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Saturday, March 22nd 2014, 9:30am

Hilver's PVE builds (DPS chord focused Bard build+stat explanation)

Hello,My name is Hilver a level 60 Kanian Great Skald in F2P server-League faction-FateOfOneNation guild.
I updated the post and my build.Thanks to Sailor_Yue for the advice.I changed my build many times before and wasted much gold on WODs and I know how annoying this is till I could finally figure out a build that satisfies me.

First: the main PVE build I use: (balanced DPS Support build)

Second: Requiem build I tweaked from the one above: (highest DPS , lowest support)

Third: Support beast build: (highest support)

Please read the comment I wrote down in a reply to this post with title Leveling build if you want a leveling/farming build for bard as the builds up there are end game builds and more suitable for raids/parties than solo leveling/farming.
-Assuming you're level 60 this build uses 2 GT rubies and 1st and 2nd page of mage diary and 1 greatness ruby as well as 2 additional talent points(without the bard's way ruby quest)

Try to get rank 1 Ballade as an additional support song for some situations like some astrals where mobs tend to do much CCs like fear for example which lets the tank unintentionally pull more and more mobs so the rank 1 ballade should be great in such situations..Thanks to a friend League bard called "Opera" as she was the one who showed me that PVE ballade tip.Anyway this isn't a priority so get it only if you have extra talent points and actually same can be said about overture which is very useful vs Sarn in GT.
I'll have to explain the new stats first since much people aren't familiar with most of the new stats..Anyway let's begin:

-VIGOR: that stat is much like str in old patch.It increases your damage and healing by xxx.

-STAMINA:that's exactly like stamina in old patch which is just plain hp.

-LUCK:this stat increases critical chance for heal and damage spells by % and additionally in this patch it increases effeciencey of damage absorbing abilities by % so I guess that means skills like acoustic barrier will be able to absorb more damage if you have more luck now but luck is kinda limited this patch.

-PROFICIENCY:this stat is much like finesse in old patch.It increases your damage and healing by % depending on how many stat points u invest in this stat.

-VITALITY:Increases your max hp by % depending on howmany stat points you invest in this stat.

-DETERMINATION: aka tank stat (or at least what I called it :3) ok this stat is simple as this:the 3rd bar under your hp and mana/energy is determination bar and it max at 100% so the more you get attacked the more this bar gets filled and the more this bar gets filled the more % damage and healing you deal per % filled in this bar.The reason why i call it tank stat is that simply tanks should be those who get attacked most assuming they have good hold of aggro and more damage and healing=more aggro.

-BRUTALITY:The less % of hp the enemy has the more % of damage and healing you deal.It's simple as that and the rate of increasing in the % of damage and healing in this stat depends on howmany points you invest in this stat.Simple as that.

-BLOOD LUST: is any of you guys familiar with something called lifesteal? this stat is like lifesteal.In other words this stat means you heal by % (depending on how many stat points you invest in this stat) from your damage and healing done and I consider this stat also a tank stat or pvp stat since you shouldn't get attacked much in pve if you are a dps class or a healer since the tank should b holding aggro.

-WILL POWER:This stat increases your immunity to cc..Thanks to Goozy he explained it better to me..It makes you get the immune to cc effect it means if you have 10 willpower for example you will get 10% more immunity to CC effects per second so it'll take you 10 seconds to become fully immune to CC for some seconds..I'm not so sure of this stat but that's what I understood till now about it.
I didn't understand the following 2 stats fully but I'll explain what I understood about these 2 stats till now:

-ANGER:your spells will put wound complexity on enemies faster the more stat points you have in this stat..Additionally,the enemies that attack the target you're healing with in 10 seconds will receive damage equal to %(depends on howmany stat points you invest in Anger stat) from the healing done.I think this stat is best suited for full healer classes.

