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Comrades, focus the healing one!

Stop making immortal characters! It's silly when you need 6 ppl with bigger GS to kill single healer before he just make to kill two of them, and then additionally run! I'm talking specifically about these chars: Healer, Paladin and Summoner. Only these chars can kill red boss with same lvl completely alone and in pvp 1vs1 they are immortal.
Patch 6.0 notes: warrior with stony barrier will restore its heal points 1/2/3% every 2 seconds-GREAT! I'am happy about that because I'am a warrior and against holy paladins I have no chance these days! But still, its stupid. Warriors just should NOT heal themselves! Just waiting till everyone will be able to heal -.-
Holy Paladin: excellent endurance, absorbing damage, heal themselves and their holy attacks does great dps! OP. Range fight mage againts pallas, mages are just loosing - makes no sence to me.
It's whole silly and as warr I feel like a fifth wheel, because I can do only support in battles as dps or stunner. Warr tank vs paladin tank- palla has more endurance than you, heal wounds because you have crappy dmg, kill you with range spells. Warr DPS vs Paladin dps- palla blinded me, and before I begin to see I have 50%+ of life down the drain.
Please do something about it. It really kills the game. It's not funny when fights 1vs1 are not fair. :cursing:
And no! I wont change my character!Being a warrior is a matter of my heart. :love:

google translator :pinch:


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Just waiting till everyone will be able to heal -.-

And for pvp go for p2p server because f2p have too many items which disbalance pvp such as conclave and patronage V.
Looking for people which want to play skyforge conctact via private message :rolleyes:


Warrior isn't made for 1 v 1 situations, you just need to accept it right now :P
In dominion otherwise, with a good healer near you, you can shine!

And yes, as a warrior facing healing classes in 1 v 1 is also just troll -_-




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Hello :) The Warrior will not restore their health, they will restore part of their barrier by a % of their health while it's not broken.
You can find the 6.0 patch notes translated into English here ^^ Google translate can get really confusing if you don't know basic Russian :)


Thank you for the correction Oracle. That does not change the fact that to defeat certain chars is needed 6ppl, they can solo red boss ...while warr with difficulties can kill single non-healing target and this is why i created this thread. All chars should be balanced. This is just stupid.


"Google translate can get really confusing if you don't know basic Russian"

This is a general problem with machine translation. Because the translation system designers don't want to have to write code to fully decode the source language (and Google Translate is no exception), they usually use statistical methods that use parallel texts - that is, a series of sentences in one language with its translation in the other. This builds a table of phrase- and sub-phrase-level equivalences along with how likely each one is in the case of ambiguities. The translation system takes the user's text and breaks it into a suitable set of phrases and sub-phrases and generates a "most likely" translation based on that. These techniques are normally reasonably effective at giving the reader a rough idea of what the source text said, but produce imprecise translations that should not be relied on for accuracy in fine details.

And all that applies regardless of the source and destination languages.

EDIT: The full-decode-by-software-code problem alluded to in the above is an intractable problem because of the immense complexity and ambiguity of human languages. Consider this simple two-word sentence: "Time flies!" This could be a directive to use a stopwatch to measure the activities of insects, or a philosophical exclamation on the rapid flow of events (Latin: "Tempus fugit!"). Even the longer sentence "Time flies when you're having fun!" has the same ambiguity, although the stopwatch directive is now significantly less likely.
Now f2p 60 Xadaganian summy with 60/60/60 tailor/weaponsmith/alchemist, bleah gear, 555/555 runes
Now p2p 28 Xadaganian avenger with 20 weaponsmith
I'm on an extended break from Allods at the moment, but I'm lurking here to keep up with what's happening. From the looks of things in 5.0.02, I'm better off where I am.

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when i fight fullhealer with warrior and we are about even in terms gear / runes i kill the healer because i heal myself with bloodlust
it takes some time until his mana is empty but he does so little damage i can outheal it with bloodlust

also, every class can kill redring bossmobs with enough bloodlust & proper spec

as for paladin-tank; if you CC then enough they will break like walnuts while cannot dealing enough damage :)


well atm warr is probably weaker than pally^^ but this is cause pally was just boostet so its normal^^ not too long ago warr was a god on the battlefield but the good thing with op classes are 1-2 patches later they are normal again^^

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