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Thursday, January 8th 2015, 9:44am

how is ruined the game, what to do next?

For some the AoD and the Scarlet bastion are the main Amalgam income, because they can't get anomalous sector party.
Aod is hit or miss for they.
SB is s sign in and loose.

Now the current game mechanics doesn't allow to kick players from Aod, neither SB, and even doesn't work at Deserted farm.

If you check the battleground report some are dualboxing so wrong as they do 0 dmg and is clearly visible...
Other are more refined:
- At SB they jump of from the allod and instant die, prevent the system to kick for beign afk.
- at SB they run to circle and press capture ( while 5-6 defenders are there) and afk. Then will move the other character.

After the round start it is visible how many are still the jump pad, not moving. It would be easy for developers to implement a kicking system.

At Aod: jump inside and hide at the pial an bee afk: if win then high chance to not being killed. If is a loose match then killed and kicked soon.

At deserted farm:…d&threadID=5920

Simply go to right or left and afk after jump.

Why are doing this?
For sign of victory. They can be transformed to gold.
Gold can be sent to other character.
A character can buy crystals with gold and transferred to other fraction.

Many players are using alts <forum is not the place for delation>, they are such a brainless as they don't even put those characters on the other fraction.
Not one, but many. They did in past and they are doing right now.
I have posted here in forum a SB raid chat , where is speaks about this afk at SB for sign in 900g+.
Level 2,1,1/1,1,1 runes in green gears.

That post is removed by moderators! So I expect this will be removed too , lol, like it wouldn't exits.

Yesterday I have seen another <same> member leveling they new toon: he escort with level 60 and do all kills, even those which are soloable...why so much effort?!

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Thursday, January 8th 2015, 10:05am

Just use the kick system for AFK kick...
Ancien joueur d'Allods Online de passage de temps a autres =P


Thursday, January 8th 2015, 5:17pm

mhh well normally i like ideas like this (also fan of illuminati and everything) but you think its worth it to lvl a char to max just to get 900 lousy goldpieces for sb? o.o


Thursday, January 8th 2015, 5:21pm



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