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Tuesday, December 23rd 2014, 1:56pm

New PvE semi-harcore type of player salutes!

Firstly i wanted to say Hello to all the members!

As title says, i am a new player on P2P realm. I used to play this game on open beta back in 2008 if i remember correctly. I remember the game was pretty fun, but some changes to cash shop and how it impacted the game made me quit this title for long time.

I dont like f2p games tbh, but this one was interesting back then so i decided to give it a go, well it proved only my point that f2p games sucks in terms of monetizing and how it impacts the gameplay. On some MMORPG news site, i saw that Allods gives players trial on p2p realm, so as You can guess i want to give it a shot once more. I bought the game time (7-10 days to learn ups and downs of the game is not a lot, so i bought a subscription to give a better judgement) so i can check this game again under the best bussiness model for me.

I used to play some MMORPGs in the past. When i was "hardcore" i adventured in Everquest, after EQ i have played World of Warcraft alongside with Guild Wars. I still play WoW from time to time ;). My last big game i played seriously (and i still play it, despite what haters say), was and is Guild Wars 2. Yes, You can guess that i became more casual. So here we come to the main reason i created this topic.

I want to ask You some question, before i dig in into this world again.

1. How fast is lvling?
I am not a type of player that want everything on a silver platter after one day. But if I need tons of time (month of more) to achieve max lvl, game becomes boring to me. I am not the type of player that likes standard, ordinary, lvling process (unless it is like in Guild Wars 2, this is one of the aspect they made kitten fantastic). Lvling is for learning the class I want to play, but i don't need half a year to learn it. So my question is, what is an estimate time to ding max lvl in this game, considering i can invest around 3-4 hours a day to play this title?

2. How's i PvE (dungeons, raids, adventures, events etc) ?
Are raids and dungeons challenging? Do they require brain and some sort of skill, not only gear? I like fights that are not only gear checks, but also a brain check :)

3. How's gearing?
How do You progress gear here? I am not a type of player that like to grind half a year for one piece of loot. I like some reasonable pacing for gaining gear. How depth is gear customization? Can i enchant, jewle, rune or sth my gear? Can i change look of my gear? Like changing color, or put other piece of gear skin on the current one?

4. How is the economy?
I know that this p2p server is not populated very high. But i'd like to know some more from players :)

I think it's all atm.

Thanks in advance for any response :)


Tuesday, December 23rd 2014, 2:05pm

1. Currently there are 2 weeks of Lucky Moments, that means 2x exp so leveling will be pretty fast. Normally it would take you about a month if you're entirely new to the game. With the lucky moments it might be 2 weeks or faster.

2. Low level dungeons are kinda crappy. High level dungeons are extremely challenging at times, especially as heal and tank and raids are absolutely amazing. You'll love it, I promise. :P

3. You upgrade gear. You can get upgraders from a zone where you basically farm mobs. Nothing special but it's fast and not the main source of upgraders. The other part of gearing is flying to astral Allods. You basically take a ship, fly to a dungeon and complete it. It's a a lot of fun and a lot of randomizers in the game make it way less repetetive. You have random buffs in the dungeons and the way to the dungeon is also randomized.

4. The economy is mainly trading within our guilds since it's not worth it to use the auction house at the moment.

PS: Join empire. :P You can message Bowtiful, Sigmar, Ruby, Molinqx or Shaffou for an invite.
p2p Empire lvl 60 Paladin Bowtiful


Tuesday, December 23rd 2014, 2:09pm

Hmm i forgot this one :D

What class do You recommend for tanking?

I'd like to try a tank here, i've created Paladin like class todays morning, but i want to know other ppl opinion. Also i'd like to know if there is a need for tanks, because i don't want to sit on bench :)


Tuesday, December 23rd 2014, 2:12pm

Tanks are always good. :P I personally like pala the most because he is somewhat unique. He is a ranged tank and can store dmg in his barriers. With the barrier you can control a huge portion of dmg you would receive and make it vanish. Also he can do a lot of dps, has heal, a absorbing bubble he can put on himself or party members and lot of other cool skills. Both factions could need some tanks, I bet.
p2p Empire lvl 60 Paladin Bowtiful


Tuesday, December 23rd 2014, 2:17pm

Well i will play on the Empire side, because it is horde like (For da Darkspear!) :)

I will stay with a paladin then


Tuesday, December 23rd 2014, 2:24pm

Nice, tell me your character name and I can invite you to Utopie, the main empire guild.
p2p Empire lvl 60 Paladin Bowtiful


Tuesday, December 23rd 2014, 2:26pm

Nehezbegar but im at work currently :)

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