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Tuesday, March 29th 2022, 2:08pm

special channel for questions

So like, is this coming to the forum too or is this discord exclusive?
If it's discord exclusive, am I not allowed to ask questions?
I feel over time the forum is paid less attention to and much more info passes on the discord.
People not having acces to your discord fall behind on info. How do you deal with that?


Tuesday, March 29th 2022, 2:26pm

So like, is this coming to the forum too or is this discord exclusive?
If it's discord exclusive, am I not allowed to ask questions?
I feel over time the forum is paid less attention to and much more info passes on the discord.
People not having acces to your discord fall behind on info. How do you deal with that?

Just for Discord :)


Tuesday, March 29th 2022, 3:49pm

Original questions from Dragagon:

Hi, thanks for opening a channel as this. I have several questions as a **life long player in allods online**.
**1st question**
Symbol of the week on P2P. A vendor is present selling goods for Symbol of the Week but this currency is not available to receive in anyway. When reaching the monthly rewards, there is always an empty unclickable scroll as reward. Is that the to be Symbol of the Week but simply not available? Support was unable to answer this question. There is no info about it, communication is very hard to do when mods barely know the answers either. We're in serious lack of info about the game, and some info channels are not being advertised by allods staff themselves.
TLDR; When are you implementing Symbol of the Week for players to earn?

**2nd question**
Why is there no upgrade option for our astral ships to upgrade to the size with back cannons and extra cannons on the sides for P2P? You could easily put it as reward for any dead content to revitalize. I asked this question 2 years ago and 2 years later, nothing came of it.

**3rd question**
Why is EU being excluded from certain ingame events that RU got?
Example is the white horse event that in RU everyone got by interacting with a certain class 10x for 3 or 4 days in a row. EU never got this.
The same applies to many achievements that EU can never complete because those things never came to EU. You understand it starts to look like EU is just getting leftovers and we're thinking you don't care about EU except for the cashers?

**4th question**
Howcome many mounts on F2P are not available for P2P? We're missing tons that are already old, but never saw the light on P2P such as: Gaur, Rumble, Spinner, Titan, Throne, Overlords aegis.
I have read somewhere that combat mounts are not for P2P, then explain why combat mounts Wraith, Manabike and Lightning Bolt are on the P2P server?
You sell the MOS skins for all combat mounts on P2P, but we cannot use/enjoy them? With what reasoning was this done?
To add to this question, loads of mount skins on F2P are not available for P2P. Again old skins so "they are yet to come to P2P" seems irrelevant at this point.
Examples are: Scarab - Armor Bearer, Scarab - Snowball, Fish - Patch-Dark Depths, Wraith - Black Gold, Pegasus - Leaf Rustle, etc.

**5th question**
World Bosses are dead content. I don't know why do stuff like this? Why not recycle it for farming certain items on P2P? Put Questlog expansion items on drops? Put fragments for 30d Petrified Core Morphers? Put Goblin Bankers as loot? There is so much items you can put in there to make content as such relevant again, and not only world bosses. Why not do more with that? As player, these are so obvious, is communication to your players this difficult?

**6th question**
Tough question, but I'll try anyways.
There is funpay, a 3rd party website selling ingame goods for P2P, mostly RU, thank god EU is spared from that. Why let it run? What use does P2P have when everyone can just buy gold/items and get everything that way? On top of that, isn't that illegal and against your TOS?
P2P loses its purpose of anti p2w when you have websites such as funpay. Yet you very well are aware that this is happening and you leave it be. Is it a moral issue? Will it ever be adressed? Considering the game is now 12 years old, I'd still want to hear what position you devs stand on about funpay.

**7th question**
RU players have acces to a lot of information about their account on your russian website. EU players don't have this luxury. All they can see is when they created account and "insert pincode". What's the reason for this? Are there plans, maybe from my question, to improve this for EU players too? Not being able to see your characters, purchase history, custom forum banners like on RU would be very nice to have. It feels like EU is just not worth it at this point in your agenda.