-TENACITY:I guess this stat means it increases your immunity to wound complexity or makes the wound complexity you receive from enemies less depending on howmany points you invest in this stat..Additionally,before you receive wound complexity you are able to deal % more damage (depending on how many points you invest in this stat)

CONCLUSION: I see the 2 best stats for pve dps are proficiency and brutality as well as Vigor which is like a main stat so I'd focus these stats most and I guess you can get some little vitality and blood lust for some survival.
-How to use this build?
-First of all, you need to know aria+cantata is your dps mode and nocturne+cantata is your support mode and you'll choose which mode you prefer depending on your party and the situation.
-Ok now let's assume you're in an astral run or in a dungeon what are you supposed to do?
1-When fighting against many squishy mobs: Flying blade>>timpani+1 stack of power chord>>timpani+disharmony>>raving blade when you're out of energy and flying blade if it's out of CD>>Timpani+disharmony again or timpani+power chord if you're about to run out of power chord stacks.
2-When fighting against many tanky mobs: Flying blade>>timpani+3 stacks of power chord>>Raving blade>>flying blade if it's out of CD>>Timpani+disharmony>>Timpani+power chord if your power chord stacks are about to run out.
Also make sure you use muse when it's out of CD when fighting vs groups of tanky mobs unless you're near a boss fight and want to save muse for it.
3-When fighting vs bosses: In order to explain how to fight vs bosses using this build I'll assume you wanna kill 2 bosses in that astral run so when fighting first boss you'll do the following: Flying blade+ 3 stacks of power chord+shadow duette then invigoration and put nocturne 3rd song then muse and then spam disharmony and raving blade when you feel you're about to run out of energy as well as doing flying blade and muse whenever they're out of CD specially when target is at or below 25% hp so the funeral march effect would be unleashed.
Having 3 songs through invigoration simply means more damage through reverberation rubies,more armor through protective overtunes and bigger chance of getting euphoria effect and euphoria +muse=Chord Machine gun mode ^.- in other words when you have both effects together you'll be trying hard to consume energy as if you're pushing against your energy regeneration using skills and not the other way around.
As for second boss you do same steps but invigoration will b in CD at that time right? so just do all your skills including muse then encore then do invigoration and muse again after the first muse runs out.
-In emergency situations:
like when your party is about to die or so,Switch fast to nocturne then shadow duette..This means double nocturnes and double cantata which gives your party a greater chance of survival as well as damaging mobs harder.
Recommended reincarnations for Bard:

1-WARRIOR: simply because of energy buff taken from warrior reincarnation.I guess that's the best reincarnation skill for PVE DPS bards.

2-HEALER:for another emergency heal as well as nocturne and the bubble thingie skill..Both together with Sixth sense rubies might prove powerful in both PVE and PVP.

3-SUMMONER:this is for PVP only for the fear combined with fugue in a minor and the stun,I guess this would cc the enemy for days.
These are the best reincarnations for bard in my opinion.
-Finally,I posted my build to help people out there.. I have had this build for like 3 months or so since last patch and kept developing it and I like it so much..May be someone else might find it useful,I just ask whoever checks this build something if you are gonna criticize my build and give your opinion please do but in a good manner and I'd actually appreciate it if people say their opinions about my build.Thanks for reading and for those who don't like the build ,Good luck finding or making the build you desire.
Hilver level 60 Kanian great skald.

This post has been edited 18 times, last edit by "Hilver" (Jun 1st 2014, 9:03pm) with the following reason: Adding a note: P.S:I have included a farming/leveling build in a comment down there with title Leveling build.


Saturday, March 22nd 2014, 10:44pm

If i have 30lvl, how should looks like my rubies and talent tree? I have 33 talents, and 23 rubies. :)


Sunday, March 23rd 2014, 1:00am

If i have 30lvl, how should looks like my rubies and talent tree? I have 33 talents, and 23 rubies. :)
Edit:Added Leveling builds with detailed information down there on this page.
Hilver level 60 Kanian great skald.

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Tuesday, March 25th 2014, 11:15am

