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Thursday, October 9th 2014, 12:00pm

Mausoleum of Sparks: Official Reset Poll

Do you want MoS reset?

A total of 408 Votes have been submitted.


Yes / Ja / Oui / Evet (326)


No / Nein / Non / Hayır (82)


Dear Community,

Due to the demand of players and groups from all corners of the game, we will use this poll to put the highly requested MoS issue to rest. It will run across a week long period and will serve as the final decision. To achieve a reset, a +75% minimum yes vote is required, so be sure to spread the word to anyone interested in the fate of the Mausoleum in order to make their voice heard.

Note that the thread will be heavily moderated - So use your voice wisely.

-The Allods Team

German / Deutsch

Liebe Spieler,

aufgrund eures Feedbacks zum Mausoleum der Funken haben wir uns dazu entschlossen, diese Umfrage durchzuführen, um das Stimmungsbild zu einem möglichen Reset des Mausoleums einzufangen. Die Umfrage wird eine Woche dauern. Bitte beachtet, dass die Umfrage zu einer finalen Entscheidung über den Reset führen wird. Um einen Reset herbeizuführen, müssen mindestens 75 % der Spieler dafür stimmen. Ihr seid also herzlich dazu eingeladen, eure Freunde zu dieser Abstimmung einzuladen.

Bitte beachtet. dass dieser Thread strengstens moderiert wird, um ein repräsentatives Meinungsbild erhalten zu können.

Vielen Dank für eure Mithilfe!

Euer Allods Team

French / Français

Chers joueurs,

En raison de nombreuses demandes venant de chaque communauté, nous avons décidé de créer ce sondage afin d'en finir avec la question de la réinitialisation du Mausolée des étincelles. Celui-ci durera une semaine et constituera la décision finale de la commaunauté. Pour que le Mausolée soit réinitialisé, un total de 75% de vote "Oui" sera nécessaire. N'hésitez pas à passer le mot auprès des joueurs concernés.

Notez que ce sujet sera modéré avec précaution - réfléchissez donc bien avant de faire entendre votre voix.

L'équipe Allods

Turkish / Türkçe

Sevgili Oyuncular,

Kıvılcım Mozolesi ile ilgili geribildirimleriniz dikkate alınarak, olası bir sıfırlamaya karşı yaklaşımınızın nasıl olacağını tespit edebilmek için böyle bir anket düzenlemeye karar verdik. Anktetimizin süresi bir haftadır (şartlara göre bu süre uzatılabilir). Anket sonuçları, Kıvılcım Mozolesi'nin sıfırlanıp sıfırlanmayacağını belirleyecektir. Sıfırlanması için ise oyuncularımızın en az %75inin "Evet" oyu kullanması gerekmektedir. Oyun arkadaşlarınızı bu oylamaya davet etmeyi unutmayın.

Net bir görüş elde edebilmek için bu konunun titiz bir şekilde yönetileceğini göz önünde bulundurun lütfen.

Yardımlarınız için teşekkür ederiz!

Allods Ekibiniz

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Monday, October 13th 2014, 6:23pm

Ofc yes, when servers were merge before, no1 ask to not reset it. Also there was a huge difrrence betwen peoples from EU server to other. If they want a title, they will have time to show rest of social in Allods, how good they are. We can't make mistake to forgive about much more population of New Frontier witch have got more to say, than one local server.


Monday, October 13th 2014, 6:29pm

Does this affect Sub server?


Monday, October 13th 2014, 6:32pm

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Does this affect Sub server?
Was wondering the same, since we weren't affected by this mess caused by last merges (since we didn't have any since merge with NA).
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Monday, October 13th 2014, 9:41pm



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It's nice to see the people that got the title from the last season are voting no.
I can't blame them at all, if I had a title from an unreachable level, I would vote no too.
Fortunately, it looks like some things in life just don't work out in the favor of the slimy people of this world.

Woot @ 78%/22% :)


Monday, October 13th 2014, 11:13pm



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Just make sure when you reset MoS, you only reset it for the presently active season, meaning the temp titles. Nobody wants to lose the perma titles they've already won.
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Tuesday, October 14th 2014, 1:28am

Yes just the current season.
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Tuesday, October 14th 2014, 2:07am

It's nice to see the people that got the title from the last season are voting no.
I can't blame them at all, if I had a title from an unreachable level, I would vote no too.
Fortunately, it looks like some things in life just don't work out in the favor of the slimy people of this world.

Woot @ 78%/22% :)

They will not reset MoS. Many people who vote won't acutally know what MoS is, or what resetting it means. They will vote no, to make sure that nothing they achieved is going to be "deleted". Some will vote no simply because they want to screw the rest of the server.

Additionally, this post and the announcement does not yield enough information to give a real vote. I assume to know what "resetting MoS" means. But lets be real: There is no information whether this means to reset only temporary titles/progress or all (ok, only one of this options makes sense, but it was not officially stated and obscurer things have happened). There is no information to which server this applies (If I'd play on p2p I would vote no, just to be sure, even if it does not affect me). And most importantly there is no end date. If the post would have been closed an hour ago, the reset would happen, as it now stands it will not happen. Whatever option will win, the opposite camp will say, they only won because the vote was closed unannounced ("a week long period" is quite unprecise). (I will silently ignore the people who will vote no, because the gain something from not resetting, it's not their fault, but it still renders the current season meaningless to some extend)

I'm still wondering why there is even a vote. I would silently call this a bug in the merging scripts(or an oversight; I don't know how else you would call this), reset MoS and give some minor compensation (dunno, some astral keys/sm keys).

