you left

there is double attack, supremacy, stamina, survivability and some more

i do miss asee teph but the kingdom of elements rework conserved at least a bit of that feeling
there are sites to capture which give a bonus, there are enemy NPCs to kill and there are war-banners

there is even an item for 60minutes unlimited respawn which you can get from the NPC vendor for killing a few mobs before
sometimes, in al-riaht (endgame gearup zone) there are also a few good PVP-opportunities as people forget to turn off their flag of war
but the main PVP area is ofc the battleground. i love how you even get some gearpices now from it. i also disliked the upgrading system in the old times. i even refused to upgrade gear and instead just farmed gold and upgraded my runes which was certainly a good decision as i still have my runes today while the gear is obsolete long time

as for guilds i dont share your passion for social interaction since i honestly only want to kill and trade when i play, but the forum is where i look for a fruitful exchange of opinions and knowledge regarding allods online
however i created a guild with a very own guildallod, full statboni plus a decent exp bonus everyone can join as long as he does not flame or starts begging for gold (no requirements, no duties, just free bonus)

endgame areas are done wih so much attention to detail, i stil llove coming to the allod irene with all these elves, i am crazy for them :love:

i strongly recommend going for full purple gear and trying endgame PVP & PVE aswell as coping with the new (endgame-) stats! its entertaining finding out how to balance them best
protip: you can change endgame-stats on your gear with insignia from distortions, KOE-vendor, BG-NPC, raids and itemshop


Saturday, August 21st 2021, 7:36pm

I might give endgame another try, but unfortunately I'm very anti-pvp. I've always sucked at it and I've never enjoyed it. I've done it so much and just can't learn to like it. I'm a PvE only player.

The stats I'm still afraid of. They all seem so bland to me aside from the supremacy stat.


Sunday, August 22nd 2021, 12:19am

if you dont enjoy PVP and thus dont play it, things are so much easier
you can go max determination, rest to proficiency, defensive stats go vitality & bloodlust, end of story

(ofc there are a few variations like brutality for PVE where mobs have large HP pools or supremacy being useful in some special builds but in general you are set with the above)

i am so annoyed by changing stats and builds everytime between pve and pvp i usually just stay in pvpbuild and accept subpar performance in PVE - its still more than good enough :thumbsup:

stats are far from bland, let me go into detail a bit

proficiency is the simple stat - the more you have the more damage you do but its always the same

brutality is very interesting - the lower your targets HP are, the more dmg you do. this is very intneresting for PVP in order to finish off healers and also players with high caution (defensive stat that reduces damage a lot if HP are low)
when i play psi i love to go full brutality, first tickle the enemy and make low damage, it seems like my attacks wont do much, enemy feels safe, then keep up pressure and then burst and create a big surprise as the multiplier from brutality can hit really hard. experienced players know and can cope with that but its very satisfying when you battle non-veterans

determination has a special mechanic, you have to keep up your gauge to do proper damage, i think it has to be at 66% to be equal to proficiency but if your gauge goes higher, it will be more efficient than proficiency. in PVP you usually have to AOE to use it reasonable which is a significant trade-off as you will suffer from the low dmg in 1vs1

some time ago, the mechanic was to fill the gauge by RECEIVING damage, not causing it making it a great stat for tanks and an interesting option for PVP as it was basically a punishment for those attacking you. result was noone atacked those with high det but they also could not deal any relevant dmg so after this was widely known the fun was over

also, when AOE damage was 15m radius on average (now its the half) deter was AWESOME, i remember as warrior going to assault (normally played as 2h-tank in PVP), full deter, full bloodlust, into enemy groups, doing the warrior-spinning, healing with bloodlust... almost always #1 in damage with so much space to #2, great memories

ok, now we have covered the basic stats
lets go to the special stats

for some classes supremacy works better than others
for example for necromancer its a boost without issues, you just have to stay away from other players

for demonolog however, if only boosts your seal-attack means all statpoints put into supremacy willreduce damage from your torture which is one of your main attacks - but it will also make you gain the resource for seal faster... thinking about all that, balancing and so on is a tricky task and somehow enjoyable... :rolleyes:

luck is also a factor, makes you hit a bit harder but since you have a counterstat in PVP for that its less relevant
maybe if you go PVE only full luck is a good idea? i have never tried it

i recommend you spend some time with the new stats and take time to read about how they function in detail :)

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Sunday, August 22nd 2021, 4:33pm

I'll just have to give them a try. So far, while leveling, I can honestly say I hate it. I feel my general overall power isn't being affected by my which stats I want to stack. I practically have to pull 6+ mobs to get my determination above 10%.