I edited my build and removed 3 expertise rubies since I discovered that some rubies have wrong tool tips this patch and the true tool tips are in patch notes as well as the Russian talent and ruby calculator site and while setting my PVP build I decided to check what's the effect of every stat ruby on our current stats and I observed the following:
-Virtuoso(expertise rubies) increase determination.
-Perfect ear (finesse rubies) increase proficiency.
-Bully (Strength rubies) increase Vigor.
-Trickster (agility rubies) increase vitality.
-Requiem for enemies (rage rubies) increase anger.
-Child of fortune still increases luck and sixth sense still gives you a chance to block critical I guess but this time the endurance stat is hidden.
So since you should avoid getting hit in astrals or so since this build is dps ,this means you won't need determination that much and expertise rubies now increase determination as I noticed so if you are using this build to level up or farm mobs solo then it's cool to have some determination but in parties ,I really don't find it useful for ranged DPS role.You can take Octave doubling and Unison rubies like I did or long solo rubies or even combat tune though 15% aren't really attractive.If you want more support you can go for consonance rubies since it makes nocturne tick faster as well as aria but I don't find it adds to dps as much as octave,long solo or unison and rank 2 invigoration doesn't seem really worth it specially when you use nocturne as 3rd song so it won't affect your dps much and you can always encore it.
-Also some rubies' description is different in patch notes as I was told like sharp chords rubies and they're 20% more damage now not critical chance and Rock and roll aren't parry rubies anymore but they're rubies for solo which remove some x seconds of it's CD if you get CC ed.
I hope they fix these rubies soon...
Edit:They fixed tool tips for most of stat rubies or may be all of them but still some rubies like rock and roll and sharp chords still have wrong tool tips last time I checked.
Hilver level 60 Kanian great skald.

This post has been edited 2 times, last edit by "Hilver" (Jun 12th 2014, 4:02pm)


Tuesday, April 1st 2014, 12:00pm

Added a Requiem PVE build tweaked from the Nocturne one for those who prefer using requiem in PVE..I haven't tried it out since I'm not a fan of requiem PVE builds anymore but I expect it to do great damage as well though it might be a bit squishier and offers less support and less ability for soloing some mobs like Wellebel resort mobs since there is no sustain but in return it should provide stronger single target DPS specially when you use the 3 songs: Requiem,Aria,Cantata and stronger shadow damage as well..So see what suits your gaming style better and make up your mind.
Hilver level 60 Kanian great skald.


Tuesday, April 29th 2014, 3:41pm

Added "Support beast build" which focuses nocturne and aims to get the most healing out of it through consonance and reverberation and shadow duette and r3 nocturne and sacrificing some little DPS in return..I haven't tried it out but I believe it should a greater support to the team along with some DPS ( though the first 2 builds should deal more dps ofc)..Give me your thoughts and criticizing is welcome as long as you express your point of view in a good manner.Anyway enjoy!
Hilver level 60 Kanian great skald.


Sunday, May 25th 2014, 7:48pm

Leveling build!

Since some people asked me if that build is a leveling build or not and what they should go for first so I decided to make a leveling build section here and I hope it helps you guys level fast.

First of all,the builds I posted up there are more of end game builds but I believe they're also great in leveling but in order to get the most efficient results in solo leveling and farming mobs,the leveling build will have some minor differences:

1-The leveling build is gonna use nocturne because,I back then tried requiem build for leveling/farming and they didn't prove as efficient as nocturne builds and had to waste much mirra using the martyr heal thing since requiem builds have quite less sustain and survival.

2-Instead of Reverberation rubies in Elegy ruby grid,we will get Sixth Sense rubies which work very well with nocturne and give you some tankiness against some mobs specially those elites in kiraah and irdrich who might crit more often like some zombie warrior mobs too in IOR etc who hit like a truck so these will give you some more survival against such mobs.As for reverberation,reverberation is an end game ruby in my opinion or a party ruby since in solo fights you should be using rhapsody on yourself so the use of reverberation in solo farming is kinda minimized and that's why I picked Sixth Sense rubies over it in leveling build.

3-In leveling/farming builds,we should get determination rubies unlike end game..I try to avoid any determination stats in end game for DPS classes and I'll explain why shortly but for solo leveling and farming you'll have no tank and you'll get hit more often than end game astrals and parties etc and aggro won't be playing a great role in solo farming since it's you alone so here determination will be useful for a DPS class just like how it is useful for DPS classes in PVP.However,in end game PVE builds you'll be doing more astrals and will get into more parties and raids which will/should have a tank so since your role in the party is DPS and you're not as tanky as some other classes so you should try to avoid receiving any kind of damage in order to survive and DPS for longer time.Simply if you have much determination and say tank lost aggro for a second in an AOE pull or something and these mobs hit you hard so you insta stack determination,this means your damage+healing will be boosted,right? More damage and healing=more aggro :) so you simply made it even harder for tank to regain aggro over these mobs because of the big gap between your damage and healing and his/her damage and healing and this will also mean healer will waste much much mana by over healing you because,you're a DPS class and squishier than tank so after you die,the healer might have so little mana so he/she can't heal the tank well resulting in the death of the whole party and GG xD..That's why I see determination a bad stat for PVE DPS in end game but if you don't like my opinion,it's up to you.

