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Saturday, January 17th 2015, 10:44am

New Warden.

Hi. I've questions about warden .

1. Melee warden is good or caster is definitely better?

2. 2h or paired fists?

3 What is it "Combat Wit"?

3. If you can please send me exemplary build.


Saturday, January 17th 2015, 1:41pm

Well then i will try to help:

1. Caster is stronger. But the perfekt ultimate dps would be melee caster (cuz meleestrikes have a diffrent cooldown than casts and pet you can hit beetween attacks but to me its just not worth it^^)

2.well on a complete melee paired can be nice for clout combo but meh 2 hand brings more instant dps cuz stroger hits but you should go caster anyway so its completly up to you (i prefer a 1 handed so i dont have to upgrade 2 weapons cuz i prefer to have more defense in pvp)

3.thats pretty much the same as static stacks^^ when you have no stacks at all your first melee strike will generate 1 stack of cambat wit and shred will always give you 3 more of it afterwards, every melee strike also has a chance to grant you one later on (at least thats how i saw it). the maximum amount is 8 stacks and every stack pushes your melee damage and if you have the rubees also your damage on shred.Last but not least it gives you nice little abilitys for example there are 2 rubees which can just be used whith combat wit (instant bee swarm and a fucking long speed potion) and its lowering the cooldown on barkshield for every stack.

4. well not sure what kind of build you wanted so i just post an astral (PvE) one

thats mine!5!133…H!sndzcwn/EJSTL

but cuz i think you wont have enough rubees to build it here is a more realistic one for a new player!5!133…H!sndzcwn/IFBMJ

with this build you have pretty much everything needet for pve: you got cc,heal,dps and a little bit of defense

some strange things in this build are probably the boar blow (its for astral islands where you have to cc some mobs cuz they choke etc) and the ferocity (i have a scout in my grp and his regg is better than mine).

but if you prefer energy regg something like this may be better!5!133…H!kndzcwn/UHPTL

well hope this is a help somehow^^


Saturday, January 17th 2015, 1:41pm


3 What is it "Combat Wit"?

Some informations about that :…32877#post32877
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Monday, January 19th 2015, 4:22pm

Thanks for help. I like your builds very much Bluescarlet but i have some questions.

1. Why you have only 2 rubins on "Secret of Aqua Vitae" ?
2. "Elecrtic Theraphy" is useless ? And why you have then "Natural Harmony" ?
3. Why "Calculating Mind" and "Medley Mastery" only on r1?
4. Call of the Wild is good ?


Tuesday, January 20th 2015, 8:17pm

uff so much wörk :P

1: cuz the the 3 rubes doesnt push it for much^^ so to me not worth it cuz you can just use it all (48 sek i think)
2: nope its not useless its 45% more on your mainheal^^ but this is a dps build and i never had problems even without those 45%^^ but i you want to be a fullheal thats a must have rubee^^
3: calculating mind is simple^^ if you have really BAD luck then you static stacks can run out while you regg your pet^^ so you lose 24% caster damage which is meh -.- thats why 1 rubee its a save so you will never lose your stacks
medly mastery is simple too, as you can see i just have 2 rubees in the long time cc which makes it 40 sek with medly mastery you get additional 6 sek on it and as a nice bonus you get + 15% heal on aqua (but its not a must have rubee just a personal preference)
4: well i use it in my raid build cuz its a bit of dps but normally is really really low dps so not worth it in normal astral etc and it can cause failpulls etc when there are running some pets (reason is when you use this skill the pets come from somewhere..yeah sometimes from other mobsgrps better ditch it cuz not worth^^)


Thursday, January 29th 2015, 3:59pm

Thank you very much now everything is clear :)

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