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Saturday, January 24th 2015, 12:51am

Addons that work with 6.0.00

I decided to create a new thread because the previous one became quite big, plus I couldn't fit all the addons in three posts :p Sorry it took so long

Just like with patch 5.0.02, patch 6.0.00 brings further chances to how addons work. For this reason, most addons will have to be redownloaded in order to work. I highly suggest you redownload all the addons you have while the server is in maintenance, so you won't have problems with them once the server is live.

Now then, time to start listing the addons. I've decided to list all the addons found on, in a huge list. Titles will be colored with Green for addons that I recommend and are working, Blue for addons that are working but I don't think they're that good and Red with addons that are either not working or are buggy. Addons with the title colored Cyan need to be localized in order to work with our clients. I'll provide a short description of what they do, a link to the download page, mention if it's free or not, and what version you should download. I don't promise that I'll keep this thread updated daily, but I'll do my best to keep you informed of important changes.

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Saturday, January 24th 2015, 12:52am

  • ACAB Tracker - r2.1
    This addon shows a reminder for Arena of Death and Scarlet Bastion. Download the second archive.
  • AcAddon - 30 Dec 2014 - Paid
    This addon tracks many things in-game, but it needs to be localized first.
  • ACP - 1.1
    This is another tracker addon, it tracks class-specific buffs on your own character. It's based on HealerProc.It needs to be localized.
  • ActBarLocker - r02 (AT)
    This addon should lock the action bars, but it's overly complicated, plus it requires AddonsTools, so I recommend using AOandLocker.
  • ActionsMod - 12
    This addon will allow you to move the Action Bar slots around. Although it works, it can be buggy.
  • ActionsModBar
    This does the same thing as ActionsMod, but because it wasn't updated, it won't work with 6.0 at all.
  • AddonManager
    This used to be the addon that you used to manage your addons, before 4.0. But now it's obsolete, even game-breaking, so don't download it. I'm not even going to link it.
  • AddonReloader - r04
    With this addon you can enable/disable other addons, even System Managed Addons. If not used correctly, it can break your in-game interface.
  • AddonsTools - r86
    This addon does almost nothing by itself, except of displaying a digital clock and managing other addons. But it is requiered for other addons(ShipControl, TargetsManager etc), that will be marked with (AT) in this list.
  • AddPanel -r12 - Paid
    This addon will add another ActionPanel, on top of the ones on the bottom or on the left side of the ones on the right side. You can toggle between the positions. You can use this addition Panel as you would use the Action Bar.
  • AlarmingStatusLine - r09 (AT)
    This addon allows you to set up alarms for certain things (when myrrh reaches a certain amount etc). Use AddonsTools to access its menu. Needs a bit of fixing.
  • AlchAma -2.8
    This addon is usefull for those that are doing the Alchemy quest for amalgam. It displays what types of monsters you still have to kill and how many. Needs to be localized.
  • AlchemyHelper - 1.0e - Paid
    AlchemyHelper will make crafting potions faster. Everytime you brew a potion, you will be able to see the posible results and exactly how to turn the "drums" in order to get them.
