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27. 08. 2014, 22:02



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I present to you: MEAT MOUNTAIN!

Sooo...today on my way to work I was listening to the radio and heard that Arby's has a "secret" not on the menu item.
It's called Meat Mountain.
It's just under a pound of meat and cheese in a little bun.
I decided that sounds like something that I need in my life.
I went to Arby's today at lunch and said to the cashier:
"Hello, I would like Meat Mountain and 5 roast beef sandwiches."
(A coworker and myself were ordering.)
She looked at me funny and then turned to someone else and said ...
"Which button do I press for Meat Mountain?"
Another person told her.
It rang up.
$10 for that beast.

I present to you:

MEAT MOUNTAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what it looked like immediate after opening the box.

I cut it in half to take a picture of the cross section of all the meats.
I also was splitting it half and half for me and my coworker.

It's beautiful.
I actually picked it apart from the top to try each one of their meats, since I have only ever had their turkey and roast beef.
Their brisket is amazing!
The peppered bacon was a close second in my opinion.

Does anyone else have any pictures or stories of anything crazy BIG or crazy WEIRD that YOU, PERSONALLY, have eaten?
(I don't just want you to go find silly things on the internet, I am curious about the people here, not the weirdos on the internet.)


27. 08. 2014, 23:10

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holy moly
CharlesbrnsonxAnger Management


27. 08. 2014, 23:39



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Christ! That just made me super hungry. I'm headed to Arby's NOW.

Will update later.

Edit: This was thee single most ridiculous, indulgent monstrosity of a food item ever, in the history of sandwich-kind.

It was quite good(Arby's roast beef is a favorite anyways) even though I was only able to eat the equivalent of 1/3 of the beast(and that was over two sittings)

I have enough to eat tomorrow as well, probably over lunch and dinner.

With that said, I don't believe I will ever purchase this item again, not for quality reasons(it was delicious), but it is just not economical when I can 5 for 5 at half the price lol.

*Great idea Hclftw.

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28. 08. 2014, 17:06



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Do ridiculously large cocktail pitchers count?
Have you tried turning it off and on again?


28. 08. 2014, 17:10



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real food for a real man :thumbsup:
Kurtcobain-Lvl 80-Demo/ Sechmet-Lvl 80 Cleric

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28. 08. 2014, 17:21



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Real man doesnt share his food =p

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