4-R1 ballade and r1 overture aren't a priority so if you don't have extra talents,don't go for them and simply get them at the end if you can afford to get them and I can say same for unison rubies if you don't have sufficient rubies.
Okay now to the leveling build:

The leveling/farming build should look like this at level 60 assuming you have first and second pages of mage and another extra ruby and 2 GT rubies and 2 extra talent points:

And now I'll show you how your build should look like every 10 levels from 10 to 50 so you'd know which rubies and talents have priority:

Build at level 10:!9!221.1.…...!g/C!a/A!a/A

Build at level 20:!9!331.1.…ykbiqc/IEGL!a/A

Build at level 30:!9!331.1.…qc/CJNUS!kxuc/A

Build at level 40:!9!331.1.…c/SBRUOD!mahd/A

Build at level 50:!9!331.1.…/UIDUCRB!mahd/A

Build at level 55:!9!331.1.…/SDUMQDM!mahd/A

That's all and good luck! ;)
Hilver level 60 Kanian great skald.

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Sunday, June 1st 2014, 3:25pm



Posts: 197

Location: Allods

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For reinc skill, for Bard Bee swarm also isnt bad, maybe even better then fear. It has a long cast time but u can precast it since bards dont have anything else to precast, also range is a lot higher then fear, and cd is 25 sec shorter. Also when u Fear someone they run from you which in some situations can be bad.


Sunday, June 1st 2014, 8:46pm

For reinc skill, for Bard Bee swarm also isnt bad, maybe even better then fear. It has a long cast time but u can precast it since bards dont have anything else to precast, also range is a lot higher then fear, and cd is 25 sec shorter. Also when u Fear someone they run from you which in some situations can be bad.
Yea bee swarm isn't bad either but I find fear a more useful CC as it makes them run away..Unlike what you think,making them run away can both save you or give you an offensive advantage as follows:

-Saving you as they will run away from you and you run the opposite direction in case you wanna flee.

-Offensive advantage because when the fear makes the enemy run away,that means the distance between you and enemy increases and that means you can use serenade to pull them back getting max damage from serenade+like 20% more damage dealt for CC ed(including feared) targets from Punishment for weakness rubies in acoustic barrier ruby grid.

Also that's can complete a great cycle for bards in PVP which is: Muse>>Serenade>>Solo>>Fugue in a minor>>Flying blade>>Raving blade>>Racial>>flying blade again or hit some chords and then raving if out of cd>>Encore(to reset all CD s)>>Muse again>>Summoner reincarnation fear so they run away again>>Serenade>>Solo again>>Fugue in a minor>>Flying blade>>Raving blade etc>>Racial etc..On the other hand if you have bee swarm then they will stay in same place and won't run away so you won't be able to easily cast serenade again unless the target could run away with a skill like recoil(scouts) or mage's flash teleport skill thing after you do first serenade.I hope you got it.

Well after all, that's my opinion and how I see it so no problem if you prefer bee swarm but I always like in PVP the choice of skills that offers more options and tactics.
Hilver level 60 Kanian great skald.


Thursday, October 23rd 2014, 5:52am

Guiding steps and pieces of advice to make your own build!

First of all,thanks for the 5000+ views and I hope these builds/guide was useful to whoever read it.

As you've noticed,these builds and little guide isn't a PMB and that's because,it's intended to help out new bards figure out how to build a DPS bard (IMO) so new people won't have to waste their gold on respecs and would up their runes faster.I know how painful it is to farm for a respec specially with current exchange rate for crystals.

Anyway,I'll point out some steps for new people to be able to craft their own builds as they want it more efficiently and that's also because,I've already quit the game since like 2-3 months ago and I heard there would be a patch soon where bard will be changed much so I won't be able to update this build later on but when that big patch comes,you guys can try to tweak it and see how it works if you want but I hope you won't forget to give credits though.^_^ (same story for my PVP builds)
Anyway,for now my builds should be working pretty fine since I didn't notice much changes in bard class so far but feedback and suggestions would be welcome,of course.

Now let's get to the main subject:

How to craft your own build?