  • AlchemyMAN
    This addon puts the ingredients back in the alchemy window after a potion is made. But it's obsolete now with AlchemyHelper and LibreAlchemy, and it also doesn't work with 6.0.
  • AlchemyPRO - Paid
    Pro (and paid) version of AlchemyMAN, but this one might work with 6.0. I still recommend LibreAlchemy.
  • AMW - 3.1.1eol
    This addon tracks the time left until the Pet buff spawns in Dominion.
  • AnatomySelfDefence - r17
    This addon tracks the damage that you sustain and displays a nice graph of it, so it helps you to figure out what you're weak against.
  • AntiSocialNetwork
    This addon disables the in-game Social Feature and the menu entry, but it's not working with 5.02.
  • AOAndLocker - r3
    This addon locks your Action Bar (to prevent accidental removal of spells/items).
  • AOConsole - r1
    This addon allows lua code to be run from the in-game chat console. Useful for addon developers. Pretty useless for the rest of the players.
  • AoPackZeon - 12.9 - Paid
    As the author says, this is a universal pack of addons, as in: it contains more addons packaged together. You have to read the details about what functions it has. (I don't like this kind of addon packs). Needs to be localized and it also gives a small error.
  • AOPanel - 6
    Useful addon, it can display various information about your currency and other buttons from addons that are configured to work with it. But I recommend AOPanelMod.
  • AOPanelMod - r3
    Same thing as AOPanel, but it works/looks better.
  • AOPanelKursKri - 2
    This addon shows the currency exchange rate in the AOPanel/AOPanelMod bar.
  • AOPanelMyyrha - 2
    This addon shows the current myrrh amount in the AOPanel/AOPanelMod bar. Broken right now, it will be fixed soon.
  • AOSpeedMeter - r3
    This addon will display your characters walking/running speed. Works with mounts as well. (Don't expect 100% accuracy though).
  • AoUMeter - r12.8
    This is the best DPS meter in the game. It's also a HPS Meter (healing) and Def Meter (damage you take).
  • ArcHUD - 1.3
    This addon will display your and your enemy health and mana bar in the form of Arcs, in the middle of the screen. Pretty interesting.
  • ArrowTarget - 1
    With this addon you can select a marker for your target.
  • ASniper - 5.1
    A sniper addon. But it needs to be localized.
  • AspectRemember - r2.1
    This addon will remind healers that they should activate an aspect. Does nothing for other classes.
  • Astra.minimap - 2.0.1b - Paid
    This is a useful addon, it displays the minimap while in Astral.
  • Astra.notice - 1.00b - Paid
    This addon will display useful notifications while in astral (kills, reactor overheat, boarding etc).
  • Astra - 2.0.1b - Paid
    This is a package containing Astra.minimap and Astra.notice, but at a lower price than the combined price of those two.
  • AstralBase
    This addon used to display a list of allods and what drops from them. But since Update 5.0 it is obsolete. No reason to download.
  • AstralInfo - r31
    This addon will display up to what astral sector you or your target can travel to. It will also display up to what sector your party can travel to. Not working with 6.0 yet.
  • AstralTrader (AT)
    This addon used to display information about Trading Sectors. But it's not working with 6.0.
  • AucEDSman - r71 (AT)
    This addon simplifies the life of auctioneers. Read the addon page for more info.

