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Thursday, August 7th 2014, 4:55pm


German Community Manager

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Photo contest - Bring Allods to the real world! - Submission thread



Please submit your entries for the Photo Contest here.

All submissions will be judged and reviewed regardless of the language spoken. If you wish to discuss the event, please refer to this thread.

German / Deutsch


Bitte postet hier eure Beiträge für den Foto-Wettbewerb.

Alle Beiträge werden unabhängig von der Sprache berücksichtigt und bewertet. Wenn ihr über das Event diskutieren möchtet, nutzt bitte diesen Thread.

French / Français


Merci de bien vouloir inclure vos participations pour le Concours photo sur ce sujet.

Toutes les participations seront jugées de la même manière, peu importe votre langue. Si vous souhaitez discutez de ce sujet, merci de vous rendre à [cette adresse].

Turkish / Türkçe


Fotoğraf Yarışması etkinliği ile ilgili paylaşımlarınızı lütfen buraya ekleyiniz.

Değerlendirmeler topluluk gözetmeksizin yapılacaktır. Etkinlik hakkındaki görüşlerinizi bu konu altında paylaşın lütfen.
Viele Grüße,
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Friday, August 8th 2014, 3:56pm



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Trolo, my weird brother reminds me of bard, when he takes some odd pictures :DDDD

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Friday, August 8th 2014, 5:31pm

keep this to serious submissions only.
I have moved the spam entries out of this thread.
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Friday, August 8th 2014, 5:31pm

Allods Online in real life?

I visited this place last summer and it reminded me of Allods right away :D

BTW, it is the Balea Lake , Transfagarasan , Romania


Friday, August 8th 2014, 6:44pm

Saint Petersburg( 2 years ago a holiday trip)

Sanatorium Cloud Nine

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Friday, August 8th 2014, 8:18pm



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The above picture shows the tallest building in Warsaw (capital city of Poland) - Palace of Culture and Science

I believe many other players especially fellow Imperials will come up with similar comparison but for me it's not only about the looks. Few years ago there was this moment when I was heading to my dance classes and while passing next to this building I experienced this funny feeling almost as if I was at the Imperial Square under the very Yasker Tower.
It's not really possible to express it with screenshots and photos but here's our monumental YT for a small comparison :)


Saturday, August 9th 2014, 6:20am

Its Ludwig Zamenhof statue he was esperanto language creator this statue was in Lithuania in Veisiejai park( he lived there) btw its is 500 metres from my other house :)


Saturday, August 9th 2014, 9:13am

I visited Brussels and Manneken Pis reminded me this forestfolk in Eljune


edit: zurion somehow, when you see pic, i don't and vice-versa.

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Saturday, August 9th 2014, 9:24am

Lithuania my city Alytus and this is Russian army olds barack and ring fence


Saturday, August 9th 2014, 10:55am

Vickie Lynn


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And why not, Lara Croft's Skin, mmh? (real life = cosplay, obviously oO)

Here's other version, less artistic, but with a real pic. Taken from CD box :

(whiners want a proof? I can take a photo more global.)
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Saturday, August 9th 2014, 11:57am



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Saturday, August 9th 2014, 1:31pm

Wiedziałem, że gdzieś go już widziałem. :)


Saturday, August 9th 2014, 3:33pm



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TEP Tombé, il se recycle dans la propreté & services !


Saturday, August 9th 2014, 4:34pm

Château de Chantilly around Paris.(global warming) :D

Melting isle ( Crystal Tear )

Xxzeus ( league ) / serveur : New frontier


Saturday, August 9th 2014, 8:49pm



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Hi Allods friends:)

This is my caption, I hope you like it!

The caption is a big storm over my house yesterday night and the allods screen is from Igsh, beautiful astral storm over the Motherland Memorial :)

Main: Subra, Imperial Great Gunner
Reinc: Annapurna, Priden Druid
Reinc: Czernobog, Xadaganian Stalker
Reinc: Tamora, Xadaganian Avenger

-Pirati Bastardi-

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Sunday, August 10th 2014, 6:31am



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Im Allods Urlaub auf dem Tropischen Atoll, Erinnere ich mich zurück an meinen Urlaub auf Rügen @ Kap-Arkona ^^

The Tropical Atoll in Allods reminds me on my Holiday last Year in Isle Rügen @ Kap-Arkona^^


Sunday, August 10th 2014, 8:21pm

(click on the images to enlarge)


when i visited vienna last year i found this, which was reminding me on the memorials in nezebgrad heavily:

the shield the statue is holding is very similar and the flowerwreaths are also present
even the red color of the stone is fitting

see also:…al_%28Vienna%29

streetnames there also reminded me on allods


these images also have some similarity, most likely its a reference to the "Palace of the Soviets (1932)"


most here will know the "predator" from the movies and videogames... the wormface-warriors are a reference to them obviously
the one quest on frontier where the wormface self-destructs himself and the mask with the thermal view are the most blatant similarities (apart from the visual ofc)

there was also a quest where the player had to thest the chacram of the wormface, another reference to the weapons of the predator from the movies /games

even the targeting-mark with its specific form is present


Lenin's giant head, Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia, Russia


Soviet office (Kabinet) in Museum of Political History (Kshesinskaya Mansion). Saint Petersburg, Russia, June 24, 2011


this is not so much a visual lookalike, but the npc is named "grigory domov" and trys to cure the ppl in this tent, and the reason is unknown
now, there is a tv-series named "doctor house" which is also about special medical cases, and he is named "Dr. Gregory House"
Domov (домов) means "house" in russian


there is a robot, which is called "D2 golem"
at league there is its counterpart, called "R2 golem"

in the famous "starwars" movies there is also a robot calld R2-D2


these are somehow similar also, notice the circle around the head

another picture (notice the head of the small bearded man, its very similar)


similar type…iet_Army,_Sofia

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Monday, August 11th 2014, 1:51am

kinda obvious but i have plenty of these around my house

and a few more just for fun
didnt take the pic tho but i thought was kinda cool when i saw it

ok ok ill stop after this one

ANyway i thought this is what you all were looking for i didnt add any descriptions or reasons why i felt it was obvious as to what i saw

Just Give Discordance the premium crystals whenever youre ready :P :D :thumbup:

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Monday, August 11th 2014, 8:30am



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Hi players, my photo is of a nature reserve near Pilsen in Czech Republic. =)
Antharg has attached the following images:
  • Allods.jpg
  • Real.jpg

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Monday, August 11th 2014, 9:28am

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