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Sunday, March 23rd 2014, 8:51am

Hilver's PVP bard builds (Tanky PVP builds)

Hello fellow bards!My name is Hilver a level 60 Kanian Great Skald in F2P server-League faction-FateOfOneNation guild :)
After getting greatness since like 1 or 2 months before the server merge patch release,I made my PVP build and tried some PVP builds in some WH and JC and SB and DF and Dominion and duelled some friends who sometimes were far more powerful than me and I liked these 2 PVP builds mentioned in this post and came to many conclusions which I will explain shortly ^^
1-My current PVP solo build (more DPS less support) : Offensive tanky PVP build (uses nocturne) :

2-My old main PVP build: Many Tactics and support and CC (uses requiem) :

I had this second build for around 2 months or may be more before merge and I like it as it offers many tactics and you can pvp more smoothly in skirmishes like JC where you hit your allies unintentionally most of time >.< but yet it's damage isn't that great.

This first build is the only one of my builds that uses solo and actually its because I was confused about getting solo and strengthening chords or not as they're hard to control in open PVP areas like JC but I found there is no other choice for stronger DPS in PVP but solo so if you wanna DPS harder in PVP you'll have to get used to chords and solo one way or another..This 1 offers more DPS and yet keeps tankiness but it has a bit less CC s and less support in order to support more DPS and I actually tried it out in some DF and arena and it proved to be great,yet the more rubies the better so if you have more rubies you can max funeral march and max the more damage to CC ed targets rubies and get r2 invigoration and max out grand finale and passionate performance and second fiddle so the more rubies the merrier.It also has less tactics and focuses raving blade less than the 2 builds above but chords' damage can hit far harder with solo yet they're harder to control or to target a certain enemy in group fights unlike raving so it's all about your playing style in PVP.

-Assuming you're level 60 these builds use 2 GT rubies and 1st and 2nd page of mage diary and 1 greatness ruby as well as 2 additional talent points(without the bard's way ruby quest)

Notice:As you see I added ode and resonance point after I fully understood them in second build..Resonance point makes your flying blade put a debuff on enemy that makes you able to hit that enemy at a higher range with chords so it's a long range poke :P...As for ode I didn't understand it at first but thanks to Dthdlr who explained it to me and Ode is a buff you put on a party/raid member..When you pull an enemy using serenade or romance the enemy will b pulled to the buffed ally instead of you so you can do it on a tank or a melee class and yet you can still be safe..Both rubies give you more tactics in PVP but they're optional.
1-For first build:
-If you use build number 1 then try to CC your enemies before doing your damage combo and don't forget to have your eyes always on solo as its CD might reset if you get CC ed much..Also try to CC enemy when it is at 25% hp or lower and got the funeral march debuff on them for a head shot flying blade solo combo >:3 Also in 1 v 1 fights do this tactic: Muse>>serenade>>flying blade>>solo>>fugue in a minor>>raving then flying blade or raving or hit some chords and make sure cantata+ballade are on then Encore and do all the combo all over again when you hit like half your hp switch to nocturne instead of ballade then shadow duette and if they aren't CC ed use your racial to root them in place or stun or whatever then Hide for 10 sec using dancing shadows to heal up then serenade and solo etc etc :D If the enemy tends to initiate the fight hiding like a scout then you too destroy this chance for them and start hiding using dancing shadows haha

2-For second build:

-First of all, in group fights you should use requiem+ballade together unless invigoration is out of CD and in that case this means you'll put ballade+cantata and requiem as 3rd song.
-If a melee scout or a warrior or a physical DPS paladin focuses one of the DPS allies,use your serenade to pull the enemy and then improvisation ability if you have new idea stacks or racial and run away or simply use dancing shadows on targeted ally.
-Use fugue in a minor on healers or psi or paladin and make sure your target is near to the other enemies so you can get full advantage of your fugue in a minor and you can encore to do it twice haha.
-Try to pull strong DPS classes like mage to your allies' hands and then racial or improvisation him and feast on him together xD also make sure the distance between you and him is good because,the more distance he covers the more damage he receives and the less heals he receives from his allies since there will b some good distance between both.
-Whenever you get focused use either Acoustic barrier or Dancing shadows.
-Whenever you have energy and flying blade is in cd,spam your dissonance to poke the enemy with the silence.
Stats to focus in PVP:
Aside from Vigor and Stamina which are main stats,

you have to focus the following stats much:

-WILL POWER:This stat increases your immunity to cc..Thanks to Goozy he explained it better to me..It makes you get the immune to cc effect it means if you have 10 willpower for example you will get 10% more immunity to CC effects per second so it'll take you 10 seconds to become fully immune to CC for some seconds..I'm not so sure of this stat but that's what I understood till now about it.I wouldn't focus this stat as much as other PVP stats specially if I use second build as Ballade and acoustic barrier rubies make you very strong vs CC s.

-ANGER:your spells will put wound complexity on enemies faster the more stat points you have in this stat..Additionally,the enemies that attack the target you're healing with in 10 seconds will receive damage equal to %(depends on howmany stat points you invest in Anger stat) from the healing done.I'd focus that a bit less if I have requiem but still you need to stack a considerable amount of it to feel the effect.

-VITALITY:Increases your max hp by % depending on howmany stat points you invest in this stat.This should be focused more than blood lust in second build as it deals less damage but vice versa in first build.

-BLOOD LUST: is any of you guys familiar with something called lifesteal? this stat is like lifesteal..In other words this stat means you heal by % (depending on howmany stat points you invest in this stat) from your damage and healing done and I consider this stat also a tank stat or pvp stat since you shouldn't get attacked much in pve if you are a dps class or a healer since the tank should b holding aggro.This stat is better for first build as it deals more DPS and has nocturne which can blood lust from the nocturne heals itself :P

-TENACITY:I guess this stat means it increases your immunity to wound complexity or makes the wound complexity you receive from enemies less depending on howmany points you invest in this stat..Additionally,before you receive wound complexity you are able to deal % more damage (depending on howmany points you invest in this stat) This stat is better with first build as it uses nocturne.

-DETERMINATION:This stat is simple as this:the 3rd bar under your hp and mana/energy is determination bar and it max at 100% so the more you get attacked the more this bar gets filled and the more this bar gets filled the more % damage and healing you deal per % filled in this bar.
Thanks for reading and I hope this help you out bards out there ^^ Also a little tip:don't try to use this build in leveling or in PVE since it's fully fully PVP build.
Your opinion and tips are appreciated as long as you express it in a good manner.
Hilver level 60 Kanian great skald.

This post has been edited 16 times, last edit by "Hilver" (May 25th 2014, 9:10pm) with the following reason: Adding images :P


Sunday, May 25th 2014, 9:13pm

Added images for every build in both the PVP builds post and PVE builds post as some people told me they couldn't use the links.Let me know if anyone needs me to add some more stuff.
Hilver level 60 Kanian great skald.

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