It's some pieces of advice and steps I had to learn by myself because,back then in NA server,most bards focused that R3 raving blade and neglected chords or songs so there was some wasted damage and it didn't work well for me when I had far lower runes and gear so I had to use these following steps:

1-Decide your role and try to pick a proper role for your class so for bard,I really would recommend DPS or support builds in endgame PVE and I prefer tanky bard in PVP since bards have no aggro management skills which might make tank bard less useful in end game PVE (like astrals or raids) specially if you're low geared and that's just a personal opinion based on my observation and checking many builds but it's up to you.

2-Check your class's section in the forum for guides that suit the role you decided (PMB guides or not PMB).If you have the patience,you can check even non updated old guides and see what makes sense in their builds and what doesn't and put all these builds in talent calculator and then screen shot each using "print screen" keyboard button and keep scrolling the screen shots you got of these builds and open a new page of talent calculator and start playing puzzle.
In other words,put in the talent calculator the talents and rubies you prefer from these builds and exclude what you feel is bad or won't serve your role quite well.
FYI,the builds in this guide were based on one of three builds in an old not updated guide I found back then on NA server's forums and it was just a skeleton build not full one and I liked how it used chords instead of the stereotype of using raving blade mostly,I even started out my build by fully neglecting raving blade and hilariously it did good damage but ofc it did more damage when I added raving blade to it later.
My point is that even the outdated guides can be of use so don't underestimate them but they aren't a priority of course.

3-Once you've searched and took your time forming your own build,start showing it to friends who are the same class as you or who have a high level character of the same class or have good knowledge about it as well as old/famous,good (say bards if you're a bard) on your server and see what would be their opinion about your build and let them criticize it.

4-After you've collected enough feedback and criticism about your build,see what makes sense in that feedback and follow it and if a point doesn't make much sense,see if other bards agree on this point or not.If they do then think about it again and revise and if not then just neglect it.Asking others doesn't make you seem noob and isn't something bad so don't be shy about it and ask as long as the one whom you ask for information doesn't mind even if they're lower geared bards.If you don't understand some ruby or talent,don't hesitate to ask another bard about it.I didn't understand what Ode ruby did back then and the one who explained it to me was a bard called "Dthdlr".I didn't know about earring slot and was confused about balancing stats back then and the one who helped me with that was "SailorYue" and even my old and first mentor for my bard was the first one who showed me the hearten PMB guide on NA forums and he helped me alot.

5-Now after you've listened to people's opinion about your build and applied some new changes based on the feed back to your build,you can tell those bards who gave feed back about the changes you made and show them your build after these changes and see if they recommend you change more things in it or if they approve it to be good.

6-When you're done with all these steps and feeling your build is ready,try it out and I wish you best of luck.

I know some people might think of these tips and steps as something useless or some silly words but simply these steps are personal experience over around 3-4 years of playing Allods online and if you feel they're silly,it's really up to you.I put these here since I quit and pretty much won't be able to work on another good build when bard is changed in that coming big patch since I've quit this game like 2-3 months ago as I've mentioned earlier so I want you bards to make your own good builds again even after bards get nerfed and I want to see some hilarious quote after bard gets nerfed saying:"Bards are still op,please nerf".I don't want new people to waste most of their gold on respecs instead of getting their runes high up again and I don't want some players refusing to give their builds so people would find it harder to counter them in PVP (as some summoners say *cough* No offense! :D).Show them what you're capable of and buff the class even if it got nerfed.I hope my point got through.

I'll be honest with you and tell you that these steps might take you some good time but this game has much gold farming late game recently so let alone farming for a respec as well.If applying these steps would take time,farming for gold to respec would take more time and trust me I believe the outcome of this time you spend trying to figure out your own build later on (for any class) will be worth it.

I've quit the game since it became so dull for me but I'll be kinda active on the forums so if you guys have got questions about bards (and probably paladins as well :P) feel free to ask me through PM or replying to one of my guide posts on forums.

That's all and I hope these information above will be of use for you now and in the future.
Thanks for your time!
Hilver level 60 Kanian great skald.


