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Saturday, August 5th 2023, 9:34pm

Seashell farming? (Tropical Atoll)

I found an old thread from 2016 that said it was possible to farm up to 300 shells an hour. That some people had spent about a day, got 1000 and then stopped.

Now I've been spending 3 hours at Tropical Atoll and only just got 300 seashells. Mostly this is just from the 100 that you get from trying at least 5 of the events. Plus another 200 or so from doing every single event that was up at least once.

This is extremely slow... back in 2016 it looked like you only needed 1000 shells for the Sailboat mount.
You now need SEVEN THOUSAND (7000)

I'm also interested in the helper pets and even the fish mount too.

Yet it seems like it would take weeks of me no-lifing this and doing absolutely nothing else to even get a single reward.

Furthermore, because there's no one else at the Atoll ever. The rewards are as low as possible because I cannot get bonus rewards for eg. lots of people lifting the stones or more people playing volleyball.

How am I supposed to farm this?

It seems swimming used to be a good way and you used to be able to mount underwater too and swim faster and still pick up the shells.
Though it seems they patched/changed that? Now as soon as you try and go for any seashells under water, you instantly dismount and you cannot mount whilst swimming it says.

Why was this made such a grind? What's the point of extending the event for 3 months if you made it SEVEN times harder to get the mounts? (From 1000 shells to 7000 shells)


Saturday, August 5th 2023, 11:55pm

Hello there!

I think the fastest way to farm shells is to try to get as many tickets as possible from the shells and to use them and do the quests which the ticket says. It´s what I did at least and it worked fine but I didn´t check how many shells I had at which time so I can´t tell how many shells I farmed within 3 hours.
Also what usually gives good points is doing the sail race every hour (Especially with the Ticket).
I never really farmed with other people but maybe you can motivate some players to go there (on F2P it´s rather busy in Atoll since they launched the new outfits).

Also about that issue with dismounting in the water I don´t have that problem if I´m looking for the pearl in the water and when I´m opening those shells under water. I´m still mounted after I opened them. So that´s weird maybe it´s some kind of bug? In that case you should write a ticket.

Hope that helped a bit at least! :thumbsup:
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Sunday, August 6th 2023, 10:25am

I can't mount on any of my mounts at all whilst in any bit of water. If I could, I would have no problems getting the shells in the water.

If I could even use my Fury form as Demonologist it would be easier too, but shapeshifting seems to be disabled on the island.

Next time you try to get some seashells can you please tell me how fast it is for you? The fact that it's gone from 1000 shells to 7000 seems extremely excessive. This is seven times the previous limit.

I play on Smugglers Paradise, so P2P not F2P. It's quieter on this server but I have no interest in playing F2P.

I'll open a ticket about this.


Sunday, August 6th 2023, 10:56am


Okay it´s not a bug it´s your mount atm. You can´t go underwater with a wolf ;(
Maybe you can ask someone in Zone or your Guild if they can be "Best Friends" with you and share a mount with you which you´ll be able to use underwater (But tbf I`m not 100% sure rn which does go underwater and is shareable)! Otherwise I guess you´ll need a bit higher level to do some raids where better mounts drop.

Yeah I´ll see how much I can do in like 1 hour the next days and let you know how many shells I`m getting. :thumbsup:

Have a nice day! :thumbsup:
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Sunday, August 6th 2023, 12:13pm

Thanks. I am trying to level asap to what was it... 45 or something when I can get the fastest mount in game from a raid? Or maybe it was around 60. At this stage it feels like swimming is a total waste of time without being mounted.

Is there a list of mounts somewhere that can be used underwater?


Sunday, August 6th 2023, 1:54pm

I think the first mount on P2P to go underwater via Raiding would be Wraith which you´d get in Gates Project from Negus Jeeg which should be around lvl 65 I guess (But I´m not 100% sure if Wraith is the first mount you´d get from Raids which can go underwater on P2P)
Also you´d be able to get mounts from Prophetic card Event (Also here not sure when it´s next up & what mounts they will have) Or from the Collectors Editions (There´s a mount in it but it´s only available for a specified period of time and also has nice costumes and pets too!)
I think Dragagons Website ( or Misbehaviors Website ( -> Also it´s where I found the info about the wraith drop :thumbsup: ) are very helpful for P2P Infos. Also they have a Discord for the P2P Server. Maybe there they´ll be able to answer more questions faster there about everything P2P related but also you can always ask on the Allods Discord! :thumbsup:
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Tuesday, August 8th 2023, 10:16pm

Sooo I just was able to farm for like an hour and 15 minutes ish and I was able to collect around 750 Shells. But I have to mention that I won the race once (Without the Ticket) And found the black Pearl once. Also sometimes the Ticket mashine gives 100 Shells which I got once. And also I finished the daily quest which gives 100. But I nearly did every quest with the Ticket just the race and sometimes the "Bubbles" without the ticket.
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