**8th question**
As your recent popularity for RU Allods Online, you keep opening new servers. Are you aware that that is further killing EU servers? RU servers have loads more players **and** are cheaper than EU servers. What incentive is there anymore for new players to start on EU servers? None. You are aware EU players can play on RU servers in perfect translated client? Considering this, are you planning to shutdown the EU servers and transfer/migrate EU chars to RU servers too? What can you tell to the lifelong players on EU that watch how everyone around them disappears, 10m content (bg, astral, compass, anything) queues become 5 hour queues. Personally I am losing hope and starting to slowly feel like I am wasting my time continueing playing where I am. What do you have as words for the EU players in these situations?
You are ecstatic about RU population explosions that u ever made a video on youtube about it. Are you monitoring EU too, for myself, P2P? Are you aware this amount of population is not healthy for your players to enjoy your game? Do you have plans or alternatives for these players?

**9th question**
I have done over 50 suggestions via forum and support, trying to get my ideas through directly. Never have I ever gotten a reply or a status on how the idea is going, rejected? good idea? needing more feedback? After this amount of time, I don't see the motivation anymore to keep giving ideas because it's not happening.
I gave suggestions to bring the 200 Emanation trap for astral ships to P2P, I suggested the big hull with back cannons and side cannons for P2P, I suggested quests on P2P to speed up ship building. What happens to suggestions? read and ignored? No feedback to the suggesting player? Are you in lack of employees? What happens in the pipeline when a suggestion is received?
All these problems make me interested in what's going on behind the scenes. Perhaps videos of pipline processes at work for players to see would be nice!
A video showing what happens from a suggestion to an ingame feature would be great to see.
Passionate players like to see more than the game. We like to see the devs, the company, the work.

**10th question**
When will you bring back Ashen Mosaic Collector's Editions for us? This is a personal issue for me haha.
You sold two collector's editions with items in them. Made players buy them and trade duplicate items with others to complete all 13 items which then unlocks the achievement and a horse (pattern). Why stop at 2? You are aware P2P EU does not have enough population to make it complete at all? So all of this content, and not only this, feels incomplete and not thought about for us. You make players like myself hop on F2P server to beg players to come visit P2P and check their mail for what items they got. This is not gameplay anymore... At this point, we're really feeling left out and something from the dev side needs to happen. We keep paying subscription but it's an empty game with burning passion.

**11th question**
To this day, there are still translation errors in content/maps that have been added from over a year ago. I have reported them multiple times but it's disregarded. This feels again, useless to report.

**12th question**
ingame mods are present on all RU servers, EU F2P, but not on EU P2P. What is the reason for that? Is EU P2P being given up on? It would give players there a nice feeling that there are moderators playing among them. In the old times, mods were ingame to interact with players, do random events, spawn bosses ingame for random people to take on. Why is that no longer being done? Is it considered more a promo stunt to attract players than a sustainable thing to enjoy your players?

**13th question**
All of these problems makes me want to work for Allods and help it make a better game again, the one I fell in love with. Where could anyone willing with the skills apply for this? EU version ofcourse. Or are non-RU's not accepted for Allods Online development/management?
I can't imagine a better employee than a passionate player for your game.

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Tuesday, March 29th 2022, 3:50pm

**14th question**
Astral Content seems dead to you, but it's not to us players.
Gold activies in astral are ridiculous low that it almost feels like mocking us for spending our time in Astral. Using the astral ship was the pinnacle for Allods and I feel like that passion did not carry over to the new developers (if they ever changed?)
Are there plans in the near future to have a guy or 2 work on astral content again? Hell I'd be glad to become that haha.

**15th question**
Is it true that the current devs do not posses the files/tools to create new astral dungeons? All heroic adventures have been the same now for over 5 years. 5 years. Let that sink in. You don't think we're bored doing content for the same 5 years? Why do it? Because you put rewards and a rating on that content. So why not spice it up and add new ones? I am talking here about actual new ones. Not recycling old ones like you did with normal astral dungeons with 13.0.
Please don't consider this offensive but hell, 5 years of the same compass dungeons, really.