Thursday, October 23rd 2014, 9:03am

not creating new theme only want to show 1 of my dps build when use aria and cantana songs

1 of aoe combo are Shadow duete - Timpani - Power chord -Timpani- Disharmony -Solo - Encore and again all combo in end use Rawing blade and Flying blade(on lasts mobs who alive in pack :) )
Combo on boses - Shadow duete- Muse -Power chord -Solo - Flying blade - Rawing blade Encore and again all combo (recomend Encore swich when bos near 25 % hp then with funereal marsh mob got 2x astral damage - shadow giving 2x cantana who hits 2x +2 x power chords damage + 9 disharmony with aria from solo skill + flying blade skill who give 2x astral damage too
this combo in funereal marsh efect time change bard dps metter wery :)

This post has been edited 1 times, last edit by "LadyEisenhorn" (Oct 23rd 2014, 9:10am)


Thursday, October 23rd 2014, 5:59pm

not creating new theme only want to show 1 of my dps build when use aria and cantana songs

1 of aoe combo are Shadow duete - Timpani - Power chord -Timpani- Disharmony -Solo - Encore and again all combo in end use Rawing blade and Flying blade(on lasts mobs who alive in pack :) )
Combo on boses - Shadow duete- Muse -Power chord -Solo - Flying blade - Rawing blade Encore and again all combo (recomend Encore swich when bos near 25 % hp then with funereal marsh mob got 2x astral damage - shadow giving 2x cantana who hits 2x +2 x power chords damage + 9 disharmony with aria from solo skill + flying blade skill who give 2x astral damage too
this combo in funereal marsh efect time change bard dps metter wery :)

First of all,thanks for your feedback,criticism and contribution.

Your build is fine but it pretty much differs from mine as my build focuses having a great surge of energy most of time while your build focuses the traditional focus on Raving blade+Solo™.

I'll state what points I don't like about your build and that's just my opinion based on my own experience using several types of builds so no hard feels:

1-I don't like having solo higher than r1 because,if for 3 rubies you can get it up to 3 more applications so it becomes a sum of 7 disharmony applications from one solo,do you think at this point that wasting 5 more talent points would be worth it to add only 2 more applications to solo making it a sum of 9 applications through 2 more ranks?
I see focusing energy regeneration amplifying talents would be more worthy than getting solo up to r3.

For example:In group fights where you're fighting like 10 enemies,timpani > solo since it would offer 10 applications instead of 9 and you can do timpani faster than solo since solo takes more time to hit every application while timpani hits them all at once so there would be difference in both applications of disharmony and attack rate,do you get my point?
While in single target fights,if you have a great surge of energy like me,you wouldn't need to use solo much unless you slack and are tired of spamming buttons or unless you are gonna use raving blade and that rarely happens since I have a great surge in energy already so I can spam chords as much as I want and won't do raving in that case unless I wanna keep the Unison stacks up.

2-I like muse maxed or r2 at least as well as having it's rubies "melpomene",why?
because,muse+its rubies cure bard's biggest weak point which is energy regeneration vs energy consumption giving you highest potential for DPS so having encore won't be enough,I need muse up most of time and I can even use it in long group fights.

3-The difference in DPS between raving r3 and raving r2 is pretty small IMO and wouldn't be worth it unless you have really good gears that would make that difference worth it.
Also maxing muse instead would be of more benefit,it reduces the CD of a skill that reduces CD and cast time of your skills including raving blade and flying blade so instead of having that little more difference in damage added to your raving blade through r3 raving,you get to have it on far low CD and with lower cast time most of time through low CD muse as well as a low CD flying blade.
So having Muse r3 would be a win win situation here,right?or don't we think alike?

4-Invigoration rubies:even if you get 1 of them.I know some people hate these rubies because of invigoration's very high CD but that's why you have Encore.I use invigoration mostly in boss fights.
Invigoration allows you to get a 3rd song on and a 3rd song isn't equal to a 3rd song but it's equal to more than just a mere 3rd song.
3rd song=3rd song's effect+bonus armor from protective overtones+bonus damage from reverberation+higher chance for euphoria to pop.

5-I think combat tune would be the most useless ruby ever and if you don't agree with me,you can check it's % and see for yourself and calculate it.I really don't find it appealing and would recommend getting 1 more unison ruby instead of that 1 combat tune ruby.

Conclusion:your build is fine but I think you won't get the highest DPS outcome from it,it has an advantage though that you can slack while using raving blade+solo and still do fine damage.
On the other hand,my build follows the concept:"if you want something,work for it" so you'll have to spam your buttons and do your combo properly and trust me the outcome would be pretty worth it but if you slack with my build,you might get off the charts in DPS.
So see what suits you and your playing style best and go for it.

I hope my criticism helped and it's just my own point of view.
Hilver level 60 Kanian great skald.

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