Also, what I meant when I say "bland" is that I feel like my decisions have no sway in my overall power. Whether I get a +60 to this or a +60 to that will make no noticeable difference. I've gotten to the point I no longer care and just take which quest reward has the most gold stars.

That's also another thing, but more of a personal thing, really. I prefer smaller numbers, because I like to feel boosts. I don't like how everything has static stats (green +60, blue +69 or so, etc) that don't scale, and 60 points in a stat makes almost no noticeable difference. I honestly feel (while leveling) the only stats that matter are Vigor and Stamina (as well as weapon and spell power obviously).

I'm sorry for sounding so pessimistic. I'm just relaying what I've felt so far. I'm also still in fear of endgame and just the general direction most of the game took. Everything seems to be either timed or you have to collect 100+ of unusable items to get it, and if there's any sort of gear upgrading/enhancing as the main endgame goal, I'll most likely dislike it. I played it for 2 major expansions, to raiding level in both, and I can safely say that I disliked it so much that it ruined my entire enjoyment of the game.


Monday, August 23rd 2021, 2:47am

while leveling i dont take any time to look at WHAT stats a piece of gear gives, as you said, the only thing relevant is vigor
this makes leveling incredible fast (also with a auto-quest-accept+handin-addon it gets even faster)

if your determination is awful low you likely do something wrong

is your martyr at max level? this also gives vigor! (myrrh-skills)
do you have aspect of assault at rank 3?
do you have all rubies which increase your damage and no rubies which dont work on your aspect?

if you want you can post an image showing your gear, spec and so on here and we discuss it

its OK to be pessimistic, if you dont enjoy the game i cant help you anyway
but if you dont enjoy it because of an user-error we might get this to the point where you get new desire (i did so much wrong when i was new in this game a honestly i sometimes have the feeling i still dont get some things)

recently had an apprentice which was lost with the stats system and after fixing his build, stat and gear he doubled his damage and started to really enjoy the game

about gear in endgame: i HATE upgrading the so-fast-getting-obsolete-gear aswell, good news is you do pretty well with just DIRECT DROPS nowadays
also, there will be soon the next miniseason (orange gear) which means a soft reset means one can be pretty much on par with everyone else


Monday, August 23rd 2021, 5:06pm

My damage output is fine. I noticed my determination getting up to about 25% yesterday.

I'll play a bit on my main and see if I can hit endgame again.


Monday, August 23rd 2021, 7:23pm

Ok, maybe I won't. I don't see a way to get back to the place.


Tuesday, August 24th 2021, 2:51am


Wednesday, August 25th 2021, 3:07am

How do I get to the new zone? I see Alice on my incarnations and she takes me right there, but not on my main


Wednesday, August 25th 2021, 3:36am

try auto-questfinder button and also check your mails, sometimes there is a letter which starts a quest when you use it


Wednesday, August 25th 2021, 4:25am

Auto-questfinder doesn't do anything and mail doesn't have anything for it. Could it be my level is too low? I'm 85.


Wednesday, August 25th 2021, 11:01am

depends on whats up next. but if you had max level before you paused playing your level will be certainly not the problem
sometimes you have to press auto-questfinder multiple times short in a row to get a useful result, it is a bit weird

sure you dont have any relevant open quests aswell?


Wednesday, August 25th 2021, 3:46pm

Ah, there she is. I did what you said and pressed the auto quest finder a few times and the quest popped up in the Iron City. I wouldn't have thought of checking there.


Thursday, August 26th 2021, 6:48pm

Ok, scratch that. I went to the location the quest finder told me to go and she's not there. I then spammed the auto quest finder to pick up or complete everything it gave me until the only new one is to find her. It led me to a million raid quests, and a few random low level quests I somehow missed and then completed, but nothing. My character is legitimately bugged and can't progress to the new zone.

EDIT: I found a questline I missed. I'll follow it and see if it brings me there

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