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Saturday, January 24th 2015, 12:52am

  • AutoAcceptInvite - r5
    This addon allows you to automatically accept an invite to a party or a raid, based on your settings (invites from guild, from friends, etc). Use ConfigWindow to change settings.

  • AutoAcceptRes - r02
    This addon allows you to autto-accept a resurection. Bad idea, especially during combat.
  • AutoDeleteMail
    This addon would allow you to automatically delete all the mail. But the addon is broken and obsolete now.
  • AutoFarmPostcard - Paid
    The translation says "Refuses quest "Holiday Novograd" once distributed 3 gift "gift from Santa Claus"". But only works during the Christmas Event
  • AutoMountFeed- r9
    This addon will make sure that your active mount will never get hungry, as long as you have enough food.
  • AutoPetAttack - 2.2
    I belive that this addon will make your pet (if you're a Necromancer or Druid) to attack when you attack a target, when you use a certain emote or skill.
  • AutoResurrect- 8
    This addon will make you resurrect automatically when the timer in purgatory is done. You still need to be logged in though. Might work. Needs testing.
  • AutoSelectDialog - 2.6
    This addon automatically selects conversation options and quests in the NPC's talk window. It's also capable of automatically start talking with NPC's. You need to replace config.txt with config.eng.txt in the addon folder for it to work.
  • AutoSell2, AutoSellGrey, AutoSellGreyAddon
    All three of these addons used to do the same thing, sell unnecesary items to NPC's. But they're not working anymore.
  • BarrierBust - 3
    This is for paladins. It shows how much of your HP would be taken away by the damage in your barriers.
  • BarrierDamageHelper - r11.1
    Probably the best addon for paladin tanks. It helps to manage the barriers, giving you important information about them in real-time.
  • BigBrotherIsWatchingYOU
    Honestly, I have no idea what this addon is supposed to do. But I do know it doesn't work with our version of the game.
  • BossTracker - 1.1
    This addon will help you fight bosses, by providing information about boss phases, buffs/debuffs etc.
  • BoxAutoOppener - r04
    This addon makes opening crafting chests faster.
  • BuffAnnounce- r37 - Paid
    This addon displays buffs/debuffs over the enemy/friend characters and has a list of nearby enemies/friends etc.
  • BuffLR - 2
    A bit similar to BuffAnnounce, this addon will displays buffs/debuffs on characters around you. Not working.
  • BuffsCleaner
    Google translation for this one is ambiguous. Something to do with notifying you when you have a certain debuff, and when you click the icon, a potion would be used.
  • BuildManager - 2.09
    With this addon, you can save your current build in order to activate them later. You can only activate them if you have skills/rubbies reset. It also remembers Spell locations on your Action Bars.
  • CalendarTracker - r4.1
    Gives a notification before calendar events start. By default, the notification is given 5 minutes before the event starts. It can by changed using the "/ct" slash command (ex: '/ct 10' for 10 minutes.)
  • Calculator - r02
    An ingame calculator. You have to type the operations, and press enter to see the result. No buttons there.
  • CarniHPSMeter
    One of the first HPS meters. Doesn't work anymore. Instead, use AoUMeter
  • Cartographer - 2.4
    This addon will add various helpfull markers on the map/mini-map.
  • CastBarMod - r6
    This addon will add the icon of the spell/item next to the casting bar, and can be moved around. (Make sure to have AoAndLocker to move it around).
  • ChatBarAO - r17
    This addon adds small buttons on top of your chat window for quick access to different chat types (Party, Raid, Guild, Zone). Works, but you have to manually move the buttons, and it can be a bit tricky.
  • ChatLogByN00b - 9
    This addon saves all the chat conversation in mods.txt
  • CircleCombatText - r11
    This addon changes how the damage you inflict looks like (damage numbers)
  • ClassIcons - 3
    This addon replaces the portrait of your targets with their respective class icon
  • ClassPlates - 4
    This addon will let you move the class plates around (Paladins shields, necromancers blood pool etc)
  • ConfigWindow - r6
    This addon will allow you to change settings of some addons that support CW (MountTimer, BossTracker,KillAnnounce etc)
  • ConstParty - 1.3
    This allows you to define a list of players (guild members or friends) and you can track if they're online or not.
  • ControlInfo - r16
    I don't know exactly what this addon does. But it's some kind of tracker for cc.
  • CoolBuffs - r5 - Paid
    This addon tracks your and your targets buffs/debuffs. It works but it could use with some localization.
  • CooldownInfo - 3.00 - Paid
    This addon displays the cooldown of the skills/items used by your target. It's not always accurate, but it's pretty good. So good that the addon does not please the developers.
  • CritView- 2.2
    A damage visualizer, that makes the critical hits more visible. Needs to be localized.
  • CrystalHelmetAutoEquip - 1.4
    Using this addon, everytime you are going to the Tka Rik cave, you will automatically equip the Crystal Helmet, and when you leave it, you will automatically unequip it.
  • CT_Total - r15
    This addon replaces the standard damage visualizer to a more detailed version that displays the announcements moving away from your character.
  • CurrenciesInfo - 1.4
    This addon will display various information about the currency you own (gold, myrrh, special coins etc). Needs to be localized.
  • CurrencyExchange - r5.1
    This addon monitors the crystal exchange rate.It works, but it's in russian.
  • DarkDPSMeter
    One of the first DPS meters. Broken now. Use AoUMeter or DarkDPSMeter2
  • DarkDPSMeter2 - r11
    A very good DPS meter, succesor of DarkDPSMeter (I still preffer AoUMeter).
  • DDView2
    Another addon that displays damage done, in a different way. But it doesn't work with the 5.02 Update.