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Tuesday, October 14th 2014, 2:17am

Nobody wants to lose the perma titles they've already won.

they should probably clarify this immediately, its possible this is what you all are voting for


Tuesday, October 14th 2014, 3:23am



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OH no what a tragedy, to bad I voted no.


Tuesday, October 14th 2014, 7:50am

iyide zamaninda o kadar tartisma oldugu zaman neredeydiniz milletin silinen veya yanlis verilen ünvanlar varken türkiye forumunda o kadar tartisma oldugu zaman yöneticileriniz sacma sapan aciklamalar yaparken neden bu sekilde bir tavir sergilemediniz araplar gelince simdi derdiniz mozelmi oldu ?
ama sunu anladim ben nasil olsa türk bir sey olmaz zaten oyunda fazla türk oyuncu kalmadi diyemi düsünüyorsunuz?


Tuesday, October 14th 2014, 8:08am

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You won't loose permament titles because they are saved in your Skills -> Miscellaneous, like many other permament items : stat points, patronage V, mounts etc. Mos reset will only affect people which went mos in current season (or previous - ppl with bugged titles ), but what I see now this is good now that they have titles, best people should be able to beat them and this allow us to have more titles in overall. Still many people can get conqueror title, but champion title is impossible to get. Probably Turks used many possible bugs from 55lvl MoS So they have maybe 80+ waves which is impossible to do now. To sum it up don't be blind please vote YES!
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Tuesday, October 14th 2014, 8:42am

I agree people should make an informed decision. I guess a lot of people are just voting no because they're afraid of any changes.

The MoS reset only affects people who wrongly got the MoS titles so I don't get why there are people opposed to resetting the current season and giving everyone a fair chance at participating.


Tuesday, October 14th 2014, 9:10am

hallo zusammen

ich persönlich finde es sollte erst keine Abstimmung geben weil ich finde es sollte alle das gleiche recht auf ein Titel habe wie alle egal vom welchen Land Mann kommt deswegen bin ich für ein faires Reset des mos, so das es für jeden die gleiche Change gibt


Tuesday, October 14th 2014, 9:30am

lol what a pointless poll, even tho it wins, they wont reset mos anyways, donno why they can't just reset it if it wins but no they want their stupid 75% xD.


Tuesday, October 14th 2014, 9:41am



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Bonjour à tous,

S'il y a seulement quelques joueurs concernés pour un éventuel usebug, il semble injuste de "punir" tous les autres en faisant un reset et en empêchant les titres temporaires de cette saison de devenir permanents...

En clair : si vous supposez un éventuel usebug, pourquoi ne pas directement faire une enquête dans la base de données des joueurs soupçonnés ?

En résumé : laissez les honnêtes joueurs du p2p de cette saison obtenir leurs titres permanents s'il vous plaît.

Bon jeu à tous et au plaisir sur Smugglers Paradise !
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Tuesday, October 14th 2014, 9:52am



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"To achieve a reset, a +75% minimum yes vote is required"

Why not 80% or 69% or 95%? Isnt it everywhere 50% + 1 vote? Pretty strange for me.
If u ask me, you should make decision using common sense, not wierd poll, because now MOS is BUGGED. Why you even ask ppl, need to fix bug or not??? ?( :sleeping:


Tuesday, October 14th 2014, 10:00am



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Watching the poll they way its going and quite non logical percentage for reset is putting me to deep depression..

I think most of us is playing Allods at least second season, MoS when added to the game started to be the most challenging event for whole server and no matter if you were in big guild or soloist making pty of your friends, this event was simply exciting for everyone also because of special rewards.

With allowing ppl having bugged titles even the most old participants who are doing MoS since its start are simply loosing will to go there, this event is loosing its prestige and excitement factor. Last season was for EU destroyed by the reset comming too late after exploits have been proven, this season gonna be destroyed cuz of bugged titles, next season is not needed to even make because nobody will feel to go there since MoS is starting to be more of "challenge for buggers" than "challenge for good geared balanced parties with tactics".

I am personally great fan of MoS but this way its simply wrong...Reset now may help to rebuild this events reputation whereas also decent base for rankings (the more players attends MoS = the more awarded positions), even more as its the finals of the season when most of ppl have gear and focus stuff like this, but with every week of delaying it while the 6.0 is getting closer this event dies which is really sad.

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Tuesday, October 14th 2014, 10:22am


You make a Poll where people don't need to be logged in to vote?

People can use IP change programs to vote?

People can ask all their friends, who don't even play allods to vote?

Edit: this was yesterday. don't know if it is corrected by now.


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Tuesday, October 14th 2014, 10:31am



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Edit: this was yesterday. don't know if it corrected by now.

I've just checked it. It is still possible to vote without being logged in.

Also Darkmatter made a really good point: '(...) because now MOS is BUGGED. Why you even ask ppl, need to fix bug or not???'

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