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Saturday, July 26th 2014, 9:07pm

  • "antipaladin99" started this thread

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is it really allods?

hey all
i was wondering if it is really allods? because where is reference to skarken? urd? yasis ? besides reference to uimor, reference to kania and xadagians i don't see anything that let the name be used...
an outrage really to make a cynic abuse of such great title... i might wrong of course, i hope so, if such anyone links to some piece of lore?
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Saturday, July 26th 2014, 9:16pm

ehmm... what other Allods are you talking about here??

All i know it there were some old games from like 15 years ago called Rage of Mages, that is the same world as Allods Online only from before the world was torn apart...

Other than this, i don't really understand what you mean with "is it really allods?"


Saturday, July 26th 2014, 9:19pm

  • "antipaladin99" started this thread

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rage of mages 1+2 was the original allods as it is named
Allods: rage of mage
and Allods:rage of mages 2 the necromancers
it was not before the world as torn apart as you see allods in the game...
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Saturday, July 26th 2014, 9:39pm

There is a crap ton of references to the old games, including Evil Islands. Yazes is an actual zone. Tensess plays vital role in the game. A lot of characters make appearances or are mentioned in the game. You can go in Tka-Rik's cave. Skrakan and Nezeb actually make an appearance in boss fight against Smeyana and there is quite a lot more references to the old games.

In Allods 1 lore, the world was destroyed and the great mages discovered that they can protect the land around them from the influence of the astral. That game had bigger islands than Allods Online, but it still is about the world being destroyed already. In Allods Online, quite a lot of time has passed, but all of the lore from the first 3 games is referenced in the game. The world has advanced, with technology and discovering astral sailing, getting in touch with the gods, discovering how and why life came to be on the planet, and things like that.

But also, the game is developed by the developer of the first 3 games - Nival. They were bought by Mail.Ru and renamed to Allods Team.

You can play the game for yourself and if you read the quests you will find references to the old games everywhere.
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Saturday, July 26th 2014, 9:45pm

Ghosts of Fergard Naira and Danas (the heroes from first Rage of Mages) is an actual boss encounter in the raid instance coming with 5.0.2

Also Wellebell is actually Billewell (translation quality strikes again) from Rage of Mages. I heard final "farming zone" in Umoir is ruins of Al-ryat, which you can find on this map too:

Oh, and "Skytower" is Rakhl-Umoir in the Russian version. People who don't understand Russian do miss some references due to translation quality.

There's also one thing that's lost now because it's been removed in a patch, but the psionicist spell "Rapid Metabolism" from pre-gipat had the exact same sound effect as "Haste" spell in Rage of Mages.

Edit: Unbelieveable, I actually managed to find a video with that sound effect (right at the start):

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Saturday, July 26th 2014, 9:45pm

Allods Online is the Online MMO based on Rage of Mages and Evil Islands: Curse of the last soul (great games). Niva l(or Nival Interactive, Astrum Nival, Nival Online) developed both the first single player games and this game, Allods Online.

So yeah, this is the true Allods. The sequel to Rage of Mages, if you preffer.

Spoiler Spoiler

In the latest patch, we get to visit Umoir, who was thought to be lost. Skrakan will make an appearance, as well as Nezeb. Tensess is unfortunately dead, but he's a god revered by most of the people. I don't know what to say about Urd and Yasis. We do have an area called Yazes.


Saturday, July 26th 2014, 9:53pm

  • "antipaladin99" started this thread

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i dont really remmber nezeb. but okay. what about igles? what about how stuff ends in rom1,rom2? any cannon lore refernce somewhere? on the site maybe?
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Sunday, July 27th 2014, 12:23am

Yep, that's real Allods.

Nezeb is founder of Empire.
Haven't seen Ignes here yet, I guess he is not in the game at the moment. Plus a lot of time passed, some of characters are not alive anymore, like Tensess and Skrakan, and only way sometimes you can meet them is as ghost or so. Now Umoir is holded by Smeyana -other great mage (named Catherina for some reason in EU-Allods) since Skrakan is dead quite long time ago..

About rom1 things: In update 5.0.0 (level 60) they added Umoir in game, now it changed a lot, Plagot city is destroyed and terrible Leper spreads all around turning animals and other things in demons. In patch 5.0.2 (just released in RU-Allods), EU has 5.0.1 atm., in 5.0.2 there is new raid for 12 ppl at Umoir called Ancient Burrial Mound if i'm right in english, in that raid we players need to stop evils inside, and ghost of Raniesta helps us (if you remember Raniesta was in 1st offline game, we could control here and so, until she betrayed us and became enemy, because of Tensess cloak etc. stuff we searched) - so she as a ghost now feels upset about what she did and tells us that Fergard, Danas and Naira (also chars we played in 1st offline game) are ressurected by Ancient Demon (the one that we fought in rom1 in end) to help him, and she wants us to kill demon, so that these 3 that she once betrayed could rest in peace again.

In rom1 we kill that demon (acidentelly summoned by Skrakan), but Smeyana, the new ruler of Umoir is quite hungry for power and makes some mistake and ressurects this demon! But this demon it seems is the source of Leper. Raniesta says that Leper 1st appeared back then when this demon appeared 1st time.. in rom1 there's also crazy squirrels and animals :D But now when Smeyana ressurected him, Leper also returned and started to spread again!

But that's not all, also Smeyana wanted to fool Sarn (the God that created us all in Sarnaut), but ofc she was too naive, Sarn took control over her and she went on giant ship Eclipse to prison in astral (created by Nihaz dark God) to free Sarn. While on Eclipse ship players ressurects for a while Nezeb (founder of Empire) and Skrakan (old Umoir ruler), in end Smeyana is defeated, but before players kills her, Nezeb and Skrakan appears and kicks out Sarn out of her body, they says that killing Smeyana, so powerful great mage near Sarn's prison will free so much energy that it will destroy prison and all of us, but freeded Sarn would mean end of the world. In the end Smeyana says sorry that she acted so stupid and tried to fool Sarn to gain more strength, she returns to rule Umoir and fix bad things she did.

About rom2: at 39 level there is Yazes shard available, actually that old good Yazes from rom2 was shattered, at 39 level we get to one of its shards, which is completely occupied by demons and there's no trees, nothing left, just dead land, there's also raid Gorluxor's Tower where we meet Sarn avatar 1st time. Then there's also at level 45-46 Twilight Island which is second shard of Yazes, it is also occupied by demons and nothing corruption.

The only Yazes part that maybe saved could be Kingdom of Nature ruled by druids, but there's no proof that it is Yazes part anywhere in game, it is special location for druids, but as we know Yazes (full allod) had druid camp.. so it could be KoN in allods online.

So there's a lot of stuff that reminds about old allods, but of course in Allods Online a lot things changed and looks different, but its real allods still of course :)

Here is video of last fight in Eclipse for example:

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