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Saturday, January 24th 2015, 12:52am

  • DKP + DKPView - 1.8
    A DKP manager for your guild. Works, but needs to be localized.
  • DnDForAuc - 3
    This mini-addon adds a Drag&Drop ability to the Auction window.But it doesn't work for 6.0. You can use DnDForEverything.
  • DnDforEverything - 2.1
    This mini-addon adds Drag&Drop ability to some interface windows. Works only while the Shift key is pushed. Disable other similar addons if you use this.
  • DnDForUnitFrames - 2
    Similar to other DnDFor addons, this allows you to move the character panels.But currently it is a big.. glitchy.
  • DomiBuffTimer
    This addon tracks the time left until the dominion buff appears. But it doesn't work with our version.
  • DoTTimer - r7
    This tracks all buffs/debuffs cast by the player on all targets. Works for all classes.
  • DQuestLog - r3
    A quest log replacement.
  • Enchant Set Master - 1.3
    This addon allows you to quickly change between sets of glyphs.Needs to be localized.
  • EnchantsInfo - 1.0.8
    This addon would show the glyphs in your equipment for a easy glance.
  • EngineerCannonade - 1.0
    This displays when a certain engineer buff is activated. But I don't know which one :D
  • EnhancedActionPanel
    With this addon you could tweak your action panel. But it doesn't work anymore.
  • EPGP + EPGPView -1.7
    Similar to the DKP addon, but although it works, it needs to be localized.
  • EPRST - 5
    This addon tracks experience/gold per minute.
  • EquipInfo - r17 - Paid
    Displays the upgrade progress of your gear and glyphs + other usefull related things.
  • EquipStats - 4.2.2 - Paid
    Displays aproximate stats of your target.Works, but it should be localized.
  • ExtReadyCheck - r4
    This addon adds a button to quickly check for party/raid readiness.
  • FarmingKillCounter - r2
    A small addon that allows you to keep track of the mobs you kill.
  • FastStatDistributor
    This addon would allow you to distribute stats faster, but after patch 5.0 it became obsolete.
  • FastTrade
    This addon would ease the trading between players. But it's not working anymore.
  • FastTravel
    This addon would allow automatic movement to almost any point on the map. But sadly, it's not working anymore
  • FittingRoom - r12
    With this addon, you can preview vanity items linked in chat. (Shift + Click)
  • FocusOnMe - r6 - Paid
    This addon displays a list of units (Players/mobs) that are targetting you.
  • FullHDPSMeter
    As the name implies, a HPS meter. But it's broken.
  • GetWoundComplexity
    This addon displays how many drops of "wound complexity" your target has. Might be changed to display the exact value of WC.
  • GroupPos
    This addon displays the direction and distance towards your group members. Not working with 5.02
  • GuildDecline - r2
    An addon that automatically declines a guild invitation.Currently not working, could be fixed.
  • GuildGui1b - r58
    An alternate interface for the guild window and friend list.
  • GuildInfo - r2.2
    This addon displays info about your targets guild.(Might throw errors in mods.txt)
  • Healer - 1.4.0
    An all-purpose addon for Healers.
  • HealerStopCasting
    This addon automatically interrupts casting of spells that have a duration higher than 3s. It only works for Priests.
  • HealthCalc , HealthCalculator, HealthDb
    These addons calculate and display the absolute value of your targets health (Not percentage). Not working.
  • HerbMap - 1.3
    This addon indicates the place of plants and ores on the map.Works, but needs to be localized.
  • HomeStone - r8
    This addon displays the amount of gold, myrrh, free bag space and has a button for the HomeStone.
  • IcqAO - 3
    Integration with the ICQ messenger.Needs to be localized.
  • IgnoreManager - r.27
    This addon displays a marker on top of the players that are on your Ignore List, on your Friend List or in your guild.
  • InfoMail
    This addon displays the number of unread mails. Obsolete and not working since patch 5.0
  • InfoPanel - r11 - Paid
    This addon displays all sort of information about your currency. It also works with AOPanelMOD.
  • InfoPlayerBuffDebuff - r7.1
    This addon tracks the importan buffs/debuffs that you or your target has.
  • InnateStats
    This addon would display the percentage next to the main stats of your character, but it's obsolete since version 5.0 and no longer working.
  • InspectAPI - r06
    This addon is for developers. And it's not working very well either.
  • InspectWidgets - r07
    Another addon for developers.This allows you to change parameters for almost all widgets in-game.