**16th question**
I read in 13.0 you made 3x3/6x6 training infinite but at half rewards. Considering our low populated server, I am sure you didn't account for players that may farm it 24/7 using macro's/scripts. As I asked before, there are no ingame mods present, so there is no control. Do you consider it normal that your players are free to do this? 24/7 macro farming combat emblems because you made it possible to do so. Why was the change considered?

**17th question**
Scarlet Bastion. It was really fun content. Is it ever going to come back? You made Melting Island return on 13.0. What made u pick Melting Island and alternate it so much compared to its older counter part?

**18th question**
Amalgam, may I ask, Amalgam.
Why is this ingame anymore?
Why is it pouring out of every hole in Allods? Every amalgam we get is being tossed out of our bag instantly because no one wants to craft insignia's. They are overpriced, and are easy to get from Al Rihat and Compass dungeons. Why give amalgam from so much content? It makes the average player feel like he/she gets rewarded a lot, but it's practically useless garbage. Putting amalgam in BG's, in AS, in lootboxes costing 1 euro each, really developers? Make Amalgam relevant again, or replace it with relevant rewards such as Emblem Fragments, Lightning Bolt Fragments, Fragments of item X from the Marks of Accomplishments store. It makes content so much more attractive.

**19th question**
Following up on marks of accomplishments, why is so much good stuff, not only vanity, but actual Quality of Life locked behind Marks? I had many new players ask me how to get item x, which should be a basic item to get at this time, and tell them it's locked behind essentially advertising the game. Players don't want to play the game and having to have make videos to get certain items. it seems far fetched? Simply giving Log expansions as example because that's the most asked question. 20 slot questlog was from 12 years ago, 12 years ago you have added so many more repeatable quests, and normal quests. The game is so much bigger now, the game mechanics should evolve by default too. Give a higher default questlog or make it accesible via content ingame. Such as world boss loot or any other content.

**20th question**
Core Morphers are an essential item to play the game. Every new modern MMO offers class swapping on the go. Why is allods selling cores as a solution to a simple problem? I understand your business model about core morphers for F2P servers. But why not make it more accesible for P2P players? Forcing players again to make videos to receive marks in order to buy it is for many a hassle rather than coming home from work and enjoying the game. You make the game with very unbalanced classes, but changing classes is hard to do.
Would you implement changes to receive core morphers easier? Fragments from content perhaps.

**21st question**
Costume boxes on P2P
I have been holding costume boxes for over a year and a half now. You used to "sneak" update costumes under "prophetic cards" and those costume boxes were able to unlock those immediatly. Now you don't use them anymore and just randomly swapped from the costume boxes mechanic to putting the costume on straight sales along with weapon skins/pets for P2P. What are the costume boxes for then? I paid for them in the past, but you just disregarded them at this point. Will you bring costumes back to the costumes box?

**22nd question**
F2P servers are able to expand their bank to 252 slots, P2P only to 144 bank slots.
But you made P2P get **up to** the same bag as F2P via marks. Why not allow our bags to be traded for banks bigger than 144 slots too? I have expensive bags I paid lots of marks for sitting in my bank taking space because the banker NPC won't accept/recognize it for a bigger bank.

**23rd question**
Stronghold, abandoned idea?
The June Golem boss seems very hard and unrealistic to do, and very unrewarding. Farming Guild Coins is much easier via Guild Keepers than actually going and clearing the Stronghold of its monsters and its boss. Are changes coming for that? How about adding more items from the Marks shop to the Guild Vendor npc too? Again, questlog expansions and other quality of life.

**24th question**
Private Allod.
This has been on my mind for a while. The story on Private Allod ended abruptly. What's the egg doing there? There is no new content in Private Allod for over a year. Did plans get scrapped? Is it coming?


Wednesday, March 30th 2022, 2:14am

discord blocks me from creating an account and wants a phonenumber afterwards. this is unacceptable. its a shame this is only done on some 3rd party service when we have a very own forum for this game :thumbdown:

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