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Saturday, January 24th 2015, 12:53am

  • InspectEquipRating - r12
    This addon displays the gearscore of your target, patronage and average rune level.
  • InstanceManager - Paid
    This addon has a couple of functions useful for queuing/doing skirmishes. Not working.
  • InstanceManager (free)
    Free version of InstanceManager.
  • InstHelper - r3.3
    An addon for healers, it shows raid members that are in need of healing.
  • InterfaceManager - r26 (AT)
    This addon allows you to change the game interface. Do it at your own risk
  • IsGroupOnShip - 1.2
    With this addon you can see exactly how many members of your party are on the ship.
  • KeyBoard - r1
    This addon adds an on-screen keyboard to the game. But it's just in russian.
  • KillAnnounce - 2.3.2
    This addon notifies you when someone around you dies, and says who killed them.Use ConfigWindow to change settings.
  • KursKri
    This addon displays the crystal rate and calculates the aproximate amount that you can buy. Not working.
  • Labirint - r2
    A helper for when you chose mazes to rob. Needs to be localized.
  • LeagueEmpireSurdo
    An attempt to allow talkin between factions. Not working.
  • LibBarChart - 1.0.0
    This is not an addon but a library usefull for addon developers.
  • LibreAlchemy - 1.0.7
    A very useful addon for alchemists. It displays what potions can be made with the current reagents, what drums to turn to get to a specific potion and automatically places the same reagents back after the brewing.
  • LibreGS - 1.0.0
    This addon displays the gear score of your target. But it can't be moved around.
  • LightDPS - r28
    A DPS/HPS meter.Needs to be localized.
  • LootManager - r43 (AT)
    This addon automatically manages rolling over loot, based on your settings.
  • MagicianHelper - r15
    This addon displays entropy and various buffs for mages.
  • MailManager
    This addon helps you mange your mail, finding certain items among your received mail etc. But it's not working.
  • MakeScreenshot
    This addon consists of a button that allows you to take a screenshot of your game . Not working but can be fixed.
  • MallGoods - r04 (AT)
    This addon displays a list of items from the boutique that have an expiration date, sorted by that expiration date.
  • MicroTravelCFG
    This addon allows you to auto-walk to certain places. But it's not working anymore.
  • MinimapSla
    This addon added a minimap to the interface before it was implemented by the developers. Obsolete now.
  • MistChatNames - 01
    This addon allows psionicists to identify themselves in the Telepathy Channel. Needs to be localized.
  • modTargetSelection
    This addon highlights objectives. Not working anymore (and obsolete)
  • MountAssist - 2 - Paid
    This addon shows info about your target's vulnerability to ThunderStrike.
  • MountTimer - 2
    This addon displays the time left until your active mount gets hungry and replaces the ugly default icon with the actual icon of your mount.
  • MyMyrrhPanel
    This addon display the current ammount of myrrh. Not working anymore.
  • MyrrhMyrrh - r5
    This addon displays the current ammount of myrrh. And it works :)
  • NamePlateBars2 - r62 (AT)
    This addon replaces the name bars on top of every character.
  • NecromantPetAttack
    Another addon that allows pets to attack when their masters use an attack. Not working. I recommend using AutoPetAttack.
  • NewTarget3D - r19
    This addon marks your target with.. Marks.
  • Newtarget3DPvP - r6.8 - Paid
    Permium version of the NewTarget3D addon. It also displays gearscore of target, runes, patronage etc.
  • NISV - 8.1.3 - Paid
    NewInspectStatsVelhuru - an addon that proives addition information about the inspected target. Also displays yours and your targets gearscore, colored with rariry colores (from white to green, blue, purple, orange, cyan and yellow). Colors are not accurate right now.
  • NotifyTrink
    Displays a visual notification when your Boutique trinket procs. Not working anymore.
  • NotifyTrink2 - r3.1
    Displays a visual notification when your Boutique trinket procs.
  • OkoAnnounce and OkoHelper
    This two addons would help with the killing of Kazul in Gorluxor's Tower. But they're not working anymore.
  • Paladin Kanons - r03
    This addon displays the available cannons for paladins. Needs to be localized
  • PaladinHelper - 1.3.1
    This is for paladins. It simplifies the tracking of cannons and barriers. Not working
  • PaneLocker - r18
    This addon will lock the Action Bar. But I still preffer AOandLocker.
  • PhanTime - r18
    A pretty useful addon, it adds a clock and a timer.

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Saturday, January 24th 2015, 12:53am

  • PicCastbar - r8
    A replacement for the castbar. I still recommend CastbarMod.
  • PlayerDatabase - 1.1
    This addon keeps track of the gearscore of players that you inspect.
  • PlayerHUD
    A replacement of the player and target plates. Not working anymore.
  • PopUpChatPro
    This addon brings the Chat box on top of the map. Now it's obsolete (and not working)
  • PowerAuras - r36
    With this addon you can display buffs/debuffs where you want, at the size you want. But it's quite "heavy" on the CPU, so it's very probably it will cause lag.
  • PreciousStone - r8.1
    With this addon you can see your and your targets glyphs easier.Not working.
  • PvPItemPanel -
    This addon adds another ActionBar where you can put skills or items for quick access.
  • QuickStatsSet
    This addon allows you to set stats faster. But it only worked with patch 4.0
  • RageStat
    This addon collects information about your determination bonus. Not working anymore.
  • RaidComm - r14
    Simple commands to manage the raid. Does not work with our version.
  • RaidMarkAssist
    This addon would be used in raids to mark targets, but it's not working anymore.
  • RaidMaster - 1.0
    This addon adds Drag'n'Drop to the raid plates, allowing you to easily swap members and more.Obsolete now.
  • RealAgroM - r23
    With this addon you can see who holds the aggro in your party. Might not be 100% accurate.
  • RepInfo - r2.1
    With this addon you can see your standing with other factions just by targetting one of their NPC.
  • Remember - r2
    An addon that lest you set up reminders. Needs to be localized. Also throws a little error.
  • RevivalAnnounce - r2
    This will display the seconds left until you respawn in battlegrounds. Needs to be localized first.
  • RGB - 2.7
    This addon only works while in astral. It will display the route that you or someone in your party selected, by saying in chat(BGBR, RGBR etc).
  • RobinRaid - r4
    This addon replaces the standard raid interface.
  • RuneCalc
    This addon features an in-game rune calculator. But it's not working anymore.
  • RuneCalcMod
    The "fixed" version of RuneCalc.
  • SearchCrown
    This addon makes it easier to find Crown Mobs (Yellow ring). But, you guessed right: Not working anymore.
  • SetMyFonts - 1
    This addon replaces the default font in the Auction House, making it easier to read prices correctly.
  • SetMyFPS - r4
    This addon displays your FPS.
  • SetMyTkarik - 10 - Paid
    This addon is useful for those that are farming the TkaRik cave for souls. It will automatically discard quests that you select and automatically pick up new quests.
  • ShipControl - r63 (AT)
    Very useful addon for when you go in astral. Displays all sort of information about your ship. (needs localization for chests)
  • ShipHUD - r12
    Similar functionality as ShipControl, but less features.
  • ShipInfo - 1.0
    This addon displays information about ships in your hub.
  • ShowDD - r18.1 - Paid
    An alternative for damage information display during combat.
  • ShowEnemyLevel - r8
    With this addon you can see the level of units that are a lot higher in level than you.
  • SmallChatTabs - r02
    This addon reduces the size of the chat tab names.
  • SpherePlates
    Yet another plates replacement. But not working in our version.
  • StalkerKanons - 2
    Similar to PaladinKanons, it displays stacks for the Scout class.
  • StartTkarikTask - 2
    Similar to SetMyTkarik, but free.
  • SWPercent
    This addon displays the critical hit rate in percents. But not working.
  • Target Health - r06
    This addon displays the value of your targets health in numbers.
  • TargetBuffDebuff - 3 - Paid
    This addons displays 2 panels with buffs/debuffs (selected from a list that you made) when they appear on your target or yourself.
  • TargetDist - 1
    This addons displays the distance and an arrow towards your target. Only works with party members, some NPC(those with icons above their heads) and your spouse. Does not work with enemies.
  • Targeter - r44 - Paid
    This is a sniper addons, displaying a list of targets around you.
  • TargetParty
    A very complicated addon that should simplify fighting by displaying useful information. Not working.
  • TargetsManager
    One of the first sniper addons and probably the most controversed addon. Not working for our version (yet).
  • TeleportEnhancer , TeleportEnhancerMod , TeleportStoneEnhancer
    These addons would add extra functionality to the teleport interface, but they're not working anymore.

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Saturday, January 24th 2015, 12:54am

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Saturday, January 24th 2015, 12:55am

Temporary fix for addons

Here I'll post links to fixed versions of addons that do not work. The fixes were done by me. When the author will fix his official version, I'll announce it and remove my fix.

Important: Please click on the Blue "Download Now" button and not on the yellow button.

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Saturday, January 24th 2015, 12:55am

Addons for guilds

Some of the paid addons that I posted here are also available for guilds, meaning that if you buy it, it will work for your entire guild. Of course, these versions are more expensive (about 50 times more expensive). Here's a list of these addons.

Premium subscription

A premium subscription has been added. For 125 rubles (aprox 1.6€/1.8$) per month, you can download all the paid addons (excluding the guild version of addons).They will work only while the subscription is active and the character binding still applies.
The page of the subscription is here: Premium Subscription

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Saturday, January 24th 2015, 11:47am

I closed the thread since I don't want it to become cluttered. I'll keep it updated at least once a week, announcing if new versions of working addons have been added, if new addons have been added or if broken addons have been fixed.
If you have problems with addons or you notice anything wrong with this list, please send me a PM here, on the forum.


Thursday, March 5th 2015, 3:30pm

Updated the thread for Patch 6.0. Enjoy


Friday, January 15th 2016, 3:43pm

hmm any web site with api information known? i can't read russian...

and it's possible to decompile *.luac files? *.luac is the hell :( i make addons for wow, lua is not new for me a how can i modify *.luac?


Monday, February 29th 2016, 9:02am

I don't know of any other website that offers info for allods api, except You can use google translate for that.

And no, it's not possible to decompile luac file with 100% accuracy. Depending on how it was compiled, you might be able to decompile parts of it and try to understand the logic.

But as far as I know, paid addons from (or at least, their main.lua file) can't be decompiled.

Also, for anyone interested: I will try to update the list for Allods 7.0, but I can't promise anything. As you probably know, I'm not playing the game anymore.


Monday, February 29th 2016, 10:14am

Zurion, since you have experience with developing addons and I had a little "hiccup" while developing this:

Maybe you could help me find a better way to do it.

I wanted to filter the list of all pets for psionicist's phantoms by unit name (it's "Фантом") and then get the duration of the buff it has (it happens to also be "Фантом" in the Russian version).

I tried getting the name from the game with:

Source code

petName = userMods.FromWString(object.GetName(id))

Also I tried:
Typing "Фантом" then converting that to WString and comparing to what the above returns.
Typing that in different encondings, as "Õ î³®", converting to WString and comparing.
Converting what the game returns to String and comparing to "Фантом" and to "Õ î³®".
Using both "==" and

Source code

common.CompareWString(petName, wstringName)

I tried that with different encodings too.

No matter what, it always returns false. Every time.

I found a workaround by converting the name from the game to a binary code with:

Source code


then comparing it to a typed number.

Obviously it will be very cumbersome while localizing to different languages when 7.0 hits, since I'll need to check those binary codes for the names in all the languages.

I was wondering if I'm missing something very obvious.


Monday, February 29th 2016, 11:56am

I'll take a look once I get home from work. Please send me a PM to continue this discussion, so we don't spam this thread.


Monday, February 29th 2016, 2:14pm



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Zuriiiiiiii <3 ty


Friday, July 22nd 2016, 4:32am

Nice Work

Hello Zurion.

You really put some work into it, just wanted to show some appreciation, that was an excellent work you did.

By now most of them are obsolete but any way it was useful to me,
FittingRoom still works :D

Thanks Bro.


Friday, July 22nd 2016, 5:43pm

someone can share BuffAnnounce addon?


Friday, July 22nd 2016, 9:50pm

btw iam pretty sure fitting room was already build into the game anyway^^ no need for an addon

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